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Mythical Creatures Mythical Creatures By Mollie Mythical Creatures! THE INFO!
There are lots of Mythical Creatures. Some good, some bad. Some scary and some just plain weird. But the one thing they all have in common is the huge amount of fiction they create. Today I am going to tell you some of the facts about these wonderful creatures. Werewolves!! Werewolves change when theyre angry NOT when theres a full moon. The word "werewolf" means "manwolf" Only silver bullets or arrows can kill a werewolf. After death, a werewolf resumes his human identity. Vampires!! Vampires rip you apart when ever they want to not just at night! A vampire is a corpse that is not really dead. Vampires do not always fear light. They can stand sunlight for a short period of time, have pale skin, and grow fangs. Centaurs!! You dont want to get into a fight with a centaur!
Half horse, half man. They are wise and knowledgeable about music, medicine and archery. Unicorns!! Unicorns are not as nice as they seem!
Strong, wild, and fierce, it is impossible to tame by man. A unicorns horn also is known as the "bane of evil. The unicorns were near enough impossible to catch and skewered anyone who would try with their horn. Pixies and Basilisks Pixies are a small race of people who live in England. They were said to have been too bad for heaven and too good for hell and are doomed to walk the Earth for ever. They enjoy playing tricks on people. The Basilisk is king of the serpents. The Basilisk is born from a round yolkless egg and lives for centuries. The basilisk is a huge green serpent with big poisonous fangs and a death stare. If you look them in the eye you immediately die. Mythical Creatures hit the Movies!
Mythical Creatures hit the big screen as they star in popular films. Some of the favourites are dragon from Shrek, Ogres and goblins in Spiderwick and lots of others in films like The Mummy and The Scorpion King. A very unusual creature starred in Skellig a film about a man with wings.