My Friends Pep3 unit3 A Let`s learn Miss zhou _____ ball _______ ball big small.

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  • My FriendsPep3 unit3 A Let`s learn Miss zhou

  • _____ball_______ballbigsmall

  • _______pen_______penlongshort

  • Its a big animal.It has a long nose and a short tail.It has small eyes and big ears.Lets guess:

  • It has two long ears and a short tail.It has big red eyes. It can jump,jump,jump.

  • We love animals.They are our friends.,

  • They are friends.

  • Friendsbest friend Zoom is my .We are

  • Friend,friend. Im your best friend.Friends,friends. Were good friends.Chant it:

  • hair

  • short hair

    long hair

  • Long hair , long hair. She has long hair.

    Short hair , short hair.He has short hair.

  • strongthinlong hairshort hair

  • thinstrongThin, thin. He is thin.Strong,strong.He is strong.

  • quietThis is Chen Jie.

    She has long hair.She is quiet.

  • She isthinshortstrongtallquietShe haslong hairbig eyesshort hairsmall eyes

  • ABECFDA is thin, A has long hair.

  • friendslong hairshort hairthinstrongquiet

  • I have a new friend.She is beautiful.She is tall and thin.She has long hair.We are good friends.Introduce your friend(

  • FriendsFriends are big. Friends are small.Friends play sports like basketball.Friends are cute. Friends are tall.We are friends, one and all.

  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  • Homework


  • Bye bye!See you next time.


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