My Friends Pep3 unit3 A Let`s learn Miss zhou _____ ball _______ ball big small. slide 0

My Friends Pep3 unit3 A Let`s learn Miss zhou _____ ball _______ ball big small.

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My FriendsPep3 unit3 A Let`s learn Miss zhou_____ball_______ballbigsmall_______pen_______penlongshortIts a big animal.It has a long nose and a short tail.It has small eyes and big ears.Lets guess:It has two long ears and a short tail.It has big red eyes. It can jump,jump,jump. We love animals.They are our friends.,They are friends.Friendsbest friend Zoom is my .We areFriend,friend. Im your best friend.Friends,friends. Were good friends.Chant it:hairshort hairlong hairLong hair , long hair. She has long hair.Short hair , short hair.He has short hair.strongthinlong hairshort hairthinstrongThin, thin. He is thin.Strong,strong.He is strong.quietThis is Chen Jie.She has long hair.She is quiet.She isthinshortstrongtallquietShe haslong hairbig eyesshort hairsmall eyesABECFDA is thin, A has long hair.friendslong hairshort hairthinstrongquietI have a new friend.She is beautiful.She is tall and thin.She has long hair.We are good friends.Introduce your friend(FriendsFriends are big. Friends are small.Friends play sports like basketball.Friends are cute. Friends are tall.We are friends, one and all.A friend in need is a friend indeed. Homework283 Bye bye!See you next time.


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