My Favorite Things - ??My Favorite Things Kristen Krieger Birthday: December 24th Allergies, food intolerances or food/beverage dislikes? Nothing too spicy Favorite Beverage ...

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<ul><li><p> My Favorite Things </p><p>Kristen Krieger </p><p>Birthday: December 24th </p><p> Allergies, food intolerances or food/beverage dislikes? </p><p>Nothing too spicy </p><p> Favorite Beverage? refreshing, slightly sweet (not </p><p>artificially sweetened) </p><p>Coffee with a splash of cream and sugar </p><p>Iced or warm lattes w/ skim milk- vanilla, mocha, </p><p>seasonal (pumpkin, peppermint, etc.) </p><p>Tea- Chai tea, green tea, iced tea </p><p>Bai Drinks (not coconut) </p><p>Izze </p><p> Favorite snack or junk foods? licorice, dark chocolate with </p><p>nuts or caramel (Ferrero Rocher are a favorite), Sun Chips </p><p>(cheddar &amp; salsa), Veggie or Apple Straws </p><p> Favorite musical style and/or musical artist? I rarely have </p><p>control of the radio in my car . I like most varieties of </p><p>music, it just depends on my mood. </p><p> Favorite Cultural Events? Broncos and Rockies Games, </p><p>cultural festivals, plays </p><p> Favorite Restaurants? </p><p>-with my kids- fast casual: Chick-fil-a, Noodles &amp; Company, </p><p>Qdoba, Garbanzo, Red Robin, California Pizza Kitchen </p><p>-date night- Del Friscos, Melting Pot, Groupons </p><p>;qs=n&amp;form=QBIR&amp;pq=pictures+of+apples&amp;sc=8-15&amp;sp=-1&amp;sk=#view=detail&amp;id=73DDBD7C29475764333B09F5F6EE327CCB4614B3&amp;selectedIndex=27</p></li><li><p> Favorite Place to shop? Amazon, Target, almost anywhere </p><p>online </p><p> Favorite Holiday? Christmas </p><p> Favorite clothing store or style? Classic tailored looks </p><p>(White House Black Market, Nordstroms, Macys) </p><p> Favorite color? Shades of green or blue </p><p> Movies: Theatre or home? Home </p><p> Favorite Bookstore? Anyplace I can sit and enjoy a variety </p><p>of literature </p><p> Favorite Flowers? Whatever is in season </p><p> Where are you from? South Dakota (small town) </p><p> Favorite sports teams? Nebraska Huskers Football, my </p><p>childrens games (soccer and football) </p><p> What do you like to do in your free time? With three </p><p>children there is very little free time, but when Im not at </p><p>school Im usually playing with them . Our youngest is </p><p>almost 3 and skiing and hiking are going to become regular </p><p>past times again. </p><p> Everyone has them.What are your pet peeves? Kids talking </p><p>over me when Im giving directions , someone reading over </p><p>my shoulder </p><p> Something silly about you: I do funny voices for my kids </p><p>when I read them books at night. You should hear my Star </p><p>Wars voices; my son finds them comical. </p></li><li><p> Favorite fragrance? Anything fresh and crisp </p><p> Classroom wish list items: guinea pig supplies (bedding, food </p><p>mix, timothy hay), items for the kids earn (to put in our </p><p>treasure box) </p><p>Lunch With Your Teacher Nothing too spicy </p><p>Noodles and Company </p><p>Pasta Fresca, Penne Rosa, Pad Thai, Tuscan Linguine, Chinese Chop </p><p>Salad, Seasonal Salad </p><p>Garbanzo </p><p>Chicken Falarma Plate with all the trimmings </p><p>Chick-fil-a </p><p>Any Chick-fil-a Salad, Chicken Wrap, or Deluxe Chicken Sandwich </p><p>w/ fries (honey mustard or chick-fil-a sauce) </p><p>Jimmy Johns </p><p>Pepe, Big John, Turkey Tom, Vegetarian, J.J.B.L.T., Beach Club, </p><p>Bootlegger Club, Club Lulu </p><p>Qudoba or Chipolte </p><p>Chicken Burrito Bowl with black beans, rice, pico de gallo, corn </p><p>salsa, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream </p><p>Wendys </p><p>Taco Salad, Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, Homestyle Chicken </p><p>Sandwich w/ fries, Mediterranean Salad </p><p>Panera Bread </p><p>Pick 2- Baked Potato, Chicken Tortilla or Vegetable Pesto Soup w/ </p><p>Frontega Chicken Panini </p></li></ul>


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