My Family Traditions By: Bryce Hampton By: Bryce Hampton.

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  • My Family Traditions By: Bryce Hampton

  • Are you a good traditions planner? I might be. My family exchanges gifts, plays bingo, and children always receive money. Youre confused? Ill explain further.

  • First Tradition To start with, my family exchanges gifts. We mostly get splendid toys, and also humongous books! And we also get video games like Batman, and babies, like my brother, get toys like fake mowers.

  • Second TraditionMy family plays and enjoys bingo. It really doesn't matter how we do it, just as long as we play the game together. The family usually does letters, which most of the family likes. We also use numbers, which is my favorite. And next, we use animals. We all like animals!

  • Third TraditionEveryone gets money. Now, we usually get two dollars, but that is a generalization. My kin and I might receive amounts up to $20.00.

  • As the audience, you can see that my family traditions are exceptional. We receive gifts, play bingo, and acquire money.