Multistage Centrifugal Pump Units Calder The Calder range of High Pressure Multistage Centrifugal pump

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  • Built on proven and well-founded technology:

    Diesel engine driven for operation in Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

    ATEX & Norsok Compliant Duty range: Pressures up to 220 bar (3,200 psi)

    Flow rates up to 500M3/hr (2,200gpm)

    APPLICATIONS: • Pressure Testing • Fill Pumps • Pigging & Flushing • Leak Detection • Sub-Sea Excavation • Water Injection • Fire Pumps

    Calder MultiJet Multistage Centrifugal Pump Units


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    | Diesel Engines: Engine selection depends on power requirements. Volvo Penta are used for powers up to 220kW, CAT or Detroit for powers from 250kW to 600kW and MWM for larger machines. All engines are rated for 40°C or 50°C ambient temperature as specified by client. Fuel Tanks are fabricated in Stainless Steel.

    | Calder MultiJet The Calder range of High Pressure Multistage Centrifugal pump units are designed and built to meet the exacting demands of the offshore contracting and service companies. Equipment manufactured by Calder incorporates: robust mobile construction, reliable components, ease of maintenance, simplicity and safety of operation, compliance with accepted standards and norms, acoustically attenuated and weight minimised.

  • Multistage Centrifugal Pump Units

    | Noise Attenuation: Calder containerised units are attenuated for noise levels below 85 dBA, 83 dBA, 80 dBA, or 78 dBA measured at 1 meter. Acoustic treatment includes multi-layered attenuation material fitted with stainless steel mesh, attenuated louvers and high capacity door seals.

    | Coating Container and all fabrications are coated in accordance with NORSOK M501.

    tel +44 (0) 1905 759090

    | High Pressure Multistage Pumps: Ring section multistage centrifugal pumps for pressures up to 100 bar and multistage horizontal split case API 610 pumps for higher pressures.

    | Materials of Construction - Pumps and Pipe-work: A wide range of wetted parts materials is available including:

    • Cast iron with bronze impellers. • 316L Stainless Steel. • Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steels.

    | Containers: Specifically designed by Calder to suit the installed equipment, our heavy duty ISO compliant containers come with full opening doors allowing easy access to all important maintenance areas. Containers include door stays, grease lubricated

    hinges, bunded base & drains, elevated walk and maintenance areas for easy access, optional acoustic panels and louvers and a sealed main

    frame box section construction. | Lighting: Optional hazardous area 110Volt lights.

    | Lifting: 500 kg Internal maintenance lifting points or an optional maintenance crane is offered for safe & secure lifting.

  • Multistage Centrifugal Pump Units

    | Certification & Compliance: ATEX 1999/92/EC | Zone 2 Hazardous Environment Classification Group II Category 3 G IIA T3 | NEC® 505 Container: DNV 2-7.1 or 2-7.3 :2006, IMO MSC 860, EN 12079:2006 Parts 1 & 2. | Norsok M501 98/37/EC Health & Safety Machinery Directive | 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive

    | Control Panels: Control Panels are recessed into the side-wall of the container with a lockable door and stay.

    | Controls System: Choice of completely mechanical or fully computerised with an HMI touch screen. Controls include all expected functions, Yellow Alert (24V & 110/240V) with key override.

    | Access and Safety All major components are easily accessible with internal load points for the safe and secure lifting of machinery.

    | Hazardous Area Zone 2 Explosion protection for Hazardous Area Zone 2 incorporates Pyroban equipment to comply with most international standards.


    Calder Ltd Prescott Drive Warndon Worcester WR4 9NE United Kingdom

    web : email : tel : +44 (0) 1905 759090 fax : +44 (0) 1905 759091

    Calder Ltd reserve the right to alter specifications and data to incorporate improvements in design.


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