Multimedia- Microsoft PowerPoint ADE100- Computer Literacy Lecture 21

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Multimedia- Microsoft PowerPoint

Multimedia- Microsoft PowerPointADE100- Computer LiteracyLecture 21Knowledge testIn which tab of PowerPoint templates are found?What is the purpose of slide layout?Why pictures are compressed in slides?What is the purpose of hyperlinks in Microsoft PowerPoint?2Topics coveredAdding animations and special effects Applying slide transitionAdding & customizing animationsAdding action buttonsTurning off animationsSetting up and playing presentations Printing presentationsSetting time3Slide Animations Slide AnimationsAllows text transition- appearance/disappearance of individual text on the slides during presentationThe individual characters, words, statements or symbols appear on the slide in a beautiful wayMoving and flying text and objectsBy default, No Animation style is set4Adding animationsSeveral animations for slide objects are availableChoose Animate from Animations tabSelect an animation effect from the combo box and apply itSelect Apply To All if you want to apply on the whole document

5Customizing AnimationsCustom animationsChoose Animations>>Custom AnimationWhen clicked then Custom Animation pane opensClick Add Effect button arrow to select a category and subcategory of animations to applyClick Slide Show button to see the previewYou can move animations up or down to change the sequence of animations6Custom Animations


Slide TransitionSlide transitionA visual effect given to a slide as it appears or disappears on the screenVarious slide transitions are available that can be placed on different slidesBy default, no transition is set8

Applying slide transitionTransition to This SlideGo to Transition to This Slide from Animations tabSearch and select a style from given styles in the ribbonMove cursor over the style to see the effect on the slideChoose any one and click once to apply on the current slide9

Applying slide transitionChanging Transition SoundSelect Animations>>Transition SoundBy default, No Sound is selectedClick the arrow in the Transition Sound box and select a sound to play when slide transition occursChanging Transition SpeedAnimations>>Transition SpeedBy default, Fast is selectedYou can change it by clicking arrow of Transition Speed box to slow or medium10

Setting timeAdvance SlideChoose the method that how slides will advanceBy default, On Mouse ClickChanging Advance SlideCheck the checkbox before Automatically AfterInsert the time duration in seconds after which the slide will move to the next slideApply To AllWhen you set all transition optionsIn the end, click Apply To All button to apply the settings on the whole document slides11

Adding Action buttonsAction buttonsAllow you to create hyperlinks from slide to slide, to a specific file/program or a webpageActivates when you run slide show viewInserting an Action buttonChoose Shapes from Insert tabSelect the arrow below the icon and choose an action button you want to insertClick once the button icon and then draw it on the slideAction Settings window will appearTo assign a hyperlink to the button, click Hyperlink to and click the down arrow to direct the link and Click OK12Inserting action button13

Action buttonTurning off animationsSelect Animate from Animations tabChoose No Animation from the box in front of Animate optionChoose the default transition style i.e. No Transition style from the transition style icons


Topics coveredAdding animations and special effects Applying slide transitionAdding & customizing animationsAdding action buttonsTurning off animationsSetting up and playing presentations Printing presentationsSetting time15Playing the presentationClick the Slide Show tabFrom beginningClick to run slides from the first slide or press F5From current slideClick to start slide show from current slide or press Shift+F5Custom slide showDisplays only slides you selectYou can have different shows for 30 minutes or 60 minutes from the same presentation16

Custom slide showCreating a custom slide show Choose Slide Show>>Custom Slide ShowClick the arrow along Custom Slide Show iconSelect Custom Shows from the menu to create a new custom showCustom Shows dialog box appearsIf you have already created a slide show then it appears otherwise create a new showClick New button in the dialog box17Custom slide show contd.Creating a Custom Slide ShowDefine Custom Show dialog box appears, select the slides from Slides in Presentation box and click Add button to shift them to Slides in Custom Show box Enter a Slide Show name in the box and then click OK

18Custom slide show


Setting up presentationSet Up Slide ShowAdvanced options for slide showHide slideHides the current slide from the presentationIt will not show in slide show viewRecord NarrationRecord a narration track using microphone attached to your computerIt will play with the slide show20

Setting up presentationRehearse TimingsLaunches a full screen show for your rehearsalTime spent on each slide will be recordedYou can save these timing to run the show automatically in futureUse Rehearsed TimingsSelect the check box to use rehearse timings you created to run slides automatically21

Printing The PresentationThree ways i.e. Print, Quick print and Print previewPrintChoose File>>Print>>PrintSelect Print from File or Office button Print dialog box appearsSelect the print options and click OKQuick PrintChoose File>>Print>>Quick PrintSelect this option to send a direct print to the default printer using default settings without making changes22Print dialog box

23Print PreviewPrintClick to open print dialog box for setting printing optionsOptions Change the printing order of slides on the pagesChange color scheme of slides like color/grayscale or pure black & whiteScale to fit paperApply header and footer


Print PreviewPrint whatSlidesPrints the whole slide on one pageHandoutsPrint the slides in the group of 1,2,4,6,9 on each pageNotes pagesPrint just speaker notesOutline viewPrint just outline of your presentation25

Print PreviewOrientationChoose Landscape or portrait page orientationZoomUsed to increase/decrease the size of your page on the screenFit to WindowZoom the presentation so that the slide fills the entire window


Print PreviewNext pageUsed to preview the next pagePrevious pageUsed to preview the previous pageClose print previewClick the icon to close the Print Preview mode27

Activity-30 minutes Prepare a presentation on any topic of your interesting subject for your class.Add animations and transitionsAdd action buttonsPlay the presentationView & explore Animations tab options.Turn OFF animations and transitionsView & explore Slide Show tab options.View & explore various Print options in PowerPoint.28Thanks End of Lecture 2129Allah Hafiz30


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