Ms. Lamber, Ms. Simmons, and Ms. Shaw Follow directions quickly Raise your hand for permission to speak Raise your hand for permission to leave your

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Ms. Lamber, Ms. Simmons, and Ms. Shaw

Follow directions quicklyRaise your hand for permission to speakRaise your hand for permission to leave your seatMake smart choiceKeep your dear teacher happy!1= Restroom2= Quiet/pay attention3=Water4=FREEZING5= Teacher4PBIS Color Chart

Green: I am having a great day!Yellow: I am having a good day.Orange: I am having an okay day.Red: I am not having a good day. I need to complete a think sheet to help correct my behavior.Purple: I am having a bad day. My parents will be contacted.Blue: I am having a very bad day. I will be sent to the office.Morning Routine:UnpackHang up backpackGo to restroomComplete morning journal/workRead silentlyCalendar100 Days of School ChartAlphabet/Phonics Review

Our school dayTardy BellDEAR timeTiger InterventionReading6:30-3:00



12:30-1:401:45-2:302:40LunchP.E.Reading contdMathScienceDismissalEvery Monday the second grade team will have specials from 12:30-2:20MusicLibraryCounseling

Monday-Friday from 10:30-11:00 second grade will rotate P.E. and Computer LabTime: 8:30-10:00 and 11:00-12:30Our goal is to increase each students reading level.

Our second grade teams asks that the families assist in reaching our goals by reading with your child every night. This can include you reading to them, reading independently, and asking questions following the reading.The second grade team will send home a homework packet every Monday that is to be completed and turned in the following ThursdayWe ask that every guardian please assist in homework and daily readingPlease feel free to contact me via Remind Me with any questions!Spelling words will be sent home every week along with the homeworkThe second grade team asks that parents assist they children with spelling words by calling out words and creating a mock test prior to the spelling test12Remind Me 101Name: Ms. Shaws ClassCode: @ca6967

Class DojoDownload ClassDojo from the App Store or Google Play. Use this code to join ClassDojo: PJCBR5C Or sign up online at 13School Supplies/Wish List4 Notebooks for JournalsExpo Markers/board cleanerSanitizerKleenexGlueErasersMarkersRecess (happies)Jump ropes, Nerf balls, hola hoop, bingo, horse shoe, whiffle ball, inside games14Are there any questions?created by...

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