Mrs. Sampson Middle School History Algebra. Around God’s World

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Welcome to R.H.L.S. Middle School Back to School Night

Mrs. Sampson

Middle School HistoryAlgebra

Grew up here at Red Hill public schoolsCollege BiolaTaught 5th grade and 3rd grade before familyTaught Mid School for 11 yearsChildren all grads of RHLS and LHS

1Around Gods World

ItalyTheme Italy Love it and teach it2Year Overview-6th Grade - Ancient HistoryBeginning of Civilization to the Roman EmpireTrimester 1Unit 1:Early Humans and Societies Early Man Story and Poster ProjectUnit 2: Mesopotamia, Egypt, and KushMesopotamia Brochure ProjectAncient Egypt 3-D ProjectTrimester 2 Unit 3: Civilization in India and ChinaChina Folder ProjectUnit 4: Foundations of Western IdeasAncient Greece Pocket Book ProjectTrimester 3 Unit 5: The Roman WorldRoman Empire Technology ProjectUnit 6: Endings and Beginnings

Hands On Approach Simulations, projects, centers7School-Home Communication e-mail:


Conferences- Sign-up for October 29th and 30th Phone: 714-544-3132 AgendaRenWeb NewsletterTeam Work Partner ship with parents. Pray for your children. Come see me if there is a problem 4Year Overview: 7th World History: Medieval to Modern Times The Fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance and the Age of ReasonTrimester 1Unit 1: Connecting With the Past Fall of Rome & Byzantine EmpireByzantine News ProjectUnit 2: The Islamic WorldIslam Christianity Comparison ProjectTrimester 2 Unit 3: West African CivilizationsAfrica Folder ProjectUnit 5: Medieval EuropeMedieval Life 3-D ProjectTrimester 3 Unit 6: Renewal in EuropePerson of the Age Magazine ProjectUnit 4: Asian CivilizationsAsian Civilization Topic ProjectUnit 7: Civilizations in the AmericasStudent Group Presentations

8Hands On Approach Simulations, projects, centers

California State Content Standards aligned

Hands On Approach Simulations, projects, centers

9HomeworkDaily HomeworkTypes of Homework AssignmentsTextbook/Notebook Assignments Reading, section questions, notes, worksheetsProject Assignments Work in progress checks

Grade based on completeness and work is corrected in classPoints ?

Tests & QuizzesQuiz GradesSmall Home ProjectsIn-class ProjectsMultiple Choice Textbook Section QuizzesHistory Notebook EvaluationTest GradesChapter TestsLarge ProjectsNotebook EvaluationNotebooks are collected at the end of units or chapters. Graded on:Content, Quality, and Completeness 50 pointsVisual Appearance and Organization 40 points Challenge Work Extra Effort 10 pointsTotal = 100 Quiz/Classwork pointsGradingwww.redhillschool.orgwww.renweb.comHomework: 10 %Quizzes/Class Activites/Notebook: 40%Tests/Projects: 50%

Late, Missing, and Make-up WorkHomework found on websiteRenweb for grades 0 in when absent w/ a note13Online Resources Online textbookResources for parents, students, and teachersOnline textbook, video tutorials, parent page, homework help14Holt Math Curriculum

15Online Resources Online textbookResources for parents, students, and teachersOnline textbook, video tutorials, parent page, homework help16Students learn that math is ordered, logical, and predictable because Gods order, logic and predictability is established in creation.Mathematics is the language God used to create His universeUnderstanding math gives us insight into the nature and character of GodMathematical concepts are linked to Gods created world

17Middle School Math and Higher Order ThinkingAs a science of abstract objects, mathematics relies on logic rather than on memorization and observation.Students are now moving from concrete to abstract thinking. 2 + 3 = 5 to 2a + 3b = xThey will move beyond memorizing facts and processes.Involves:AnalyzingSeeing complex patterns Applying known processes to new situationsLearning a new language

HomeworkHomework Grade Includes:Homework assignments checked daily, stamp given on assignment sheetAssignment Sheet Weekly gradeNotes due at the end of the chapterMath homework should take about 30 minutes/night.Homework is a tool for students to practice concepts; learn independent thinking and self-evaluation.Students should have minimal parent help. Parents should not correct homework!Homework is graded on completeness, not correct answers.

Quizzes, Tests, Etc. There will be a quiz or test approximately every week

Tests One per chapterTest corrections are required 10 point test gradeOne retake per trimester

The middle school students minds are still maturing!Be patient! They are a (Gods) work in progress.

High School Math PathLHS Courses include: Consumer MathPre-AlgebraAlgebra 1Enriched Algebra 1GeometryHonors Geometry, Intermediate Algebra 2 Algebra 2/TrigonometryHonors Algebra 2/TrigonometryPre-CalculusHonors Pre-CalculusContemporaryCalculusAP StatisticsAP CalculusUC Mathematics Requirements 3 years required, 4 years recommendedThree years of college-preparatory mathematics that include the topics covered in elementary and advanced algebra and two- and three-dimensional geometry. Approved integrated math courses may be used to fulfill part or all of this requirement, as may math courses taken in the seventh and eighth grades that your high school accepts as equivalent to its own math courses.21Success in Higher Math Advice for students (and parents)Be there absences can really hurtBe interestedListen and take notesCorrect your own work want to know what you did wrongAsk questions when you dont understandMake an appointment with the teacher if necessary