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Issue 9. The sun and the moon. Hi-mids 2010.

Text of Mouth 9

  • issue 9. The sun and the moon. High-mids 2010

  • 1. New2. For sale3. Sold outThe theme is much the same, as age and time play their games. There are the dulcet, comforting tones of familiar tunes to turn to. Safe territory with which to forge the new. There are the colors and captivations of art and craft to lean to. There they are. There there.

    ssssIt is mostly laid out.

  • Ink drawing Nicola Higham

  • OIL IS THE EARTHS BLOODAnd we are vampire parasites.

    OIL IS THE EARTHS BLOODAnd we love progress

    OIL IS THE EARTHS BLOODAnd we are plastic junkies

    OIL IS THE EARTHS BLOODAnd we go for broke

    OIL IS THE EARTHS BLOODAnd blood is money

    OIL IS THE EARTHS BLOODAnd the earth is bleeding

  • shark pic NOAA photo library Tifani Rubi and info: Ironside Art

  • art: Beata Niedhartphoto: Tamas Haragay

    rep and info: Ironside Art

  • art: Beata Niedhartphoto: Tamas Haragay

    rep and info: Ironside Art


    We will fold the sun into the horizon and with its golden cloudy butter whip a dark batter for the night.

    Once the suns apricot custard has set we rejoice. We nail stars to our eyes and set the world alight. To accompany us we have appointed a sage. Newly annointed, not yet withered under wisdoms weight, with eyes that shed niether light nor tear. The sage Shiva seeks, strives, guides us through many constellations.

    As our make up streaks and our brains tweak we decondition. No rules apply to the unquantifiable soul.We witness projections of light dance on transparent, multidimensional objects suspended in space. We subject our bodies to music, fueled by whisky and the wild. Magicians clutch at cards and jugglers contort for us. Later, by the bonfire we create our own percussion. We piss in the pasture, where under moonlight and sunlight the summer crops strain for the the sky. When the heat starts to make wavery vertical lines in the early morning light we retreat to our forest trenches and plot new coups. We will refuse to witness the fallout in coming days, we choose to remain in the meadows to play in the calm before the acid rain.

    There is no paranoia here. We are now more aware.

  • Photo: Antje Klippstein

  • Sam Opie

  • Icebergs NOAA photo library AGAIN

    We are the green green grass of home, the rotten red blood of bone, the bluegrass bends, a friendly bunch

    corres online

    Chicken crime lab stills from We Feed The World documentary .. hire it or stream it to learn and to changeContact Geroge Ironside of Ironside Art for more info on her artists...

  • ...Intention.......Dexterity.......Density.......Destiny.......Destination...