Most beautiful and popular indian sarees

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Find latest & beautiful Indian designer wear such as sarees, lehengas, salwar kameez and more at Sudarshan Silk Sarees Bangalore. We are the wholesalers and retailers of ethnic array of Indian clothing for almost 70 years.


  • Most Beautiful and Popular Indian Sarees

    India is a land of culture and tradition. The

    same thing also applies to the dressing sense

    of people. Saree is one among the ancient

    Indian wear. It can be worn daily and in any

    occasion including wedding, birthday, worship

    and many more. They are available in various

    styles, designs, patterns and texture. Various

    materials like silk, cotton, stone, plastics are

    also used to make stylish designs. Now-a-

    days, people use them in many occasions

    and there is also classification according to

    the use. Regarding availability, many online

    shops are selling a huge array of Indian

    designs those are popular and vastly

    demanded. The prices are also defined according to the quality and

    texture. As marriage is an auspicious occasion, one can find the wedding

    sarees online easily.

    Let's have a look at some of the popular Indian sarees mostly preferred by


    Banarasi from Varanasi:

    This is one among the beautiful Indian sarees

    designed in Banaras(Varanasi). The design and

    pattern is considered as special. They are popular

    due to the masterwork of brocade, zari along with

    embroidery. They are also considered as the

    traditional wear or attire for many occasions,

    gatherings and celebrations.

  • Sambalpuri from Odisha:

    Among all the Indian beautiful sarees, Sambalpuri holds a unique position

    and called as a pride of the state. These designs are purely created using

    hand loom and the material is from taussor, silk along with soft cotton. Its

    material and design helps women wrap in different styles over their body.

    Whatever may be the occasion, smbalpuri material can be worn and they

    are also available at affordable prices.

    Silk from Different Parts of India:

    This is an attractive material worn by

    a huge number of women in the

    country. It has also different names

    like, pattu, paat, resham, etc. This

    material, design and color is not only

    popular in India, but also popular

    throughout the world.The sarees are

    designed using high quality texture,

    color and embroidery materials.

    These are also vastly used in

    marriage and available as indian

    wedding sarees online. During

    festivals and special occasions,

    women prefer these sarees most.

    Popular areas are, from Mysore,

    Bhagalpur, Kanchipuram etc. One

    can also find a number of variants

    like, printed silk, pure silk, cot silk etc.


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