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    Moonflower Vine (Ipomoea alba)


    This close relative of the morning glory has similar heart shaped leaves that are a rich green and up to 20 cm long. They provide a beautiful backdrop for the spectacular, fragrant moonflowers.

    And what a fabulous flower the Moonflower Vine produces! They are fluted funnels sculpted in purest alabaster white, and measure a huge 15cm across. As if the moonflower was not already enchanting enough, it also has a delightful fragrance to complement its beauty and perfume warm summer nights.

    This vine could just as well be called the evening glory as its buds open in late afternoon and last only until mornings light. Each flower takes an amazing 2 minutes or so to open - they are fascinating to watch! The Moonflower Vine make up for the brief lifespan of individual flowers by producing lots of its huge blooms throughout the summer.

    The wonderful fragrance of the Moonflowers makes it a perfect flower for growing on a trellis near your bedroom window or on the railings of your verandah or deck where you can enjoy them all night long!

    The Moonflower Vine climbs by twining and can easily grow 3-6 metres per summer. It is very fast growing in really hot weather

    You should plant your Moonflower in full sun but where it will get plenty of water (although Moonflower can survive brief dry spells.) The growth rate is fast in warmer climates and moderate elsewhere. Once hot weather hits, the vine will really take off. It needs a trellis or fence to cling to, or you can grow it in a hanging container.