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Monessen Duzy 5 Vented Gas Log

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Monessen Duzy 5 Vented Gas Log

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    The Duzy Series is a technological breakthrough in vented gas log design.With the Duzy patented "Natural Flame" STAINLESS STEEL burner system, it willprovide up to 17,000 Btu of heat into your room at a cost of up to 35% less thanstandard vented log systems.

    Duzy 2

    Duzy 3

    Duzy 4

    Duzy 5

  • To avoid personal injury or property damage, the product described by this brochure must be installed, operated and maintained in strict compliance with the instructions packaged with theproduct and all applicable building or fire codes. Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation inspection requirements. All photographs and drawings on thisbrochure are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended for, nor should they be used as a substitute for the instructions packaged with the unit. Appearance and specifications of theproduct are subject to change without notice. 2008 Monessen Hearth Systems Co.

    A Brand of Monessen Hearth Systems Co.149 Cleveland Drive, Paris, Kentucky 40361

    Ver.01 MON9908


    VDY Duzy Vented Gas Log Sets

    Standard Features Optional Accessories

    RadiantLog Fuel Manual Control Millivolt Control Heat

    Model Size Type Minimum Hearth Area Minimum Hearth Area BTU/Hr Output

    A B C D A B C D`

    VDY24 24 NG 26 13-1/2 17 16 26 13-1/2 18 16 50,000 15,000

    VDY24 24 LP 26 13-1/2 17 16 26 13-1/2 18 16 50,000 15,000

    VDY30 30 NG 32 13-1/2 23 16 32 13-1/2 24 16 65,000 17,000

    VDY30 30 LP 32 13-1/2 23 16 32 13-1/2 24 16 65,000 17,000

    Your Monessen Dealer:

    HPBAHearth, Patio & Barbecue Association

    MADE IN U.S.A.

    Lifetime Warranty on stainless steel burner base andlogs.

    Four log styles - Duzy 2, Duzy 3, Duzy 4 and Duzy 5(24 and 30 log sizes).

    Two control types - Manual with safety pilot and Millivoltwith safety pilot

    Patented Natural FlameSTAINLESS STEEL burnersystem with outstandingflame realism.

    Clean burning design for both natural and LP gas.

    All components including the burner, grate and controlare factory assembled, leak tested for reliability and easeof installation.

    Engineered design prevents heat stress to controls.

    Unique 24/18" design fits the contour and shape of eventhe most narrow back manufactured wood burningfireplaces.

    Matchless piezo ignition for quick easy lighting.

    UPS shippable.

    Decorative grate + Andirons


    Decorative fiber ember kit

    Ember remote receiver cover

    Metal insulated remote receiver cover

    See our Ambient Technologies catalog fora complete line of remotes.

    Duzy 2 Duzy 3 Duzy 4 Duzy 5

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