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Model Question Paper Subject Code: MC0077 Subject Name: Advanced Database System Credits: 4 Marks: 140

Part A (One mark questions)


If all a relational database's non-key attributes are dependent on the entire key, then the database is considered to meet the criteria for being in the .... a. first normal form b. second normal form c. third normal form d. BCNF The computer program used to manage and query a database is known as a ..


a. database server b. database management server c. database management system d. database controlling server 3. The .. consists of a single, two-dimensional array of data elements. a. relational model b. flat model c. network model d. hierarchical model 4. The pioneer of database management system was.. a. Brian Kernighan b. E. F. Codd c. Charles Bachman

d. Shen Lin lf an index on a table of 100'0 records had only 500 distinct values, then the index's selectivity is


a. 0.0005 b. 0.005 c. 0.05 d. 0.5 6. This relation (r1 r2) r3 = r1 (r2 r3) implies that natural join is.. a. cartesian product b. associative c. commutative d. None of the above. . is measured in terms of system response time, throughput, and availability.


a. Cardinality b. Selectivity c. Performance d. Joining 8. A ... is a set of steps used to access information in a SQL relational database management system. a. Query Optimizer b. Query Execution Plan c. Query Implementation d. all of the above 9. . is used to increase the efficiency of data retrieval, by speeding data location and thereby reducing retrieval time. a. Data compression

b. Index generation c. user intefacing

d. effectiveness ... can enhance system effectiveness by supporting formulation of 'complete' information needs.


a. Data compression b. Index generation c. user intefacing d. effectiveness 11. DDL stands for a. digital data library b. digital data loader c. data definition language d. data description language 12. Prior to establishing a database, . should create a data model to describe the intended content and structure for the DB. a) DDL b) DML c) DBA d) DMS ..hold, possibly repeating, supplementary data about another entity-type.


a) Base entity types b) Root entity types c) Weak entity-types d) Sub-class entity types 14. Database management systems are intended to . a. eliminate data redundancy b. manage file access c. maintain data integrity


d. all of the above relationships identify sub-classes or roles within an entity type.

a) Associative b) Generic c) both a and b d) neither a nor b 16. An attribute containing the unique key of an entity to which this entity is related is called..

a) primary key b) foreign key c) candidate key d) domain key CBIR stands for..


a) Colour Based Image Retrieval b) Collection Based Image Retrieval c) Content Based Image Retrieval d) Co-ordinate Based Image Retrieval 18. An image is basically a long string of .. a) dot b) colour c) shape d) pixels 19. MV attribute structures can be defined as ordered or unordered sets and implemented as.. either embedded in the parent table or 'normalized' to a linked table.

a) lists b) arrays c) arrays or tables d) all of the above 20. SQL3 data-types..can be used to store multimedia documents. a) CLOB

b) BLOB c) both a and b d) neither a nor b 21. IRS stands for.. a) Information Retrieval System b) Information Restoration System c) Index Retrieval System d) Index Restoration System 22. The term schema is used to specify the data describing the content and structure of the user data in a database, and is also called the system .... a) DMS b) DBS c) cardinality d) metadata 23. .indexes provide fast access to sets of data containing the same values as the index term. a) Unique b) Cluster c) Both a and b d) neither a nor b 24. ., have been constructed to manage the structured data typically found in administrative systems. a) File b) Data structure c) Database d) Relational database management system 25. The warehouse means that data in the database is never over-written or deleted, once committed, the data is static, read-only, but retained for future reporting. a) Subject-oriented b) Time - varient c) Non - Volatile d) Integrated 26. OLTP stands for a) Oracle Transaction Processor b) Oracle Transaction Protocol

c) Online Transmission Protocol d) Online Transaction Processing 27. Data warehouses at .. stage are used to generate activity or transactions that are passed back into the operational systems for use in the daily activity of the organization. a) Real Time b) Integrated c) Offline d) Offline Operational Data warehouses in .. stage of evolution are updated on a regular time cycle from the operational systems and the data is stored in an integrated reporting-oriented data structure.


a) Real Time b) Integrated c) Offline d) Offline Operational


The lack of definite or sharp distinctions can be define as . a) Vagueness b) Fuzziness c) Cloudiness d) all of the above. 30. If X is a collection of objects denoted generically by x, f(x) is membership function, then a fuzzy set F in X is a set of ordered pairs.. a) F = {(x, f(x))/x X}, b) F = {(x, f(x))|x X}, c) F = {(x, f(x))|f(x) X}, d) F = {(x, f(x))/f(x) X}, 31. A linguistic variable is fully characterized by a quintuple where, a semantic rule. a) m b) X c) v d) g

.. variable is defined in terms of a variable which either has a physical interpretation or any other numerical variable.


a) Approximate b) Linguistic c) Both are same d) Neither a nor b 33. A ..Transaction is a transaction that contains one or more remote statements, all of which reference the same remote node. a) remote b) local c) distributed d) offline Location ... exists if a user can refer to the same table the same way, regardless of the node to which the user connects.


a) redundancy b) Integrity c) atomicity


d) transparency A _____ is one that is based on another materialized view, instead on a master table. a) Single -tier materialized view b) Master materialized view

c) Multi-tier materialized view d) client-materialized view 36. Which of the following sites are supported by replication environments? a) Master sites b) Materialized view sites c) Client sites d) Both A) and B) In case of Oracle refresh materialized views refresh uses materialized view logs to update only the rows that have changed since the last refresh.


a) fast

b) complete c) force d) None of the above 38. A transaction is an atomic unit of execution and atomic transactions are the means to obtain database.. a) integrity b) redundancy c) Independency d) Security 39. Data localization reduces . a) the contention for CPU and I/O services b) access delays involved in wide area networks c) Both a and b d) Neither a nor b

40. Naming transparency is one type of .transparency.a) Distribution b) Replication c) Fragmentation d) Location

Part B (Two mark questions)41. The relational operations responsible for the process of eliminating some of the columns and . Is responsible to lists the rows found in both tables. a. project, difference b. restrict, difference c. restrict, intersect d. project, intersect 42. ACID stands for. a. Atomicity, Concurrency, Isolation, Durability b. Atomicity, Consistency, Integrity, Durability c. Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability d. Atomicity, Concurrency, Integrity, Durability 43. State whether the following statements are true /false. 1) A composite index never contains more than one key column. 2) If all the columns selected by the query are in the composite index, Oracle can return these values from the index after accessing the table. a. 1. true, 2. false b. 1.false, 2. true c. 1.true, 2. true d. 1. false, 2. false 44. A . matches two tables across domain compatible attributes, where a ...can be considered as a virtual table or as a stored query. a. View, Disjunctive Clauses b. View, join operation c. join operation, view d. projection, view 45. DMS .is typically measured in the time and machine capacity used for data retrieval and storage, respectively, where typically measured in the quality of service. a. efficiency, effectiveness b. effectiveness, efficiency c. efficiency, compression

d. compression, efficiency

46. State the following statements are true/ false for storage and retrieval sub-system of DMS component. 1) Schema used to facilitate data location and retrieval. 2) Indexes used for query interpretation and data mapping. a) 1.T, 2.T b) 1.T, 2.F c) 1.F, 2.T d) 1.F, 2.F 47. State whether the following statements are true / false for weak-entity types. 1) Weak entity types have more than one parent entity. 2) A weak entity is deleted when its parent entity is deleted. a) 1.T, 2.T b) 1.T, 2. F c) 1. F, 2.T d) 1.F, 2.F 48. Find out the components of data models from the following list. 1) Data Constraints 2) Data structures 3) Data functions 4) Data aggregation a) 1,2,3,4 b) 1,2,4 c) 1,3,4 d) 1,2,3

49. What will be the inverse document frequency (idf) of term ti if documents n i = # documents containing index term ti freqi,j = the raw frequency of ti in document dj maxk = maximum of all terms in dj a) freqi,j / maxk b) log N / ni c) fi,j x idfi d) log N / max k

N = number of

50. SQL3 includes ......................... and .........................techniques from Object-Oriented DBMS, while maintaining the relational DBMS platform. 1) data definition 2) data aggregation 3) data structure 4) management a) 1,2 b) 1,3 c) 1,4 d) 2,3 51. In case of data model translation, for each sub-entity, E(s), of entity, E(i), represented as R(i), if the populations or the sub-entities of E(i) are disjoint and exhaust E(