INTRODUCTION Mobilink GSM (PMCL), a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom, started its operations in 1994, and has become the market leader both in terms of growth as well as having the largest customer subscriber base in Pakistan - a base of over 29 million and growing. We pride ourselves on being the first cellular service provider to operate on a 100% digital GSM technology in Pakistan that also provides 1

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Mobilink GSM (PMCL), a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom, started its operations in

1994, and has become the market leader both in terms of growth as well as having the

largest customer subscriber base in Pakistan - a base of over 29 million and growing.

We pride ourselves on being the first cellular service provider to operate on a 100%

digital GSM technology in Pakistan that also provides state-of-the-art communication

solutions to its customers.

Mobilink offers exclusively designed tariff plans that cater to the communication

needs of a diverse group of people, from individuals to businessmen to corporates and

multinationals. To achieve this objective, we offer both postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid

(JAZZ) solutions to our customers. Compared to our competitors, both the postpaid

(Indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) brands are the largest brands of their kind in the Pakistan

cellular industry.


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In addition to providing advanced voice communication services that makes the lives

of millions that much easy, we also offer a host of value-added-services to our prized

customers. At the same time, Mobilink places high importance to its coverage, which

is why we cover you in 6000+ cities and towns nationwide as well as over 120

countries on international roaming service. In other words, we speak your language,


Orascom Telecom:

Holding S.A.E. ("Orascom Telecom") or ("OTH") was established in 1998 and has

grown to become a major player in the telecommunication market in the world.   OTH

is considered among the largest and most diversified network operator in the Middle

East, Africa and Pakistan . It is a leading mobile telecommunications company

operating in seven emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia

having a population under license of 460 million in total population with an average

penetration of mobile telephony rate across all markets of 8%.  Orascom Telecom

operates GSM networks in Algeria ("Djezzy"), Egypt ("MobiNil"), Pakistan

("Mobilink"), Iraq ("IraQna"), Bangladesh ("Banglalink"), Tunisia ("Tunisiana") and

Zimbabwe ("Telecel Zimbabwe").  Orascom Telecom subscriber number reached

over 20 million subscribers as of June, 2005.

Orascom Telecom's operation in Pakistan, Mobilink, started its operations in 1994,

and until early 2001, had a market share of 40%. In April 2001, OTH took over


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management control of the company and as of June, 2005; Mobilink served more than

7 million subscribers, representing a market share of approximately 61% of total

mobile subscribers in Pakistan.

Orascom Telecom has positioned itself as a leader in the region for its diverse GSM

operations, with various GSM support and Internet operations. One of Orascom

Telecom's main strategies is to create its own non-GSM subsidiaries to act as a

support for its regional GSM operations. OTH has achieved this by dedicating

financial, technical, and management resources for its subsidiaries. This includes

network support and installation of GSM operations, equipment procurement, handset

procurement and distribution companies, value Added Services, and Internet


OTH is dedicated to provide the best quality services to its customers, value to

shareholders, and a dynamic working environment for its nearly 11,000 employees.

History of Mobilink

Pakistan Mobile Communications (Pvt.) Ltd (“Mobilink”) was awarded a license in

July 1992, to provide GSM telecommunications services in Pakistan. Mobilink

operates a GSM network in Pakistan and provides a range of prepaid and postpaid

voice, data and multimedia telecommunication services. In April 2001, when OTH

took over management control of the company the market share was only 40%, but as

of July 2007; Mobilink served over 26.5 million subscribers, representing a market

share of approximately 41.9% of total mobile subscribers in Pakistan.


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Mobilink’s license allows the company to operate a digital cellular

telecommunications system using the GSM 900 standard. The license had a duration

of 15 years; accordingly, Mobilink’s license extends until July 5, 2007. Mobilink has

received a letter of confirmation from the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) on an

additional 15 years renewal for a total consideration of US$145 million payable prior

to expiry date in July 2007 and US$ 145 million payable prior to expiry date in July

2007 and $145 million payable on ten equal installments.

Pakistan’s Telecommunications Market:

In April 2004, the Pakistani Ministry of Telecommunications awarded two new

mobile licenses, bringing the total number of licenses in Pakistan to six. Ufone, the

state owned GSM operator re-launched its services during the year-returning to the

market after a gap of more than a year. Paktel also converted to GSM technology and

launched its services aggressively. In addition to these the government of Pakistan

issued two new GSM licenses in the Pakistani market; Telenor which started its

operations in the first quarter of 2005, the other operator Al-Warid started their

operations in the first half of 2005. Mobilink’s recognition within the market, its

history of cash generation and profitability, the support of its majority shareholder,


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and the existing coverage and quality of its network provide Mobilink with a strong

foundation on which to consolidate its market leadership and increase the competitive

pressure it can impose on the existing operators.

Commercial, Marketing and Sales:

Mobilink provides both voice and value-added services to its corporate and retail

subscribers, moreover, it also offers both prepaid and postpaid telephony services.

Mobilink markets its prepaid services using the “Jazz” trade name, on the other hand,

it markets its postpaid services using the brand name “Indigo. Mobilink operates a

free 24-hour automated customer service line and customer support centers. In

addition, Mobilink has dedicated a team to manage high-end customer accounts.

Mobilink was the first mobile operator to introduce a franchising concept into the

mobile sector in Pakistan and currently operates the largest franchise network. In

order to extend its reach even further, Mobilink worked with its franchisees to

develop a large network of sub-dealers operating as points of sale. These sub-dealers

are branded “Mobilink Connect”. In addition to this indirect channel, Mobilink owns

and operates sales and customer centers. Mobilink’s prepaid services are sold both

indirectly through a dealer network and directly through Mobilink’s sales outlets. Jazz


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prepaid scratch cards are distributed through the same channels and are sold

nationwide in thousands of outlets.


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To be the leading Telecommunication Services Provider in Pakistan by offering

innovative Communication solutions for our Customers while exceeding Shareholder

value & Employee Expectations.

Mobilink..reshaping lives!


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To dedicate ourselves to delivering innovative services and solutions to help our

clients operate economically and profitably, whilst producing profits for our

shareholder, and attaining an exciting yet safe and rewarding work environment for

our employees. Thus, becoming the region’s foremost telecom services provider.

Today, after five years, this pursuit has made MobiServe one of the leading telecom

service providers in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

“To become market leader in cellular mobile technology in Pakistan”


“Our fundamental objective is “Commitment to Customer Satisfaction”. This can

only be achieved if all our staff members are committed to achieving its objective.

The key word here is commitment. Commitment to the customers, commitment to the

company, commitment to fellow employees. At Mobilink, commitment is the


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fundamental philosophy which will continue to drive all aspects of our lives and help

us ACHIEVE our objectives.


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Executive Officer (2)

Attorney (3)

Supervisor (6)

Sales Mgr. (3)

Technicians (2)


HR Manager

Manager Engineering

Finance Manager

Operational Manager

Marketing Manager


Executive Director

General Manager

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Employees are classified into the following categories


Executive director

General Manager

Senior Manager


Assistant Manager

Senior Executive




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Ledger Keeper (2)

Gun men (3)

Watch men(10)

Human Resource Manager

Executive Officer

Executive Officer

Store Incharge

Security Officer

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At Mobilink, Human Resource management consists of the following:


Human Resource Planning

Recruitment Selection

Training and Development

Socialization (Orientation)

Performance Appraisal

Promotion, transfer, demotion & separation

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How Mobilink forecasts personal needs?

1. Trend Analysis

2. Managerial Judgment

Trend Analysis!

Mobilink study of their company’s past employment needs over a period of years

to predict future needs.

Managerial Judgment!

Mobilink also does managerial judgment, in which they modify the forecast

based on certain factors such as projected turnover etc.

Forecasting the supply of inside candidates!

Qualifications Inventories

Personnel Replacement Charts


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Computerized Information system

Mobilink forecasts the supply of inside candidates through!

Computerized Information system!

Computerized Information system!

With the help of computerized Information system, Mobilink track the

qualification of hundreds of employees by using various packaged software


Forecasting the supply of outside candidates!

1. Effective Recruiting

2. The Recruiting Yield Pyramid of Mobilink!


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The Recruiting Yield Pyramid of Mobilink!

New Hires

Offers Made

Candidates Interviews

Candidates Invited

Leads Generated


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Succession Planning!

In this planning process Mobilink ensures a suitable supply of successors for current

and future senior or key jobs.

“The process of providing an adequate mix of employees for achieving

organizational goals”.

At Mobilink, HR development department is responsible for recruitment, selection,

orientation, training and development, performance appraisal and promotion, transfer,

demotion and separation.


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The objective of recruitment is to provide sufficiently large number of qualified

candidates so that suitable candidates are selected.


In Mobilink there are two sources of recruitment.

External sources

Internal sources

External Sources

External sources for the recruitment process in Mobilink includes the following:

Ads in newspaper



Eligible candidates


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Internal Sources

Internal sources include the following:

Employee referral programs

Job posting

Employee referral programs:

In this program team leaders or managers can refer any employee internally who is

capable for that post. But finally that candidate can be only selected if he/she fulfill

all requirements and pass the selection process or interviews.

Job Posting:

In job posting, Mobilink job vacancies are publicized on bulletin boards and internal

communication system so that all interested employee may apply.but again selection

is only based on fulfillment of all criteria’s or skills which acquired by that post.


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The person who is promoted from organization will give you told ideas only based on

his experience in the same company. Because of this fresh ideas are missed by


Inadequacy of Supply

Less choice is available for management to select the suitable candidates.

Less Opportunities for Outsiders

As in internal recruitment only working employees or employees within the

organization get opportunity for selection so there are less opportunities for the

people to apply who are from outside the organization.


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Old Ideas

If the company is going for expansion and diversification and require technology for

its operations then the existing employees might not be able to handle the latest

technology as they used to work with old methods.


Personal planning is the first step in the recruiting and selecting process of

Mobilink.This personal planning consists of such steps!

1. They decide first what position they have to fill, by engaging in personnel

planning and forecasting.


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2. Then they build a pool of candidates for these jobs by recruiting internal or

external candidates

3. After that, they undergo an initial screening interview

4. Then, they use selection techniques like tests, background investigations, and

physical exams to identify viable candidates.

5. Finally, they decide who to make an offer to by having their supervisor on the

team interview to final candidates

In Mobilink, the recruitment process consists of following:


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In Mobilink, the recruitment process consists of following:



External Sources

Internal Sources

Employee Referral Prog.

Job Posting

Ads in Newspaper Walks-in

Former Employees

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After building the pool of candidate now the next step is to text the candidates.

“Selection is the process of hiring capable employees to achieve the

organizational goals”.

Why care full selection is important:

Because it is:


Your on performance always depends on the other candidates

Legal implementation of incompetent hiring

To avoid the negligent hiring.

“Selection is the process of hiring capable employees to achieve the organizational



Completed jobs application

Initial screening



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Background investigation

In-depth selection

Physical examination

Job offer

In Mobilink, the selection process is almost same as mentioned above. Following are

the processes of selection in Mobilink.

Completed job application

Initial screening

Initial interview


In-depth interview

Job offers


First of all candidates submit job application. In which they are supposed to give

information as mentioned or required for particular post.



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Initial screening is a process of evaluation of the job application. Job applications are

checked whether they are according to the requirement of the job or not. If

applications don’t fulfill the requirements then they are rejected in the beginning for

the sake of further inconvenience.


After initial screening, selected candidates are called for initial interview. In which

they are asked questions regarding whatever they mentioned in their application to

make sure that candidates are eligible for further process i.e. test.


Candidates, who are selected offer initial interview are supposed to appear in the

written test. The test is designed by the experts and it is designed basically to know

the capability of the candidates.

Selected candidates in the written test are called for the in-depth interview.



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In in-depth interview, a formal interview is conducted by the experts of the concerned


This interview is basically conducted to know the ability of the candidates and to

make sure whether they can fulfill the requirements of the job or not.

In this interview the jury, which is consisted of top management and Human

Resource Executives, ask different question regarding the past experience of the

candidates, their qualification, why they are suitable for this job, or some exercise

related to the post etc.


In-depth interview, selected candidates are offered job. This offer is made by the top

management and Human Resource Executives.

In Mobilink the hiring process usually take more than two months doesn’t matter

what ever the post is. Even for the CSRs they are taking more than two months

process of interviews and selection.



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In Mobilink after selection, the employees have to cover a probationary employment

period. The purpose of this policy is to determine whether the newly hired employee

is qualified to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position. The

probationary period is as follows:

All staff Three months

Sales staff Six months


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Orientation is the Human Resource Management activity to introduce a new

employee to the organization.

In Mobilink, a proper orientation process is done with new employees. The

orientation is done by the head of the department in Mobilink.

In orientation, selected employees are made familiar with the following:

Each new employee is introduced with the new environment and his or her


New employees are told about the rules and regulation of the organization.

They are told about their work and how to do it.

They are told about incentive procedures of the organization.


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Orientation is done for following purposes:

To Reduce Anxiety

A person without a proper orientation will have many problems that with whom he is

supposed to work, what he is supposed to work, where he will be placed etc. If he is

given proper orientation then he will not have the above problems.

Reduce Hazing

Senior employees might force new employee to perform their tasks as well. Proper

orientation reduces this problem by telling new employee what their tasks are and

what they are supposed to do.

To Reduce Turn Over

Organization which don’t do orientation have more turn over as compared to the

organizations which do.


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“The process of developing knowledge, skills and abilities so as to improve present

and future performance”.

As we all know that training is an essential part of development of the organization.

Without this organization is unable to cope with recent challenges of the market. So

far this purpose Mobilink has also developed its training programs.

Training Need Assessment(TNA):

In mobilink TNA is done by immediate supervisor or team or managers. Ehen ever

they found any need for training for their teams they send a request to their managers

and then managers forward that request to HR department. And HR department

arrange all possible courses reagding employees training.

Training Facilities:

Mobilink is providing in house training facilities to its employees. They make

different training centers at different location based on training types. Such as they

are giving training to their CSRs in there CSR Office in defense. This training some

time based on weekly basis


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Training Courses:

Training courses are selected on basis of employee ranks in the organization or nature

of the job they are performing.

Training Period/duration:

Duration of training is depend on nature. When a new employee join mobilink mostly

he/she get training of more than 1 month. And then other training are depend on

employees performance and new technologies or new services introduction.


In Mobilink, employees are sent for training to achieve following objective:

To improve working relationships.

To upgrade skills.

To prevent obsolesce.

To develop healthy and constructive attitude.

To prepare employees for future assignments.

To increase productivity.

To minimize the operational errors.


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To enhance employees morale and confidence.

To bring down their cost of production.

To reduce labour turnover.

At Mobilink, no local institution is hired for the training, a inhouse proper training

program has been developed to increase the career development of the employees.


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As Mobilink sends its employees USA, UK and Germany, for training so followings

are the advantages which employees get:

Career Development

Training programs are developed in such away that it helps employees to develop

their career. In this way they can cope with the modern challenges and can best

support the organization.


As employees are sent to USA, UK and Germany. By doing this employees get

motivated and try to improve their performance to be selected for training program.

Development of the Organization

By giving training to employees , Mobilink has an advantage that its employees help

it to develop and adopt the challenges of modern technology. And all up coming

challenges in a well mannered way.


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“Compensation is what organization pays in order to retain its employees”.

At Mobilink, different compensation programs are offered to its employee which is

one of the sources of motivation. Compensation programs are designed in the form of

“Benefit Programs” in Mobilink. These Benefit Programs are designed to facilitate its

employees. Benefit programs are offered according to the position of employees.


“Benefit Programs are used to aid employees”.

At Mobilink, following “Benefit Programs” are offered to its employees.

Annual Leave


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Mobilink provides all its employees regular annual leave in order to maintain health,

morale and efficiency. That consist 40 days normally or it can be changed according

to the position.

Leave Fare Assistance

All employees are eligible for one month gross pay as leave fare assistance on

completion of one year of service.

Sick Leave

All employees are granted time off at their normal rate of pay for personal illness or

non-job related injuries.


“Compensation received in addition to one’s regular salary”.

At Mobilink, employees who have performed well during the whole year are

rewarded bonus.


Following allowances are awarded to the employees of Mobilink:

Medical Allowance


Page 38: mobilink HRD

Car Maintenance Allowance

Safety Allowance



Page 39: mobilink HRD


Mobilink gets the following advantages by offering different benefits to its


Fewer turnovers.


Increase in efficiency.

Good will of company.


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“Performance Appraisal is the process by which organizations evaluate individual job


At Mobilink, performance appraisal is a critical activity of HR management. Its goal

is to provide and accurate picture of past and future employee performance. To

achieve this, Mobilink has established some performance standards. These standards

are set to evaluate the performance of employee. HR manager evaluate the employee

performance in context with these standard, and then employees are awarded



Sincerity with job.

Good performance.

Good customer relations.

Job performance.


Good relations with colleagues and boss.

Level of commitment

Good decision making.


Page 41: mobilink HRD

Employees are promoted, demoted and transferred on the basis of above factors.

Employees who show good performance are promoted accordingly and who don’t

show performance are demoted accordingly. Employees are also sent for training to

USA, UK and Germany for higher training to meet the challenges of modern era. In

this way, employees get motivated and try to be selected for training programs to

develop their career and improve performance.


In Mobilink, performance appraisal is made by the immediate supervisor with the

help of performance appraisal form but is not shared with the employees performance

is appraised on the basis of targets of sales assigned to the employees. In Mobilink

POINT RATING METHOD is used for performance appraisal.

This performance appraisal form is maintained by the immediate supervisor every

month and is shade by the employees after one year.

A specimen form is attached.(do we have??)


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A promotion involves the reassignment of an employee to a highest level job. When

promoted, employees generally face increasing demands in terms of skills, abilities

and responsibilities. In turn, employees generally receive increased pay and

sometimes benefits as well a greater authority and status. Promotion is also one of the

sources of motivation for the employees, and it is purely done on the merit basis.

Selection for promotions

Basically two main approaches are used to recruit employees for promotion. The

Mobilink company is using the both approaches i.e

* Closed promotion approach


Page 43: mobilink HRD

* Open promotion approach

Closed promotion approach

This approach is used by Mobilink which places the responsibility to identify

promotable employees with the supervisor of the job. In addition to reviewing the

past performance and assessing the potential of subordinates, a supervisor may

inquire in other departments about employees who may be qualified for the job.

A drawback to the closed promotion approach is that many employees who may be

qualified and interested in promotion are often overlooked. So Mobilink company

also use the other approach to overcome this fault.

Open promotion approach

An approach that leads to recruiting the most qualified person from the internal labor

pool is known as the open promotion approach. This approach is also known as job

posting. In Mobilink, job vacancies are publicized on bulletin boards and internal

communication system so that all interested employee may apply. This enhance

participation and the achievement of equal opportunity goals, but one of the

disadvantage is that it increases administrative expenses and takes time.

Mobilink company first announce within the organization about the job, if there is no

competent person who can be eligible for the post then they advertise in newspaper.


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For many employees a promotion is a highly sought prize. Status, satisfaction and

financial rewards accrue to those who are able to rise in an organization. There are a

number of criteria that organizations examine in deciding which candidates to

promote. These are as:

1. Seniority basis

2. Past and current performance

3. Assessment centers

4. Personal characteristics

5. Nepotism

Mobilink company have used the first three methods for promoting the employees.



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Mobilink company promote its employee on seniority basis. After the 2-3 years of

service an employee promote to the next rank. The routine promotion can not given

before the 2 years.


In Mobilink company the routine promotions are given on seniority basis. But the

voluntary promotions are given on the basis of past and present performance.

The performance of an employee is analyzed and evaluated by his supervisor. In this

way there is no need to consider the years of service.

Past performance is not always valid indicator of future performance, particularly

when the employee is promoted to a job that requires skills and abilities considerably

different from these used in previous job.


The assessment centers in the Mobilink company basically used to analyze and assess

the abilities of candidates for selection i.e.

An in-depth interview concerning career goals and plans.


Page 46: mobilink HRD

A test of general mental ability.

A test of reasoning ability.

A test of knowledge about current affairs.

A series of in-basket exercise.

A management game involving the start-up and operation of a toy


Role playing

Personal Characteristics

Promotion on personal characteristics means the promotion on the basis of age, race,

color, religion, sex or national origin.

In Mobilink company promotion on the personal characteristics is not allowed. All

peoples have the equal right for promotion. And it is a written role in the constitution

of company. i.e. "Discrimination is prohibited."



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Nepotism is the showing of favoritism or patronage to relatives. Nepotism is often

criticized because family members get desirable jobs and promotions primarily by

virtue of their lineage.

For prohibiting the nepotism in Mobilink company there is a written rule. That is as:

1. Strictly, no relatives will be employed by the company (i.e. Father, mother,

brother, sister, nephew, niece, in-laws etc.).

2. Employment of one son/daughter to be considered after retirement of existing

employee, or death during service, only if the candidate is found suitable for the

existing vacancy.

3. If any existing employees marry each other, then one of them, in accordance

with the choice of the management, will have to leave.

4. Sons/Daughters and relatives of in-service employees, would not be eligible

for temporary employment.


Employees are often transferred to different places where there is a need for technical

and managerial skills. Sometimes employees are also transferred abroad which is a

source of motivation for the employees.


Demotion and separation is another activity for which HR department is responsible.

At Mobilink, employees are demoted on the basis of their bad performance.


Page 48: mobilink HRD

Sometimes employees are separated from the organization when they are unable to

achieve their targets. Demotion and separation are done in following way:



Deduction in salary




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Mobilink GSM (PMCL), a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom,is the market leader in

providing state-of-the-art communications solutions to more than 1,800,000 people in


Their HR Department is very efficient and HR Manager is the person who is

responsible for the performance of all the activities of this department.

It is the HR Manager who sets the performance standard and then selects the

appropriate channel of recruitment and then selects the capable candidates.


Page 50: mobilink HRD


Too much importance to employees or personal reference should not be given.

Hiring should be done on the basis of personal capability and qualification.

Job security should be given to lower level employees

To motivate the employees, better medical facilities should be given to



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