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Mobile Anthem, the Voice of a Mobile Nation. Capabilities and Mobile 101/201


<ul><li> 1. Mobile Branding Opportunities </li></ul> <p> 2. Mobile Marketing &amp; BrandingMobile AnthemVenus Case StudyMobile 101CapabilitiesConclusionsIndex: Mobile 201 3. Mobile Anthem: At-a-glanceMobile Anthem is a youth marketing agency specialized increating, implementing and analyzing marketing campaigns forthe mobile phone.We tie brand marketing objectives and metrics to the emergingMobile Marketing industry.Our brand, mobile, and business backgrounds provide you with95 years of experience.Our capabilities includes: CRM Mobile Websites (WAP sites) Mobile coupons Mobile ad placement SMS (Text) alerts/interactions Ringtones, Wallpapers Mobile phone accessories Location Based Services (skins, mirrors, phone dangles) Anthem SegmentationTM Anthem AmplificationTM 4. Mobile Anthem: MissionNavigate the shifting landscape of the Youth Market Aspirational brandsConscious brands De-mystify mobile Equate mobile to specific brand metrics Generate quantifiable impact ROI, sales, purchase intent, brand loyalty, awareness 5. Venus Case Study 6. Venus Case StudyGillette Venus Spring Break Campaign 06 Problem: Brand awareness for Venus dropped for college-aged females Solution: Integrated Campaign including Mobile, Internet, Print, Experiential, TV, and Sampling Results: Drove trial with 0.8M women and millions of impressions Won the Silver Promo Marketing Award for ExperiencePhoto Anthem Textual Flirting VenusBeach Mobile game 7. Venus Case Study Learnings: All engagements become more powerful with CRM Promotional campaign should fold into the overall marketing planMobile Activation Objective Media Partners VenusBeach Mobileawareness, brand Print game loyaltyTextual Fling brand loyaltyExperiential Spring Break updates brand loyaltyExperiential Photo AnthemAnthem Internet, ExperientialAmplification 8. Mobile 101 9. Mobile 101: OverviewMobile Marketing is any outreach to consumers that engagesthem through their mobile phone iPhone Apps to mCommerce to branded phone cases Stands on its own Extends the reach of any other marketing channelConfusion in early stages Marketing Medium like TV, Internet More than just a websiteor ringtone Like the Internet 15 years ago McDs hompage in 1996 10. Mobile 101: Opt-inMobile Marketing starts when a consumer OPTS-IN Text CHI to 234327 (ADIDAS) to win $1,000 and VIP access Automated response gives marketing message Consumers number is stored in CRM database Adidas (should) then sends useful contentEntertainment/news updatesPromotional messagesRingtones, wallpapersLinks to WAP siteSweeps, Vote, QuizzesMobile Coupons Builds trust and loyalty Drives purchaseThanks for becoming an adidasChicago VIP. Look out for your chanceto win $1000 and events at the WaterTower Place Performance Store. RplyEND to stop mgs 11. Mobile 101: Mobile YouthGeneration Y is mobile, 76-83M1 1800 2nd determiner of teen social statusCalls 1350 8.6 average age of first mobile use2 Texts41% can text blindfolded900 50% open to marketing through phone 450 79% have mobile phones0</p>