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  • If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business.

  • what lies at the heart of our company?


  • In India, home fixing requirements are mostly taken care of by seperate vendors, thus you need to make a series of calls and never ending follow-up calls to get it all done. What if there was some one reliable to do it all for you? You just had to call and your house can be ready to give you returns like you planned without losing any sleep. (This is the gap mma fills.)

  • we are born out of the need for quick solutions for investment spaces.

  • Effective branding elevates a product or organisation from being just one commodity amongst many identical commodities, to become something with a unique character and promise. It can create an emotional resonance in the minds of consumers who choose products and services using both emotional and pragmatic judgements.

  • 1.we make their investment start giving them returns at the earliest.

  • 2.we make it hassle free by offering one call solution for all interior needs.

  • 3.2.we understand the need and customize our packages.

  • 4.we gift them energy & freedom, to do what they want to do instead.

  • 5.4.maybe they want to spend energy to invest more . . . wont we love that?

  • 6.we help them achieve great ROI by making our business a success.

  • 1.heres how we go about doing all these lovely things for them.6.

  • 2.1. We offer factory finish on low budget.2. Experienced staff and factories (in business for last 16-20 years).3. Minimal time spend at the site (initially only couple of hours for measurements and then one day for fitting).4. We offer 21 day lead time agw.5. 15 day later revisit for verification.6. 1 year warranty (kindly refer to terms and conditions).7. We cover all aspects of preparing your investment rent ready. kitchenswardrobelightingfansexhaustsdoorbellbathroomfittings&fixturesdeep cleaning 8. Flexibility of choosing only the part/parts suitable to your needs.9. Open business policy, no hidden cost. Formal quote provided prior to the job undertaken for approval and subsequent quote updatein case of any changes requested. 10. Transport & installation of all fixtures and fittings provided free of cost.

    makemyabode, ceo says

  • 3.2.Apple's transformation from a computer manufacturer to a media giant didn't happen just because of the introduction of the iPod and iPhone. It happened because they developed revolutionary new services around those products - iTunes and the App Store. They thought very hard about their customer and what would make their life easier.


    how should we appeal to our clients?

  • 5.4.Our communication needs to make clients believe that we really can deliver them from the mayhem of getting a house done up. We really are the one call solution & they can rely on us. We are the saviors. If we handle this - they can put their feet up and relax, unwind or go bungee jumping or whatever is their whim. As said before, we give them the gift of energy.

  • 6.bepersuasive soundconfidenttalksmartgeneratetrust

  • 6.Persuade that makemyabode is the only option which gives them time off to do what they would rather be doing. We handle the part which starts giving them the ROI they dream of whilst they spend their energies elsewhere. Also, we help them nourish their lives, enrich themselves and live all the more comfortably. Its a win-win for them.

  • no-nonsense strategy. firm closures. not on board - their loss

  • is a great brand.

  • flexible yetlow budget. professional yet affable.

  • custom-friendly yet punctual. crisp yet communicative.

  • workvalues


    core tone

    systematic.process-driven.transparent.on time delivery.custom friendly.quality output.mass cater.quick learning.competitive edge.

    intuitive.young.committed.proficient.dynamic.industrious.assertive.brisk business.successful.


  • This is not just jargon or a bunch of keywords. If you notice, I have deliberately left out words like innovation, client delight etc. I strictly believe that mma is a mass appeal company which needs to be about brisk business and fast learning. We dont need to re-invent any wheels, just be good at what we do and move on to the next client and create a bustling enterprise.

    cherry speaks

  • Storytelling works. For example, Chris Haddad increased his conversion rate from 2% to 8%, raising his income from nothing to seven gures by selling information products.Initially, Chris wrote good copy to sell his information product on how women can nd their perfect match. But despite all his efforts, only a handful of customers took him up on his offer.Eventually, Chris tweaked his landing page. He shared the story of how his girlfriend (now his wife) used specic emotional techniques to dazzle him. Telling that story raised his conversion rate by 300%.


    what & how should we say?

  • Our demographic does not have fixed age group as property investors are becoming younger by the year. We are looking at starting as young as mid 20s? So the interactions need to have a mass appeal but not collectively - we need to make sure we target exclusively. Smart and urbane conversations with clients, conversations because social media has made sure that its mutual.

  • When your content drives people to a state of happiness or joy, they will automatically respond to your offers, feel obliged to share your content, and will stop at nothing to tell others about you.

  • Visual information marketing is here to stay and its becoming part of marketing budgets. A recent study by Social Media Examiner says that 70% of internet marketers plan to increase their use of visual marketing elements in 2015. As it turns out, visual information (e.g. infographics, videos, memes, screenshots) gets widely shared on major social networks.


    my grandparents are not coming

    for the summer holidays : (

    make time for whats important to you.

    one call to us can take care of all your interior needs.


  • posts

    make time for whats important to you.

    one call to us can take care of all your interior needs.




    Storytelling with persuasion trumps statistics. Marketing is for people, and people are emotional beings. Our brains are wired to respond to emotional triggers. Storytelling is the most natural source of those triggers. When you understand how to persuade others, youll no longer struggle to get more trafc. Instead, youll focus on improving conversions, because thats what matters.

  • I believe the conversations with clients need to be an assortment of enticing people (what they can do with their free time, if they join us), factual and informative information about what makemyabode does - one witty - and one plain pure facts. In organic marketing it is essential that we create content that grabs attentionn & gets shared of its own accord so we maximize reach.

    cherry speaks

  • posts

    make time for whats important to you.

    one call to us can take care of all your interior needs.




    Afrm that youre an authority in your industry. Focus on your creative voice. Share stories that pull people instead of pushing them. Use evergreen storytelling to attract loyal customers..

  • If you deal in fast-moving consumer goods (i.e., not luxury goods), Facebook is your ideal platform for attracting an audience, because the users are mostly young people.Twitter is a microblogging platform for news-like updates. Use Twitter to keep your target audience abreast of whats happening with your site, business, or community. Its not for selling.Besides clothing and decorative arts, Pinterest favors food - and drink-related products. Family and relationship-related products also tend to receive more likes and repins.Clothing, accessories, and entertainment-related products do extremely well on Instagram, because the users are primarily female.Finally, LinkedIn is the platform of choice for business-related communications. So if youre looking to acquire business-minded customers, LinkedIn will out-perform twitter and Instagram by a long shot.

  • Social media is a lively place, there is a lot of buzz. To succeed we have to make sure we post frequently, but also exciting content. Mma on the facbook page can also put up posts on homedecor, garden tips and more. We can shorlist 5-6 topics which support the mma posts. Right now fb and linkedin, with attached updates on twitter and instagram seems like the way to go.

    cherry speaks

  • Last but not the least please check out themakemyabode, co founder speak.This is how I want to launch makemyabode - a series of interviews with the top management , all taking about the different aspects. thank you.