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PORTAL MODDefault Portal Gun Apparently mixing redstone with lapis lazuli produces an interesting substance.

Harvested properly, this substance has the ability to create a pair or portals on most areas in the minecraft world!

You press the G key to "flick the switch" on the gun and use the portal of the other colour. You press the R key to reboot the gun, wiping out the current portals. ======================================== Single Coloured Portal Guns Slightly offsetting the ratio of lapis lazuli/redstone will still form a Mysterious substance, but of a different property.

Used in the recipe to make a Portal Gun, these guns only fire a single colour.

If 2 different coloured portal guns are found in your inventory, they will automatically merge (can be disabled) into a fully functional dual portal gun. They can also be crafted together. ======================================== Co-op Guns Introducing the well known Portal Guns held by Cooperative partners Atlas and P-body! They can be made by adding a dash of dye to the default portal gun.

Atlas' Gun.

PotatoBaconGun Wait what's this? A BACON GUN!?

Attaching a raw piece of pork to the top claw of the Portal Gun will build a unique chain with the wielder of the Gun. This special chain links the wielder to a completely new set of portals! Each player (in SMP) would be able to use the same gun to generate seperate types of portals! These portals would last even after the player leaves the server. Colour of portals is configurable in the properties file. ======================================== Portal Gun Pedestals

These pedestals automatically fire portals if you place a portal gun on them. You right click them with any type of portal gun and they will accept them. These need to be powered by redstone and will give you a portal gun if you walk into them. ======================================== Portal Spawners

These blocks will spawn portals on them, if powered by redstone. Their Portals last even after the redstone power supplied is cut! (configurable) The colour portal that spawns is toggled using a pickaxe. ======================================== Advanced Knee Replacements Craft yourself a pair of AKRs!*1

They will absorb ALL your falling damage! The wonders of technology! Thanks to SpinBuilder for the new texture. ========================================

Weighted Cubes*1 Make yourself a weighted storage cube!

Giving the weighted storage cube a rose (right click it) will turn it into a weighted companion cube! (Congrats to Atkana and LOgesCompany for figuring this out)

It loves and cares for you so much, every 5 seconds it heals you by half a heart if its in your inventory! (Note: multiple companions have the same effect ) (Congrats to jaconok for initially discovering it and Entourage for completing his discovery.) Smelting the cube (how could you D:) will give you a Music Disc! (Congrats to JammyJames97 for discovering this)

Smelting the disc, will deteriorate the plastic and produce a completely different audio track! (Congrats to CGuangJun for discovering this)

Getting two Portal discs will grant you a Portal 2 disc! No, really!

(Portal + Portal = Portal 2)

======================================== Radios Make them radios which loop unnecessarily!

Material Emancipation Grid Create the MEG. This grid has several methods, only erase portals as you walk through it, or erase portals AND incinerate everything that touches it! (except you, your gun, and itself) (How do I change it the mode? Read the FAQ [Yes its mentioned there])

The ultimate creeper shield! P.S: You destroy the block its on or let water flow through it to remove it. ======================================== High Energy Pellet Create the High Energy Pellet launcher and catcher!


Electronic Intelligence Indicator

Make a sign that intelligently tells you Yes, or No, the Electronic Intelligence Indicator(I couldn't find the official name)! Needs to be redstone powered. Warning: Will not increase your intelligence if ingested. ======================================== Sentry Turrets*1 Holy crap, Sentry Turrets!

These turrets will just shoot at anything alive, even you! (configurable) At a rate of 20 bullets a second, these turrets will take down anything in its sights. Though very unstable and may fall over when pushed, these turrets are able to scan a 90 degree radius for targets. And plus, they TALK! (Making them not shoot certain stuff is possible by changing the turretMode in properties) [Model made in Techne by ZeuX] If these turrets are smelted, all their circuits and stuff get messed up to form Defective Turrets.

These turrets are unable to shoot due to the lack of bullets, but they make up for it with their hilarious dialouge! ======================================== Aerial Faith Plates

These plates have the power of a thousand pounds to launch anything into the air at any four directions. Can be placed on walls facing up and down, and can be considered a "quick" mode of transport! Remember to wear your Advanced Knee Replacements when falling, though! Its power can be configured by right clicking it with Pickaxes or Shovels (horizontal and vertical height respectively) Can be configured to be activated with redstone input only. ======================================== Checkpoint Blocks




Conductive Pipe

Waterproof Pipe


Building Tools


Liquid Utilities

Liquid Utilities

LINK WIKI: http://buildcraft.net.ms/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Equivalent ExchangeRings



Dark Matter Tools

Dark Matter Armor

Factory Blocks







Terraformer Blueprints




Link WIKI: http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Main_Page


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