MEXICO: A BETTER PERSPECTIVE ... Mexico has 10 free-trade agreements , including NAFTA, with over 45

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Text of MEXICO: A BETTER PERSPECTIVE ... Mexico has 10 free-trade agreements , including NAFTA, with over 45



  • DID YOU KNOW THAT: Mexico is the world’s 12th largest economy and exports over US$1 billion per day?

    Mexico receives an average of 24 million international visi- tors each year who enjoy the country’s privileged climate, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, mountains, cultural diver- sity and exquisite cuisine?

    Mexico has 10 free-trade agreements , including NAFTA, with over 45 countries and actively participates in multila- teral organizations such as WTO, APEC, OECD and the G-20?

    The recently-enacted reforms in Energy, Education and Telecommunications are creating new opportunities for direct foreign investment?

    This new three-week intensive summer course offers multi-disciplinary insights into Mexico’s vast potential and complexities. Understanding Mexico through its language, history, culture, politics and economic opportunities will help you appreciate why Mexico enjoys a substantial global presence, as well as a strong influence on its neighbors and trade partners.

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  • PROGRAM OUTLINE First Week: Mexico’s History Art and Culture

    During the first week, we will explore the history of Mexi- co from the past to the present, since the highlights of its ancient civilizations to the construction of a modern state. We will also take a glimpse of Mexican culture in all its forms of expression: art, architecture, pop culture and food.

    • •

    Second Week: Mexico’s Contemporary Politics and Society

    In the second week we will examine Mexico’s transition to democracy, thus obtaining a better understanding of its current political, social and demographic situation. We will analyze the causes and institutional forces behind some of Mexico’s most complicated challenges and its potential for future change.

    • Society, Government and the Challenges • Mexico’s Democratic Consolidation • Migration and Border Issues • Crime and Violence

    The Pillars of Mexican History: Pre-Hispanic, Colony, Independence and Revolution Transition to the 21st century Culture and arts

    Third Week: Economic and Business Opportunities

    In this final week, we will develop an informed and me- aningful perspective of the Mexican economic and bu- siness environment and stress its relevance for econo- mic policy and business opportunities in other emerging countries.

    • Economics and Business Environment • Poverty Alleviation • Potential for Growth and Business Opportunities • High-Impact Industries

    Spanish Language Courses

    The ITAM Department of Languages will support the program by offering Spanish Language courses, covering the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. After an initial placement examina- tion, students will be placed in the most appropriate group based on their level of Spanish.



    Mexico: A Better Perspective will contain a mínimum of 48 contact hours, equivalent to 6 ITAM credits.

    Classes will take place, Monday to Thursday (9:00 am to 2:00 pm), with cultural visits and lectures on Fridays.

    A different module will be offered each week and a final grade will be granted based on the average of all accredited modules.

    Enrollment is open to any student currently registered in an accredited college or university. The program is recommended for students who have completed at least one full year of undergraduate university studies.

    The following documentation is required:

    • Application form which may be requested by email to • An official transcript of university studies • Short letter of motivation. Maximum one page, double spaced. • Home university recommendation/authorization and confirmation of enrollment status

    It is expected that students will take the full three week course in order to receive grades. Students should con- sult the academic advisors at their home institutions regarding accreditation of the course towards their own study program.

    Documents will be reviewed and the student or the home university will be advised of the student´s accep- tance. To confirm acceptance, student will then be asked to submit a non-refundable deposit/program fee of US $250.00


    Students must arrive in Mexico during the weekend of the 17th of June and must remain in Mexico City until the 9th of July. ITAM´s International Office will coordinate arrivals with each student.

    Optional Spanish Language courses will be offered separately, containing a minimum of 24 contact hours, equivalent to 3 ITAM credits and will receive their own grades. They will be scheduled in 2-hour sessions from Monday to Thursday.

  • FEES




    Non-refundable program fee of US $250.00 Tuition: 6 credits US $1550*

    Fee includes excursions and visits to sites off campus.



    Housing is not owned or operated by ITAM but the In- ternational Office will make accommodation arrange- ments individually with each student.

    We offer two options: (Estimated prices for informational purposes only)

    A) Fully furnished student residences within walking distance of ITAM. Prices will depend on the choice of residence. (Approximately US $450 for private room with shared bath or US $600 with private bath)

    Students are advised to check with the Mexican Con- sulate in their home country regarding visa require- ments before departing to Mexico. At the time of this writing, it is possible for US, Canadian and citizens of the European Union countries to enter Mexico on a tourist visa, as long as their stay totals less than three months.

    All participants must have proof of medical insurance coverage valid in Mexico. Proof of coverage must be submitted before the first day of classes.

    Optional Spanish: 3 credits US $500*

    B) Preferred-group rate hotel accommodations available upon request. (Approximately US $700 per person for double occupancy. Includes breakfast. A minimum of 10 rooms must be reserved for this option to be available)

    Tuition is charged in Mexican pesos and the US dollar rates might be adjusted slightly due to exchange rate fluctuations. Partial scholarships available for groups of students from ITAM exchange partner institutions (prior authorization required)

  • CONTACT INFORMATION International Office


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