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    A Note from the Publisher:Welcome to The Metro D.C. Kids Directory.As a busy wife and mother of two, I certainly appreciate any resource thatsaves me time & offers me valuable information. The Kids Directory isdesigned to be just that a resource guide for parents & grandparents in theMetro D.C. area. Our intent is to present businesses that offer a wide range of products and services for children andparents. We are certain you will find thateach advertiser is committed to offeringexceptional value & dependable service.When visiting or calling upon these businesses, please tell them you found them in The Kids Directory. We thank you for yourinterest & welcome your comments and suggestions.

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  • AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES jjhhoollllaanndd--cchhaattmmaann@@aabbrraakkaaddooooddllee..ccoommWashington, DC & Maryland ((220022)) 663366--44002200 2 yrs. 12 yrs.Abrakadoodle is a remarkable arts education program that combines quality crayola brand paints, pastels,and other products with fun, imaginative, learning activities designed by notable artists and educators toignite your childs imagination.

    AAbbrraakkaaddooooddllee -- sswwaalliiaa@@aabbrraakkaaddooooddllee..ccoommVirginia ((770033)) 553388--44227788 20 months 12 yrs.Art classes, camps, workshops, playdates and parties.

    AAllll FFiirreedd UUpp aallllffiirreedduuppqquueessttiioonnss@@yyaahhoooo..ccoomm3413 Connecticut Ave, NW ((220022)) 336633--99559900 6 yrs. 18 yrs.4923 Elm Street, Bethesda ((330011)) 665544--33220066Enjoyable paint your own pottery activities available for after school visits. Select from over 170 items.Helpful instructors will suggest different painting techniques for kids.

    AAmmeerriiccaann YYoouutthh ddaavviidd..ssiimmmmoonnss@@ccoonnggrreessssiioonnaallcchhoorruuss..oorrggThe Atlas Performing Arts Center ((220022)) 444411--66116677 8 yrs. 14 yrs.1333 H Street, NEThe students will improve their musical skills and perform at The Kennedy Center and the Atlas PerformingArts Center. Call or email for an audition.

    AALLLL22DDAANNCCEEWWW.ALL2DANCE.COM ddaannccee@@AALLLL22DDAANNCCEE..CCOOMM6925 Willow Street, NW ((220022)) 882299--00664477 3 yrs. and upFall Semester classes start the third Tuesday or third Sunday in Sept. Little Dancers (3-5), Tiny Tap (4-6)Pre-Ballet (4-6), Ballet (5-7), Tap (7-13), Ballet (7-13), Ballet Stretch (16-Adult), Cotillion Classes (9-16)

    TThhee BB..EE..EE.. AAccaaddeemmyywww.beeacademy.com1813 Brightseat Road, Landover ((330011)) 338866--22558833 5 yrs. 12 yrs.Our afterschool achievers program offers academic support and enhances school day efforts. Give your childthe edge they need to compete academically in school and excel in life!

    CCaattrriioonnaass ccaattrriioonnaassccaassttllee@@ccoommccaasstt..nneettServing DC/MD/VA ((330011)) 997722--77554499 2 yrs. 12 yrs.We offer 45 minute interactive childrens theatre After School Enrichment Programs brought to schools andday care centers, 15 stories with costumes/props/scenery. $25 discount for back-to-back shows.

    AA CCllaassss mmaarryy@@aaccttiinnggffoorryyoouunnggppeeooppllee..ccoommFairfax, VA ((770033)) 330077--55333322 5 yrs. - AdultCelebrating 10+ years of fun, challenging acting classes taught by theater professionals. After school programs, weekend classes, Summer Arts Camp. New this year: School tour productions!

    CCoolloorr MMee aaddaammssmmoorrggaann@@ccoolloorrmmeemmiinnee..ccoomm2439 18th Street, NW ((220022)) 223322--11777711 4 yrs. 13 ssiillvveerrsspprriinngg@@ccoolloorrmmeemmiinnee..ccoomm823 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring ((330011)) 556655--55111122 4 yrs. 13 yrs.


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  • DDIISSTTRRIICCTT OOFF CCOOLLUUMMBBIIAATThhee LLiioonn KKiinnggThe Kennedy Center AAuugg.. 11 AAuugg.. 2244 $25-$1502700 F Street, NWFor more information call: (202) 467-4600

    EExxpplloorraattoorryy PPoosstt:: OOwwnneeyy aanndd FFrriieennddss National Postal Museum AAuugg.. 11 FREE2 Massachusetts Ave, NE 11ppmm 33ppmmFor more information call: (202) 633-5533

    FFeessttiivvaall ooff BBooookkss Nat Museum of Women in the Arts AAuugg.. 33 FREE1250 New York Ave NW 11ppmm 44ppmmReservations required - call (202) 783-7370Age: 8-12

    FFaammiillyy DDaayy:: OOnnee PPllaanneett OOuurrss!!United States Botanic Garden AAuugg.. 1166 FREEMaryland Ave & 1st Street, SW 1100aamm 44::3300ppmmFor more information call: (202) 225-8333

    MMAARRYYLLAANNDDWWiinnggss ooff FFaannccyy:: LLiivvee BBuutttteerrffllyy EExxhhiibbiittBrookside Gardens NNooww SSeepptteemmbbeerr 2211 $4 Ages 3-121500 Glenallen Avenue, Wheaton 1100aamm 44ppmm $5 - AdultsFor more information call: (301) 962-1453 2 & under -


    BBeetthheessddaa OOuuttddoooorr MMoovviieess:: SSttaarrss oonn tthhee AAvveennuuee Downtown Bethesda AAuugg.. 11 -- 22 FREENorfolk & Auburn Aves. 99ppmmFor more information call: (301) 215-6660

    YYMMCCAA TThhiinnggaammaajjiigg IInnvveennttiioonn CCoonnvveennttiioonn Prince Georges County Equestrian Center AAuugg.. 77 Call14900 Pennsylvania Ave, Upper MarlboroFor more information call: (202) 232-6700


    AUGUST 2008Please submit your family friendly events for

    the SSeepptteemmbbeerr issue on our online calendar at by

    AAuugguusstt 55tthhTM

    VViissiitt uuss oonnlliinnee ffoorr oouurr lliisstt ooff eevveennttss!!

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  • 11sstt AAnnnnuuaall SSuummmmeerr SSaaffaarrii Gaithersburg City Hall Pavilion AAuugg.. 99 Call31 S Summit Avenue, Gaithersburg 33ppmm 66ppmmFor more information call: (301) 309-2FUN x 3

    SSaattuurrddaayy MMoorrnniinngg aatt tthhee MMoovviieess Publick Playhouse AAuugg.. 99 $55445 Landover Road, Cheverly 1111aammFor more information call: (301) 277-1710

    CCoommccaasstt OOuuttddoooorr FFiillmm FFeessttiivvaall Strathmore AAuugg.. 1155 -- 2244 FREE10701 Rockville Pike, Bethesda 88::3300ppmm (donationsFor more information call: (301) 816-6958 requested) restaurants open 6:30pm

    VVIIRRGGIINNIIAAWWoollff TTrraapp TThheeaattrree--iinn--tthhee--WWooooddss Wolf Trap AAuugg.. 11 -- AAuugg.. 99 $5/person 1551 Trap Road, Vienna 1100aamm && 1111::1155aamm 1 showFor more information call: (703) 255-1900 TTuueess SSaatt.. $8/person

    2 shows

    FFrriieennddsshhiipp FFiirreehhoouussee FFeessttiivvaall Friendship Firehouse Museum AAuugg.. 22 FREE107 S. Alfred Street, Alexandria 99aamm 22ppmmFor more information call: (703) 838-3891

    SSuullllyy DDiissttrriicctt SSttaarrlliigghhtt CCiinneemmaa DDrriivvee iinn MMoovvii