Method of Warli Paintings

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<p>Method of Warli PaintingsWarli paintings are ancient painting made on the walls . The colours used were not permanent . But the paintings were made again on different occasion .</p> <p>Typical Warli Paintings Background colours</p> <p>(Warli art with background of two colours) Warlis typically use: Henna Indigo Ochre Black Earthy mud Brick red</p> <p>But you can always Experiment with background colour. As contrast to typical Warli background try and experiment with vibrant colours.Can even combine two colours to make the background...Just like half red and half black in the Warli above.</p> <p>Typical Warli Paintings MaterialTypically Warlis are simply painted on mud, charcoal and cow dung treated surfaces with rice paste for the colour white.</p> <p>Make your own Warli ArtBut now people have adapted in modern form which consists of permanent colours .So you can also make one as it is a very simple art form of painting. You Dont need any specialized knowledge but just a creative mind and artistic flair.. So go ahead</p> <p>( Warli painting In Madhubani style, Warli with inticate work)</p> <p>Courtesy of Novica cubist paintings."</p> <p>Materials Required Cloth/Handmade paper Trace paper Metallic colours(for cloth) Poster colours (for paper) White poster Carbon sheet</p> <p>So lets startStep 1: Choose a design</p> <p>Step 2: First draw the required pattern on the trace paper and copy the design into the cloth/paper using carbon sheet. Step3: If using Cloth Paint using metallic colours and let it dry well. Use Poster colours for paper Step4: Draw outlines using the white colour and again leave it to dry for 24 hours. If applying on cloth iron on the back side of the cloth.</p> <p>(Experimenting with Warli art)</p> <p>(Warli paintings adding new dimensions to the plain looking Room)</p> <p>Tips and tricks</p> <p>Warli painting on wall by fabulous Warli artist:Chandakk Experiment with materials. You can get this work done on your bed sheets, saris, dresses, cushion covers and curtains also. Dont restrain yourself on paper or cloth . Try making a stylish pot ,napkin holder ,lampshades or just give a try make a bookmark First draw the circle and then draw then join them to form a coil with freehand. If applying on wall ,then use apex as base paint Combine figures with beautiful patterns like peacock, well, trees etc. If you have a traditional look of your house. These Warlis would look great on wall. A simple corner with pots, chicks and Warli on wall will add new dimensions to your house. Add mirrors or colourful threads , if you want that extra shine in your painting . Add a border to make it look more attractive If using geruas your base ,mix it with linseed oil (or similar media) so that it stays longer Hope these would help you. Do share your views and ideas and post your comments on the tag board on the right. Go through the links on the right for collection of Warli art designs. If you have want to know about other beautiful form of Indian painting click the links below Learn Rangoli Learn Madhubani painting Learn and find glass painting designs But truly Warli Paintings are made in detail but their real beauty lies in their utter simplicity.</p> <p>A Visit to a city A city seen through the eyes of Warli people with roads, buildings, cars andbuses.</p> <p>Dancing through the night</p> <p>Women tie their hair in a single knot at the back of the head. Men and women alternate in a spiral formation and dance without turning their backs to the persons playing the musical instruments.</p> <p>The GodA temple with a deity inside. There is a marriage procession at the bottom with the bride and the groom riding a horse and other people playing musical instruments and dancing.</p> <p>The New CropWarli people harvesting the new crop. In the centre, bulls are walking on the new crop allowing the grains to separate. The separated grains are then dropped from a height allowing the wind to separate the husk from the grains.</p> <p>A Day in a Warli VillageA typical Warli village with huts, trees, animals and people chatting, cooking food, milking a cow, drawing water from the well, carrying earthen pots filled with water on their heads.</p> <p>Weekly BazaarPeople gather at the marketplace once a week. There are shops selling fruits, vegetables, earthen pots, clothes, cooking pots, bangles, sweetmeats and livestock.</p> <p>Cultivation People working in a farm planting young rice plants. The crop of rice needs to besown and re-planted after a few days of growth.</p> <p>A River People filling river water in containers and washing clothes in the river. There are twowomen grinding grains using a stone mill.</p> <p>The Rain Nobody rejoices in the rain as much as a peacock. The peacock dance shown here is said</p> <p>be seen only in the rain. The rain water is rushing through the streams coming down from hills. This is a forest scene with some wild animals.</p> <p>Construction A typical Warli village with a construction of a hut in progress in the corner.</p>


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