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  • B-style works with you to deliver a high-quality product that perfectly meets your demands. We achieve this with a personal approach, an innovative development department and experienced professionals. All our activities are conducted in conformance with European regulations and the guidelines provided by the various vehicle manufacturers.

    Sprinter public tranSport buS

    MercedeS-benz Sprinter

    B-style has developed a conversion kit for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter so it can be converted to a public transport bus suitable for multifunctional use. With maximum seating for 15 and standing room for 7 the Sprinter can carry up to 22 passengers, and there is naturally also accommodation for a wheelchair user.

    B-style is both a Qualified Partner and Van Partner of Mercedes-Benz.

    Low fLoor

    MuLtifunctionaL bus

  • MercedeS-benz SprinterMuLtifunctionaL bus

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    Large single-leaf doorthe entrance to the Sprinter is a large single-leaf door, 120 cm wide. the door extends just 10 cm beyond the body, allowing the driver to stop very close to the platform so passengers can board and alight easily.

    Easily accessible interiorthe light interior is easily accessible from all positions. the rearmost section of the Sprinter has been placed on a podest to create a completely flat floor. This design allows all the seats to have a flat foot area. The seats at the rear are accessible via two clearly visible steps.

    Low floorThe Sprinter has a completely flat low floor with an entry height of just 27 cm. this low height is achieved without the use of a kneeling system. nevertheless, the Sprinter has a ground clearance of 18 cm.

    Wheelchair space the wheelchair space is easy to reach from the wheelchair ramp. a safe lap belt is provided for the wheelchair passenger, and the wheelchair space meets the requirements of directive 2001/85/ec.

    Manually extendible rampthe Sprinter has a manually extendible ramp that is fully integrated in the chassis. this makes the Sprinter easily accessible for a wheelchair passenger.

    Spacious drivers areathe drivers area is spacious, easily accessible and separated from the passenger area by a separation wall. the ergonomic payment counter is located beside the driver.


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