MEMS & Sensors for Smart Cities ... 2025 (McKinsey and Cisco, respectively) • IoT is enabled by MEMS

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Text of MEMS & Sensors for Smart Cities ... 2025 (McKinsey and Cisco, respectively) • IoT is enabled...

  • MEMS & Sensors for Smart Cities MEMS Engineer Forum 2016

    Karen Lightman

    Executive Director

    MEMS & Sensors Industry Group

    May 11, 2016 All images used with permission.

    © 2016 — MEMS & Sensors Industry Group. All rights reserved.

  • My Presentation

    • Introduction to MEMS & Sensors Industry Group

    • Trends in MEMS & Sensors for Smart Cities

    • Case Studies and Smart City Examples

    • Challenges/Opportunities

    • Conclusion

  • About MEMS & Sensors Industry Group

    • Established in 2001, MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) is the trade association advancing MEMS and sensors across global markets

    • Connects and champions the MEMS and sensors supply chain in established and emerging markets

    • Enables the commercialization of MEMS and sensors — helping overcome technology and manufacturing hurdles

    • Nearly 200 member companies and partners

  • MEMS & Sensors Industry Group Leadership

    A global community of companies along the MEMS and sensor supply chain committed to the incredible potential of MEMS and sensor technology.

    2016 Governing Council (Board)

    John Chong, Ph.D. Kionix

    Kevin Crofton SPTS Technologies

    Evgeni Gousev, Ph.D. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc

    Jeff Hilbert Wispry

    David Kirsch (Vice-Chairman) EV Group, Inc.

    Jim Knutti,Ph.D. Acuity, Inc.

    Karen Lightman MEMS & Sensors Industry Group

    Peter Merz X-Fab Semiconductor Foundries

    Dave Monk, Ph.D. (Chairman) NXP Semiconductors

    Harvey C. Nathanson, Ph.D., Emeritus

    Becky Oh PNI Sensor Corporation

    Yoshio Sekiguchi OMRON Corporation

    Jason W Weigold, Ph.D. MEMStaff, Inc.

    Charles Yang SITRI

  • MSIG Around the Globe

  • Our Core Values = Our Members

    Connect – THE premier place to meet MEMS and sensor companies

    Influence – Drive solutions to business and technical issues common to MEMS and sensors

    Discover – See the latest trends, discuss hot topics - such as our new TSENSORS and Co-Creation Initiatives

  • CONNECT – at our Events

    The premier place to meet MEMS and sensor companies across the global supply chain

    Scottsdale, Arizona November 9-11, 2016

    Shanghai, China September 12-14, 2016

  • CONNECT – at Partner Events

    Hilton Head, SC June 5-9, 2016

    Conference & Pavilion San Jose, CA

    June 21-23, 2016

    Workshop San Francisco, CA

    July 13, 2016

    Conference & Pavilion Las Vegas, NV

    January 5-8, 2017

  • Trends in MEMS & Sensors for Smart Cities

  • IoT = Key Market Driver for MEMS & Sensors

    • IoT poised to be a big market driver for MEMS & sensors

    • Specifically the ecosystem supporting “smart” everything, for example: – Smart health from wearables to

    disease detection (cancer)

    – Smart automotive: automated driving to autonomous vehicles

    – Smart homes: smart meters to fully automated, self-sustaining homes and communities (power grid coordination within ecosystem)

    – Smart cities: smart parking to … (to be covered later in this presentation)

    Courtesy of Bosch Sensortec

  • Trends in MEMS & Sensors for Smart Cities

    • Technology

    – Enabling connections for IoT thru end-to-end solutions

    – Emergence of new materials, new manufacturing

    • Business Models

    – Providing full systems (software, hardware, analytics)

    – Co-create: Co-design, crowd source, innovate

  • MEMS Market by Application Double digit CAGR for CE/Mobile, Medical and Wired Communications











    2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

    Wired communications

    Military & Civil Aerospace

    Medical Electronics


    Data processing


    Consumer and Mobile

    Total MEMS market by applications

    © 2015 IHS

    M il

    li o

    n s o

    f U

    S $

    Source: IHS – MEMS Market Tracker – Q3 2015

    CE & Mobile: 13.4% CAGR

    Data compliments of

  • Where is the Value/ROI?

  • Who’s Making the $$ in MEMS & Sensors?








    B o s c h

    T e x a

    s I n

    s tr

    u m

    e n


    S T

    M ic

    ro e

    le c tr

    o n

    ic s

    H P

    K n o

    w le


    A v a

    g o

    O th

    e rs

    C a

    n o


    Q o

    rv o

    ( T

    ri Q

    u in


    In v e n

    S e n

    s e

    F re

    e s c a


    D e

    n s o

    E p s o n

    A n a

    lo g

    D e

    v ic

    e s

    S e n

    s a ta

    F o rm

    F a c to


    M u ra

    ta (

    in c lu

    d in

    g V

    T I)

    In fi n e

    o n

    P a n

    a s o

    n ic

    A A


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    e rt

    e k

    M ic

    ro n ic

    s J

    a p

    a n

    C o

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    e ll

    D e

    lp h i

    K io

    n ix

    F L IR

    U L


    R a

    y th

    e o n

    B S


    M E

    M S


    D R


    S ili

    c o n

    S e n

    s in

    g S

    y s te

    m s

    F u n

    a i (f

    o rm

    e r

    L e x m

    a rk


    T D

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    P C

    ( E

    p c o

    s )

    T E

    C o n

    n e

    c ti v it y

    P o la

    ti s

    B o e

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    In g

    e lh

    e im

    E L M

    O S

    /S M


    E n d

    e v c o

    F u ji

    E le

    c tr


    O m

    ro n

    B A


    H e

    im a

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    s e n

    s o rs

    S C


    F u jif

    ilm -D

    im a ti x

    K a v lic


    S iT

    im e

    A lp


    T o u

    c h d

    o w


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    o m

    A b b

    o tt

    C o

    lib ry


    M e le

    x is

    J D

    S U

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    s id

    e n

    M E

    M S

    C A


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    N e tw

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    lm e


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    K u lit


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    n M

    ic ro

    m a

    c h in

    e s

    D a


    D a

    n fo

    s s

    N E


    K y o

    c e ra

    ( T


    M E

    M S

    e n

    s in


    Revenue of MEMS IDM and Fabless manufacturers in 2014

    © 2015 IHS

    M il li o

    n s

    o f

    U S


    Source: IHS MEMS competitive Analysis - 2015

    The Top 30 earn ~80% of

    industry revenue We still have a LONG

    way to go to get to IoT/E

  • IoT is Happening, Now • IoT is REAL (not just hype) and expected to grow to $11T-$19T by

    2025 (McKinsey and Cisco, respectively)

    • IoT is enabled by MEMS and sensors - Forecasts for sensor demand as high as 100T by 2030 (Janusz Bryzek)

    • Breakthrough opportunities when integrated with the applications ecosystem (holistically with hardware, software, analytics)

    – IoT is requiring unprecedented scaling of data analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning

    • In this competitive environment, MEMS and sensor companies need to focus on value, creating smart systems and end-to-end solutions; while still addressing remaining tech challenges

  • Smart Cities – Global Overview

    In 2015, smart cities connected 1.1B connected things to the Internet; that number will climb to 2.6B in 2016 (Motley Fool investment advisors)

    Many smart City Projects around the world use an integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) system to improve efficiency,

    manage complexity and/or enhance citizen quality of life, leading to long- term improvement in city operations.

    Examples abound around the world –

    but what key markets are driving the growth?


  • Global Shipments of Internet-connected Devices used in Smart Cities










    D ev

    ic e

    s h

    ip m

    e n

    ts (

    th o

    u sa

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