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Membrane filtration system

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ACG Technology, Mississauga, Ont.

ACG’s Batch Waste Treatment System, designed for plants that have small quantities of waste process fluids to treat on a daily basis, is pictured and described in a 2-page, color flyer. Applications are discussed and a cross section of the system is illustrated. Circle 301 on the reader service card



EPSI, Brookfield, Wis.

EPSI’s 75page Buying Guide to Masking and Hanging Products for the Finishing Industry in- cludes color photographs and specifications for their line of masking and hanging products. Featured in the literature are cus- tom-molded masking products, standard caps, standard plugs, specialty plugs, custom extruded masking products, custom tape masking products, and custom hooks and racking systems. Circle 302 on the reader service card



Jet Wheel Blast Equipment, A Div. of B&U Corp., Adrian, Mich.

A 12-page, color brochure features the company’s blast cleaning wheels, spinner hangers blast cleaning, multitumblers blast cleaning, structural steel blast cleaning, roll etching, shot peen- ing, core definning, and thermo- set deflashing. Circle 303 on the reader service card


Applied Thermal Technologies Inc., San Marcos, Calif:

A 4-page, color brochure high- lights the company’s Hydro-Miser line of process chillers. Featured in the literature are the HM Se-

ries of ice storage chillers and HMTD Series of small-capacity temperature-controlled chillers. Circle 304 on the reader service card


Rapid Power Technologies Inc., Brookfield, Corm.

A 12-page, color company capabil- ities brochure is available from Rapid Power. Included in the lit- erature are the company’s mis- sion statement; information about the company’s facilities and prod- ucts; and sample applications, projects, and jobs. Circle 305 on the reader service card


Aqualogic Inc., North Haven, Conn.

Aqualogic’s MicroMagic filtration system is featured in a 2-page, color flyer, which includes a list of the benefits of microfiltration, a system description, membrane construction, and specifications. Also listed are available options. Circle 306 on the reader service card


Dynapower Corp., Burlington, Vt.

A l-page, color flyer pictures and describes Dynapower’s Model SPS-124D Switchmode Power Supply. Topics discussed are fea- tures, input, output range, enclo- sures, cooling, system protection, and warranty. Circle 307 on the reader service card


Automated Blasting Systems Inc., South Windsor, Conn.

The Vaqua wet blasting process is the topic of an %page, color bro- chure. Included in the literature are 10 good reasons to use Vaqua wet blasting, examples of the ap- plication, photographs of auto-

mated systems, and the history of wet blasting. Circle 308 on the reader service card


Columbia Chemical Corp., Brunswick, Ohio

Columbia Chemical’s line of zinc plating processes are showcased in an information packet, which includes literature featuring a product overview, chloride zinc plating, alkaline cyanide-free bright zinc plating, cyanide bright zinc plating, and acid tin plating processes and miscellaneous products. Circle 309 on the reader service card


Titan Metal Fabricators Inc., Oxnard, Calif:

Titan’s Quick Reference Guide to Titanium Anode Baskets includes standard styles and sizes of anode baskets, mesh types and choosing the right one, basket amperage and hooks, considerations for bas- ket sizing, anode quantities, round basket, rectangular basket, and basket options. Circle 310 on the reader service card


Corrotec Inc., Springfield, Ohio

Corrotec’s capabilities to design, manufacture, and install inte- grated turnkey plating facilities, including hoist systems, process controls and electrical systems, tank systems, ventilation sys- tems, and auxiliary systems, are discussed in a 4-page brochure. Also featured in the literature are the company’s products and ser- vices. Circle 311 on the reader service card

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