Medieval Europe City/Town Life

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Medieval Europe City/Town Life. By: Tina Sawyer and Danielle Rocheleau. Viking/Barbarian Invasions. Created walled cities They were known as bourgs , burghs, and bouroughs Citizens were called bourgeois. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Medieval Europe City/Town Life

Medieval Europe City/Town LifeBy: Tina Sawyer and Danielle RocheleauViking/Barbarian InvasionsCreated walled cities They were known as bourgs, burghs, and bouroughsCitizens were called bourgeois,_Magyar_and_Saracen_Invasions_in_9th_and_10th_Century_Europe City/ Town Citizens Considered rich burger familiesPossible to take up four floors (attic to basement)

Poor City/Town Citizens Fit into one room (whole family)Not much better than peasant living styles Dependent on charitiesOrphans, widows, elderly, handicappedUncomfortable LivingHeating problemsLittle light: narrow windows, low-light candlesWooden furnitureBeds littered with bedbugs, ticks, and fleas

Social ClassesMiddle classes formed:manufacturers food sellerstavern keeperslesser merchants bakersjourneymen ApprenticesSocial Classes(cont.)Women active in householdMen worked physical jobsPopulation: low but slowly building

DietAte:FishEggsBreads Small creaturesDrank:Goats milkWine

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