Measuring performance is harder than you think

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    Strange things have hcen happening recently. With many companies

    reporting a down-turn in profits and &\vn-sizing in st sff numbers you

    would think that the or&r hooks nzx11d he lxrc, but no and in some

    companies far from it. Around this time of year lxlging o&r lxx)ks

    can be amazingly ccxrimonplace. In fact, there are tales of slippliers

    being offered, not asking for, hut actually offered 25% Lvith that or&r.

    It is then you realise that the end of the financial year is upon many of

    us again and last years hard iought for lx&et must hc spent somcholv,

    otherwise how can next years he justified? This is all well and god,

    but it does produce a blip in the performance figures, which can ~nah-e

    other periods look poor hy comparison.

    It is amasing how a set of figures can make or break a business

    operation. Moving money around can sh