MBA Project Option : School of Management, AIT By : Noparat Yingjamsiri

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Text of MBA Project Option : School of Management, AIT By : Noparat Yingjamsiri

  • MBA Project Option : School of Management, AITBy : Noparat Yingjamsiri

  • AgendaThis project is done for Super Jeew the longest lasting children program producer, in order to keep the company update with the new behavior, attitude, and satisfaction of its audiences. The agenda of the presentation is on the right.

  • Objectives & BenefitsProgram improvementAwareness testingPossible advertisement effectiveness reference to sponsors

  • The satisfaction of Super Jeew audiences is positively related to the perceived level of participation in the program

    The brand recognition of sponsors in Super Jeew is positively related to the satisfaction of each activity period within the program


  • MethodologyLarge number of samples600 Questionnaires530 were taken500 functional

    2 Focus Groups10 from grade 3-412 from grade 4-5-6

  • Competition characteristicsMCOT Modern 9 TV is the cartoon channel leader Cartoon as a TV rating toolOther channels duplicate leaders strategyStill MCOT is the most powerful player when others avoid face-to-face competition

    Compete with variety and content of the programsCartoon is the dominate strategy for all channels, however, others become more powerful alternative

  • Super Jeew is amongst the cluster of cartoon programs

  • Porters 5 forces modelEven there are 3 high forces from suppliers, customers, and competition within the industry, the children TV program industry is attractive with the high market value as much as over 700 million baht per year.Substitutes dont play such important role when the target group is unclear and also its not easy for the new entrants when the investment is high.

  • Movie here

  • Behavior & Attitudes










    Every weekend (Sat-Sun)43.8

    Once a week (either Sat or Sun)38.1

    2-3 times a month11.6

    1-2 times a month12.4

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    With Sibling41


    With Parents16.8

    With Friends4.6

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  • Behavior & AttitudesSuper Jeew has such big group of audiences with high participation levelThe program can easily induce its audiences to join the program activities







    Willing of Participation


    Willing of Participation

    Immediately Accept76.8

    Benefit consideration5.6

    Accompany consideration9

    Won't participate7

    No answer1.6

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  • Behavior & Attitudes







    Feel Fun


    Feel Fun

    Self participation41.8

    Cheering friends25.4

    Cheering participants18.8

    Get new experience18


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  • PreferencesHost Character does matter when appearance does not.PSoop has been program host and symbol for 17 years


    Lazy Gang are taking their turn

  • A change of audiences lifestyleThe interesting point of this researchis when 25 percent of the kids told the researching staff that they love watching documentary program and another 18 percent love watching news.

    This fact may send a signal of changing of the interests of the new generation. Besides entertainment, the contents and learning process from TV program is in the new generations favor and interest

    Laughing is not the only thing that we are looking for when we watch TV, we got to learn something out of it

    NamGrade 4 studentWat Nimmarnradee SchoolFocus Group

    Reung Dek DekMai Lek Yang Tee Kid 17 January 2008. The Krungthep Turakij Website: Business Research. Research of Far East DDB

  • Activities evaluation

    RankActivity NameAverage Satisfaction LevelAverage Participation LevelAverage Fun Level1stSuper Game4.454.084.472ndSuper Idea3.062.572.963rdSuper Challenge2.552.332.604thSuper Sport2.462.292.485thDek Som Boon Junior Food Challenge2.182.192.21

  • Correlation between level of satisfaction to participationHypothesis IThe hypothesis is proved that the satisfaction of Super Jeew audiences is positively related to the perceived level of participation in the program; yet, the correlation is lower than the relation between the fun level and favourable rating.

  • Brand recognition of Add-Ins

    Super Jeew SponsorPercentageNon-Super Jeew SponsorPercentageFood ChallengeDek Som Boon54%Super IdeaHonda Asimo52.6%Super GameOvaltineVitamilkMama TulieKelloggsYoyoFaber Castel24%89.8%10.2%92.38%90.4%87.2%32.8%DutchMillYum Yum Chang Noi 28.2%11.2%22.8%Super Challenge Snack Jack46.4%Lays8.8%Super SportForemost32.6%

  • the result of survey showing the average advertisement recognition comparing with average satisfaction, participation and fun scores

    Super Jeew SponsorAverage advertisement recognitionAverage satisfaction scoreAverage participation scoreAverage fun scoreSuper Game61.0%4.454.084.47Food Challenge54.0% Idea52.6%3.062.572.96Super Challenge46.4%2.552.332.60Super Sport32.6%2.462.292.48

  • Correlation between activity satisfaction and ad recognitionHypothesis IIThe hypothesis is proved that there is no relationship between activity satisfaction and advertising recognition

    Super Jeew can convince the sponsors with the amount of viewing, but cant guarantee brand recognition

  • Focus Groups explain the brand recallWat Nimmarnradee School (Non-live activity experience)

    Without seeing any logos, the focus group members can recall 2 sponsors

    Not the name of the brand but MASCOT & CARTOON CHARACTERRajchawinit Primary School, Bangkae (Live program shooting experience)

    Brands distributing sampling can be recalledPlus the mascot showing in the program

  • Problems summaryFood Challenge needs improvementSuper Sport calls for attentionOnly 2 representatives from one school can joinAudiences cant participate directlyLimited fun?Large amount of participantsOnly hot-shot of the shoot is broadcastedDoes it make any different from schools sport day to audiences?

  • Problem summarySuper Challenges result is doubtfulHow to enjoy the inspiration with Super IdeaThe amount of participants in the live activities are not different from Super GameVariety of games but no special hostDoes broadcasting period matter?Individual participation fits audiences preferencesLow fun how to increase?

  • Super Jeews next step