Materials Handling & Conveyors Spirals, seamless belt & belt over deck conveyors, grading, accumulation, and transfer systems. Mercer’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality has made us an international leader in the design and manufacture of innovative engineering solutions for all industries.

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Materials Handling & ConveyorsSpirals, seamless belt & belt over deck conveyors, grading, accumulation, and transfer systems.

Mercer’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality has made us an international leader in the design and

manufacture of innovative engineering solutions for all industries.

A plastic modular belt conveyor that is more modern than most.When we set out to design a Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor we knew form and functionality were of the utmost importance. This is why Mercer’s Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor is leading the industry in design, performance and reliability.

With features like these, you’ll see why!• An open design which is easier to clean, ensuring greater hygiene

• Can be washed frequently at high pressures

• Made entirely of acid-proof stainless steel

• A range of belts for almost any conveying task in almost any industry

• Sprocket driven for more accurate belt tracking and drive

• Handles the heaviest of loads

• Changing the belt is a snap, either in sections, or completely

• Maintenance-free transmission with worm hollow shaft gearbox

• The conveyor is designed to minimize ‘pinch points’ for ultimate

operational safety

• Available in straight running or radius belts

• Easy clean wash down and open frame design

Belt Over Deck Conveyor that emBODies our design principlesOur BOD Conveyor, available in stainless steel or mild steel construction, has been designed to master the toughest conveying conditions, particularly those which require belt cleats/flights.

The most unique feature of Mercer’s BOD (Belt Over Deck) Conveyor

is that the return belt, along with the frame and roller adjustments, sits

safely tucked inside the conveyor frame. This means you can make

the most of tight spaces and it is safer for those working around the

conveyor. Its robust, compact design, which can also be painted, is also

available in an inclined version. Cutaways along the belt frame allow the

belt to be thoroughly washed, ensuring a clean and hygienic operating


The special design of the Mercer BOD Conveyor results in the underside

of the belt remaining tight (no sag) for optimum performance, regardless

of its length or whether the belt has flights. Every BOD Conveyor is

designed to minimize ‘pinch points’ for ultimate operational safety.

The conveyor is direct-driven by a worm gearbox and motor mounted

directly onto the drive shaft.

Among these are special elements that are designed to protect hygienic

environments where food is processed, such as the exclusive Mercer Stainless BBF

(Ball Bearing Free) Roller which is made for sanitary conditions. Unlike other rollers,

the BBF Roller doesn’t have ball bearings, which can come loose and contaminate

food in the processing line. As a result of this unique design, the BBF Roller has

been approved by AQIS for use in export meat processing plants. The BBF Roller is

fully sealed which keeps water out of the tube during high pressure wash downs.

A ‘quick shot’ of the features and benefits of the Powered Roller Conveying

System includes:

• Designed to operate effectively in all sanitary environments, reducing

contamination in meat processing and dairy facilities

• Constructed entirely from high quality, corrosion-resistant materials

• Capable of handling full wash-down conditions which are required in food

processing plants

• The conveyor drive is operated by a 40mm ‘belt under roller’ for straight running

conveyors and endless 14mm round cord for curved conveyors

• The BBF rollers are extremely quiet and are guaranteed for three years

Powered Roller Conveyor System that will keep your business on the move !The design engineers at Mercer Stainless have created one of the most efficient Powered Roller Conveyor Systems on the market, with a number of outstanding features.

Like all Mercer Stainless products you expect more, and we deliver. Look at these value added features:

Zero Back Pressure Protection SystemMercer’s revolutionary ZBP Protection System has built in sensors

that monitor the flow of every carton. Should cartons accumulate,

the system stops the drive to each carton, preventing build up of

the line pressure.

As a result, problems associated with excessive line pressure is

avoided. The ZBP Protection System operates under full wash

down conditions.

Dual Chain 90 Degree Transfer SystemOur engineers have developed a unique, chain driven 90 degree

transfer conveyor that eliminates damage to cartons and line flow

problems caused by most traditional systems. It is capable of up to

30 cartons per minute.

Solid Tapered Roller CurvesOur Powered Roller Conveyor System also includes solid PVC

tapered roller curves. These have the same sanitary benefits of the

BBF Rollers and are ideal for wash-down environments.

Pneumatic StopsWe have a variety of stops available for use with our Powered Roller

Conveyor System, designed to minimise ‘pinch’ points for ultimate

operational safety.

Introducing Mercer’s cooling tunnels and freezing spirals available in

many space saving configurations to best suit the application.

The Mercer Spirals are suitable for raw products (such as snack foods,

dairy products, bakery products, seafood, poultry/meats, etc.), bottles,

ready meals and cartons. Mercer Spirals can be equipped with belt

washers (Clean In Place units) to ensure the most optimum hygienic

environment. The durable stainless steel or galvanised steel construction

is suitable for continuous production in harsh wash-down environments

and sub zero temperatures. The efficient and smooth drives result in

uniform cooling or freezing of products to minimize process time. Not

only will we design, construct and install your spiral, we will also provide

you with ongoing maintenance. We also have experience with freezer

OEM’s, Turn-key systems, and systems integration.

Configurations:• Single and twin spirals

• Coolers

• Freezers

• Elevators / Lowerators

• Low and high tension systems

Spirals & Cooling Tunnels

Drive System

Chain driveThe chain drive is an inexpensive system to manufacture and is

very easy to replace. While this system is a lower cost option, it

will require more maintenance than the pinion and gear drive.

Pinion and ring gear driveThe pinion and ring gear is a smooth and quiet system. The load

carrying capacity of the slew bearing can minimise dependence

of additional structures for support. Its simple design results in a

longer service life and is better suited to below zero conditions.

We can supply a design that incorporates a quick release motor

mounting system for servicing.

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In addition to bulk materials handling Mercer Stainless specialises in the production of stainless steel equipment for the Dairy,

Meat, Food Processing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, Brewing, Pulp and Paper, Mining and Forestry industries. Mercer

engineers solutions to meet client requirements and exceed their expectations. This is accomplished by building on our stainless

steel, control technology, and process know-how with a large variety of materials and innovative manufacturing solutions. We

are continually developing new patented solutions for industry.

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