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  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants


    Material Variants

    In industries when we deal with Configurable material, many of times we come across a configuration which is asked

    every now and then by many customer.

    Also business dont want to wait for customer to enter order and then start its production , instead there is a need to

    have something similar to Make to Stock for this configuration to bring lead time down and maintain some stock ofthis fast moving configuration.

    o address all of these and many other re!uirements, there is a standard option available in SA" to create #Material


    his document will be useful for beginners in $C area to understand the concept of Material $ariant and how it can be

    setup using standard SA". Also we will discuss how when you configure a material in sales order &$A'() or

    Configuration Simulation C*+', you can check whether a material variant already eists that has the same

    characteristic values and it will manually or automatically replace the configurable material in sales order. -ou can

    display eisting material variants on the characteristic value assignment screen. owever, the configurable material is

    not automatically replaced by the variant.

    /y definition from SA" elp,

    Material Variants (1)

    A material variant is a material that can be kept in stock and that arises from an individual configuration of a

    configurable product.

    he material master record of a material variant is linked to the configurable material and configured using the

    characteristics of the configurable material. his variant of the configurable material can then be manufactured and

    kept in stock.

    A. You have a Confgurable Product BIKE which has 3 attribute on which it can be confguredwhich beco!e Characteristics o" this confgurable !aterial.

    hese characteristics will have possible values associated

    # C010*2

    o 2ed

    o /lue

    o /lack

    o 3reen

    o 3olden

    o Silver

    o 0rangeo "urple

    o -ellow

    o 4ark 2ed

    # 563I65 -"5

    o 7'' CC

    o 8'' CC

  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants


    o 9'' CC

    o :'' CC

    o (''' CC

    o (7'' CC

    o (8'' CC

    o (+'' CC

    o (9'' CCo (:'' CC

    # 5;A*S

    o S< 5;A*S (

    o S< 5;A*S 7

    o S< 5;A*S =

    o S< 5;A*S 8

    o S< 5;A*S +

    o S< 5;A*S 9

    o S< 5;A*S >

    o S< 5;A*S :

    o S< 5;A*S ?

    o S< 5;A*S ('

    -ou created configurable material with all /asic settings re!uired for #$ariant Configuration%


    @or these settings, reference can be taken from document created by"hilipp usteron SA" S46 (2)
  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants


    Bith topic,Introduction to $ariant Confguration with an e%a!&le !odel. 'AP E(P 'ales and )istribution

    *'AP ')+

    /elow are the steps to create a Material $ariant%, Create a new material, /I5 < /1AC < ('''

    ransaction MM'(


    Select views

  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants


    Complete the material creation process by filling out necessary details and mandatory fields.

    o manufacture the material variant in

  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants


    Come out of the screen using,complete the process of creation of material following all re!uired view and mandatory


    In the basic data, you can link the material variant to a configurable material. his configuration applies to all plants.

    6ow the Material $ariant is created, and need to be linked with /0M and 2outings of Configurable Material.

    ransaction CS8'


    "ress enter


    Save the assignment.

    Assign 2outing

    ransaction CA'7

  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants



    0pen a routing of configurable material


  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants


    *se the material assignment option

    5nter 3roup counter, Material and plant


    Save the routing.

    6ow the material $ariant is ready to be used.

    If the strategy group associated is relevant for #Make to stock production, you can plan the independent re!uirement,

    have M2" run, generate plan order, convert it to production order and confirm to generate stock of this material


    Make to Stock Production for Variants (1)

    $ariants can be planned on the finished product level using any make

  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants



    Prerequisites (1)

    -ou define the settings for variant matching in CustomiEing for Sales and 4istribution, where you maintain

    item categories.

    , Configuration of Sales and 4istribution

  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants


    4efine Material variant action to decide how the system reacts if it finds a material variant

    o he system automatically replaces the configurable material with the material variant.

    o -ou see a message telling you that a material variant with the same configuration eists.

    If the material variant is not available, you cano 2eceive an automatic message with a list of the material variant stock situation. -ou can

    then decide whether to replace the material variant.

    o 4ecide that you do not want to replace the variant. Create Sales order

    ransaction $A'(


    Input configurable material as re!uired material

  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants



    Configure the configurable material in the sales order.

    0n the value assignment screen, you can check whether material variants match the

    configuration of the material


    Material $ariant matching the values will listed on lower part of screen.

  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants




  • 7/24/2019 Material Variants



    0nce you have configured the material, leave the configuration editor.

    4epending on the settings in CustomiEing, either the material is replaced by the material variant

    immediately, or you see a message telling you that a suitable material variant has been found.

    Save the sales order.

    Individual or collective re!uirements can be generated for the material variant. "ricing also applies to the

    material variant, unless you define the configurable material as the pricing material for the material