MasterScope IT Process Management Introduction - nec.?MasterScope IT Process Management may be abbreviated as MasterScope ITPM in subsequent documents. Three features of MasterScope

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Text of MasterScope IT Process Management Introduction - nec.?MasterScope IT Process Management may be...

  • MasterScope IT Process Management Introduction

    First Edition

    June, 2017

    NEC Corporation

  • table of contents

    1. Introduction of MasterScope

    2. Overview of MasterScope IT Process Management

    3. Use Case

    4. Function

    5. Product Lineup

  • MasterScope

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    What is MasterScope?

    MasterScope is NECs integrated operations management software brand that leverages the expertise and advanced technologies cultivated by NEC over many years. NEC delivers more than 3,000 MasterScope systems to customers annually.MasterScope provides end-to-end support for systems encompassing ICT infrastructure to applications, and meets our customers needs for easy-to-operate products.

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    MasterScope Solution Map

  • Overview of MasterScope IT Process Management

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    Common problems in system operation

    Are there such problems at the operation site ?

    The current situation is managed, but considering the future, I have concern whether todays situation is good or not.

    The total workload can not be estimated.

    Not shared

    Knowledge / know-how

    How did this problem solve in the past

    Only Smithknows it..

    Information management by manual work (Excel etc.)


    Input level is differentI need more details

    Where is that information? Failure



    Customer can not grasp the current

    status of service level

    Did you answer to this question

    within expect TAT?

    Different operation process in each system

    (individualistic operation)

    Management items are fall apart

    Support statusdifficult to grasp

    Human resources

    Sales management


    Does my team have enough resource?

    Do we need additional workers?

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    Solutions by IT Service Management Tool

    System management with ITIL standard process strongly supports improving process and quality in day-to-day operation

    Process standardization

    (Excludes dependency

    on individual skills)

    Standard rule andunified management

    Converting procedures and know-how into




    Same as the previous trouble!

    Utilizing the information to maintain and manage

    service level

    time to the first response

    First-call resolution rate

    Overall Close Rate...

    Automatic managing and sharing of information

    List of inquiries

    Latest status

    Efficient and comprehensive understanding of operating


    Operation tasks have been increasing in the xxx system this month.

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    Anxiety and doubts to start using IT service management tool

    Hoping to improve effectiveness and quality of the operation

    Studying about tools, but the benefit is unclear

    Initial cost is expensive so that hesitating to install

    It seems there are a lot of items to customize and take so much time for configuration

    Once started to use tools, it was complicated and stopped using it

    MasterScope IT Process Management will solve problems of system operation including above anxiety and doubt

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    MasterScope IT Process Management

    MasterScope IT Process Management provides easy to start and improving efficiency with ITIL-compliant system operations.

    Rich functions and items for actually

    required in operation


    Useful functions and


    Not so awkward to start usage


    Quick and low cost


    Motivate use on operation sites


    Intuitive operation experience

    MasterScope IT Process Management may be abbreviated as MasterScope ITPM in subsequent documents.

    Three features of MasterScope IT Process Management

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    Features 1. Functions and templates refined in actual operations

    The functions and templates are refined in more than 200 projects, and immediately improve system operation efficiency.

    Incident management

    Problem management

    Change management

    Release management

    Management support function- Email- Announcement- Document management- Application management- Report- Infrastructure composition

    ... etc

    MasterScope IT Process Management Features & TemplatesCentralized management

    of operating status

    Flexible search function

    Standardized input items and procedures

    Operation report

    Management item


    Corresponding procedure




    You can feel the effectsimmediately

    Quality and efficiency

    improvement of reports

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    Features 2. Fast and low-cost installation

    The default templates help you minimize the time it takes to design and configure. We provide a small package for 5 users at a low-cost.

    Common considerations during the installation

    Management item design

    Screen design

    DB design

    Operational flow design

    Rule design

    Search item design

    Access authority design

    Other tools MasterScope ITPM

    User creation

    The installation time is shortened by utilizing the

    default templates

    User creation

    Software license fee *


    MasterScope ITPMOther tools

    Approximately 1/5 of the cost

    Shorten theintroduction period

    Reduce theLicense cost

    * Conditions for calculation Number of users: 5 Used features: incident management, problem management, change

    management, release management

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    Features 3. Intuitive operation experience

    Users can understand overall status by checking simplified interface at glance. The unified operation screen is easy to learn and helps to prevent operation mistakes.

    Top screen to help you understand the status at a glance Standardized input screen and input support function

    Standardized input format forIncident, Problem, Change, Release, Application, etc.

    Required input fields are colored

    Drop-down list helps to standardize the input value

    New incident can be created by copying an existing incident

    Today's work scheduleAnnouncements to


    Summary the overall status

    With one click, you can associate an incident with other processes.

    As an everyday tool, its important to be simple and easy-to-use.

    Menu for each function

    Grasping the overall situation at a glance prevents omission and delay of responses

    Display a warning message after the specified deadline

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    Benefits to use MasterScope IT Process Management

    1. Improve work efficiency by unified information management

    2. Improve work quality by information sharing

    3. Improve work motivation by work status visualization

    Improve work quality by storing past research, inquiry and troubleshootinginformation to database and sharing the information as knowledge

    Secure a certain operation quality without depending on the skill of users

    Visualization of status motivate users to improve TAT of their operation By checking overall work situation, proactive management such as prevention of

    stacking and timely following up will be possible.

    Centralized management of information, such as inquiry response information and system information, reduce cost and improve efficiency of information management

    Response content and response situation can be shared at a glance and grasp the operation work situation in real time

    Unified information makes daily report creation easy

  • Use Case

  • 17 NEC Corporation 2015 NEC Group Internal Use Only17 NEC Corporation 2017

    Operation Flow (incident open to close)

    When customers issue incidents, system administration department starts survey of the incidents, and finally close the incidents.

    Request acceptance

    Request survey

    Response the requestResult report




    [System Administration Division][Customers]

    (1) When received an investigation request from the customers, an incident is registered.* Customers can directly operate the ITPM for issue registration.

    (2) Request the SE or maintenance vendor to survey

    (3) Receive the results and prepare answers

    Survey and Create answer

    Customer Operator

    (4) Report the survey result (answer) to the user.* Customers can directly refer to ITPM to check the report content.


    er a



    (Issue Mgt)

    Understand the overall situation by various report

    Customer Operator

    SE, Maintenance


    [Operation manager]

    Support status watch

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    Operation Flow in ITPM (incident open to close