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Mass Wasting and Other Hazards Caused by - Mass Wasting and Other Hazards Caused by... · Mass Wasting and Other Hazards Caused by Springs . Mass Wasting

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  • Mass Wasting and Other Hazards Caused by Springs

    Mass Wasting and Other Hazards Caused by Springs

    Presented at SNEC-SWCS Conference, February 15, 2013, Berlin, CT

    Gary Robbins Dept. of Natural Resources and the Environment

    University of Connecticut Storrs, CT 06269

    USA [email protected]

  • What is a Spring? Where water table or potentiometric surface intersects

    the ground surface

  • On the Positive Side--

    Healthy water supplies Used as religious shrines and in ceremonies Used in treatment of diseases Today spring water is a major economic commodity

  • On the Negative Side-- Look at some UCONN and other nearby examples of springs in action

    CESE Horsebarn Hill

    N. Hillside

    S. Garage

  • Types of Springs

    Water Table Related Perched water table Springs on soil slopes Water channeling Bank storage

    Confined Aquifer Related Fractured slopes Confining bed leakage Hot springs

    PresenterPresentation Notes\

  • Perched Water Table Spring


    soil spring



    perched water table

    PresenterPresentation NotesThis is a spring formed by water in a perched aquifer flowing over a rock face made of granitic rock. Perched aquifer springs form on slopes intersected by permeable soil overlying rock or sand underlain by clay.

  • Soil Slope-Water Channeling

  • Spring after a storm


    Channeling caused by over steepened area or higher K area

  • Spying Springs in Snow

  • Springs at Base of Slope

  • White Ice Hazard (Horsebarn Hill Rd Spring)

  • Horsebarn Hill Till

  • Solifluction (soil creep under saturated conditions)

    Center for Environmental Science and Engineering

  • Piping

    Quarry in Willimantic

  • Spring Induced Landslide (A)




  • North Hillside Road (Constr. 1989)

  • Piping

  • Use of Rip Rap for Drainage and Weight to Prevent Slope Failure

  • Uphill Propagation of Rotational Slides

    Uphill slope failure

  • Rip Rap Failure

  • Uphill Slope Failures

  • Installed Drains

  • Installed More Rip Rap

  • Slope Failure Continues

  • Translational Slide Behind S. Garage (?)

  • Bank Storage

  • Fractured Rock Springs

  • Fractured Rock Spring

    PresenterPresentation NotesThis is an example of a road cut spring. These types of springs often form only on a part of the fracture where the fracture aperture is at its widest.

  • Bedding Plane Spring

    Note: Channeling of discharge

  • Discharge Under Pressure

    Moss Balloons

    Rte 2 and 32

  • Rock Wedge (Freeze -Thaw)

    Potential Falling Rock Problem

  • Black Ice Hazards


  • Yes, Mary it is Cold

  • Ice Art

  • Flowing Well The sulfur smell could kill you!!

    Sulfur Springs, KS

  • Contaminant Discharge

  • Iron Oxidation

    PresenterPresentation NotesThe beaker on the left is groundwater at the contamination site. Notice the water is green due to the high iron content. The beaker on the right is a sample of ground water left in the open air for an hour. Note the change in color reflecting iron precipitation and oxidation.

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    Mass Wasting and Other Hazards Caused by SpringsWhat is a Spring?On the Positive Side--On the Negative Side--Types of SpringsPerched Water Table Spring Soil Slope-Water ChannelingChannelingSpying Springs in SnowSprings at Base of SlopeWhite Ice Hazard (Horsebarn Hill Rd Spring)Slide Number 12Slide Number 13Horsebarn Hill TillSlide Number 15Slide Number 16Slide Number 17Slide Number 18Slide Number 19Slide Number 20Slide Number 21Slide Number 22PipingSpring Induced LandslideNorth Hillside Road (Constr. 1989)Slide Number 26Slide Number 27Uphill Propagation of Rotational SlidesRip Rap FailureUphill Slope FailuresInstalled DrainsSlide Number 32Installed More Rip RapSlope Failure ContinuesSlide Number 35Slide Number 36Translational Slide Behind S. Garage (?)Bank StorageFractured Rock SpringsFractured Rock SpringBedding Plane SpringDischarge Under PressureRock Wedge (Freeze -Thaw) Black Ice HazardsYes, Mary it is ColdIce ArtFlowing WellContaminant DischargeIron OxidationThanksQuestions?