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MASON COURT. Beyond Shelter Housing Development Corporation June 5, 2010. Project Description. 3-story rental housing development 4 single-level flats 8 two-story townhouses Community Room & Laundry Garden & Outdoor Play area. The 3 Es include Equity. Low Income Families - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • MASON COURTBeyond Shelter Housing Development CorporationJune 5, 2010

  • Project Description3-story rental housing development4 single-level flats8 two-story townhousesCommunity Room & LaundryGarden & Outdoor Play area

  • The 3 Es include EquityLow Income FamiliesPeople with DisabilitiesHomeless Men and WomenMentally Ill IndividualsLets set an example for the community

  • 2129 E. El Segundo Blvd. Compton, CA 90222Close to parks, schools, supermarkets, medical facilitiesAccessible to public transportationSite Elements

  • High Sustainability GoalsMinimize impact on natural environmentMaintain Energy EfficiencyReduce use of non-sustainable materialsManage water runoffMaximize recyclingWater conservation

  • Energy & Lighting Objectives

    Mason Courts seeks to lower energy costs by improving building performance, and also to achieve thermal and visual comfort with decreased reliance on mechanical systems

  • Site ChallengesOrientation of building runs vertically North to South - high levels of sun exposure on East and West sides of building

  • Solar Study-Morning8:00 am

    9:00 am10:00 am11:00 am12:00 am

  • Solar Study-Afternoon1:00 pm

    2:00 pm3:00 pm4:00 pm5:00 pm

  • Solar Study-AnimationON the 5th of June from sunrise to sunset

  • Solar Study-AnimationON the 1st of January from sunrise to sunset

  • Natural DaylightingWood sliding shutters

    Solar Tubes to the kitchen

  • Natural DaylightingSaw-tooth Skylight

  • Passive VentilationThermal Heat Sensor Operable Skylights-monitorsLow speed fans to circulate airMinimize the use of HVAC systems

  • Electric Lighting and lighting controlCompact fluorescent lightsOccupancy sensorsAutomated photocells to dim electric lightsMinimal landscape lighting

  • Photovoltaic Systemsseamless solar roofing solution (US-Tile + SRS )Integrated parking solar canopy9 high minimum over parking Shaded Parking (reduces Heat Island effect)

  • Water HeatingUtilize Solar Water Heating System within the current Boiler SystemSystem includesBoilerWater Pump and Circulating PumpFail Safe System with Gas

  • Heating and Electrical AppliancesEnergy Star AppliancesRefrigeratorDishwasherWasher and Dryer

    Radiant HeatingIn lieu of FurnaceConnected to Solar Water Heating System

  • Building EnvelopeGood Design Reduces Heat Gain or Loss and Moisture ControlHeat Gain or LossInsulation Recycled Blue Jeans or Blown in CelluloseAir Tight BuildingWindows Dual Glazed, Low Solar Gain Low-E Glass, Argon/Krypton Gas High Shading CoefficientMoisture ControlMoisture BarrierVentilationWaterproofing

  • Materials ObjectivesMinimize Impact on the EnvironmentRenewable and RecyclableRecycled Content MaterialsImprove IAQ Lower Indoor Air PollutionIncrease Performance and Durability Best Productreduce, reuse, recycle and restore

  • Recycled MaterialsConcrete Fly Ash and Recycled ConcreteAsphalt with Recycled AggregateSteel 30% < recycled steelSheathing Post Consumer NewspapersInsulation Recycled Blue Jean or NewspaperRoofing with Recycled RubberRecycled Carpet 100% recyclable and 40-60% recycled content

  • Renewable MaterialsLumber FSC certified lumber for the framing roofing, subfloors, and cabinets.Linoleum in lieu of Vinyl Sheets in Kitchen and BathroomsBamboo Flooring 5-7 years of maturity

  • Materials for IAQLumber Treated with Borate and VOC free or Low VOC adhesivesCarpet Green Label Plus certificationConcrete Polished Flooring in lieu of CarpetPaints with Low or No VOCsCaulk and Adhesives Low VOC and no Formaldehyde

  • Low ToxicityPaints - Benjamin Moore NaturaExceeds Led and Greenseal standardsOdorlessZero VOCs

    Eco-Friendly Wool Carpet PaddingFree of dyes, glues, pesticides, adhesives and other chemicalsYears of serviceBio-degradable, use as weed barrier or mulch in garden

  • Renewable MaterialsMeadow boardPlywood-like panels made from ryegrassRapidly renewable alternative to woodSuperior strength, insulation, acoustic, and fire rating values

  • CabinetrySunflower Seed Board100% sunflower hullsCountertops, cabinet facesNot waterproof, needs counter topping materialWheat boardAlternative to Sunflower Board100% wheat strawFireclay Tile60% recycled contentMore post-consumer waste than any other tile on the marketCurbside waste glass, Bay Area waste granite dust and used sandblasting abrasives

  • FlooringFirst Floor - Concrete flooringMixture includes fly-ashSecond Floor - Bamboo FlooringRenewable hardwood flooringHarvested every 5-7 yearsKitchen - Cork FlooringHarvested every 9-10 yearsZero waste during manufacturingTrees survive debarking, reproduce more bark

  • FlooringBathrooms/Laundry Room - MarmoleumZero VOCs100% natural ingredientsAll Bedrooms - Floorganics Natural Carpet100% natural ingredients100% bio-degradableZero Toxins, Zero VOCs

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

    Providing good IEQ at Mason Court is a key component to the overall project goal of providing a comfortable, safe, environment for building residents.

  • Indoor Environmental QualityVisual/Physical ComfortNatural Daylighting StrategiesControllability of lightingComfortable interior temperaturesHealthy IAQ

  • HVACProper Cleaning & Sealing of DuctsContractor OversightSystem Flush OutMERV 10-13 Filters

  • HVAC (contd)Fresh Air Intake PortsMoisture Control in BathroomsRegular Inspection and Maintenance

  • IAQNorth

  • IAQNorth

  • IAQNorth

  • IAQNorth

  • IAQ (contd)Energy Efficient ceiling fansBathroom fans on timersWalk-off mats (Interior) Foot Grilles (Exterior)

  • Carpet & IAQLow-pile carpetingRenewable / Recycled ContentGreen Label PLUSLow VOCs

  • IAQ Education / MaintenanceTenant ManualNon-Toxic cleaning productsEducate owners and residentsMaintaining healthy IAQ/IEQ for everyone

  • Water Objectives

    Mason Court strives to minimize the use of and need for fresh water; and also to manage, retain, and harvest as much storm water as possible on the property.

  • Reducing Indoor Water UseLow-flow shower heads (2-2.4 gallons per minute or less)Dual-flush toiletsAerators on all sinksWaterSense (and EnergyStar) washing machines and dishwashers

  • Reducing Outdoor Water UseDrought tolerant and native plantsLimited use of turfTilled soil to improve water infiltrationZoned, timer system, drip irrigationHarvested rainwater for irrigationMulch to keep moisture in the soil

  • Storm Water Management and UseTilled soil to improve water infiltrationPorous unit pavers for parking and walkwaysBio-retention planter boxes under downspoutsUnderground cistern for storm water storage

  • Questions?

    Developed specifically for families and those with special needs, Mason Court is a twelve-unit new construction project located in the Willowbrook/Compton area of Los Angeles County, formerly known as South Central. Beyond Shelter Housing Development Corp. acquired the site in 2005. The preexisting vacant residence was demolished and the new construction has already begun.**The architectural plans detail a three-story rental housing development with four single-level flats and eight two-story townhouses. A community room, laundry facility and office are included on the first floor of the complex. A common garden and outdoor play area create a landscaped buffer between the apartment and the parking lot. The total building area is 11,818 sq. feet 11,344 sq. feet of which is residential living space, and 474 sq. feet is community space.* The project targets low-income families, providing permanent housing and supportive services for people with disabilities, men and women who are homeless, and those individuals suffering from a mental illness or chronic substance abuse. Mason Court is designed to provide living areas that meet the functional and emotional needs of children and adults who have previously been living in unstable environments. We would like to set an example for other sustainable advocates to follow as Compton is considered to be one of the most underserved areas of Los Angeles in terms of economic and housing development and green open space.*The site is within proximity to parks, schools, supermarkets, medical facilities and places of worship. Public transportation is highly accessible with several bus routes stopping within a 1/4 mile of the site with connections to the main Metro Green and Blue transit lines.

    *With this project, the group aspires to minimize the impact on the natural environment through the reduction of non-sustainable materials used in the construction of the structure, managing water run-off, maximizing recycling potential both during the construction phase and, once the building is occupied, incorporating crucial sustainable design elements to decrease the ongoing operational costs of the building, conserve water and reduce overall energy demands While we initially set out to achieve a Net zero energy building, it may be too far of a reach with this project, given the reality of the current circumstances.

    ***Wood Sliding ShuttersControl amount of incoming light while minimizing glare and reducing heat gain. Solar Tubes to The KitchenIncrease light levels in the kitchen area for maximum safety Saw-tooth skylightsto allow for mounting of PV systems (Vertical portion of skylight would face north and PV panels would be 30 tilted south)

    *Wood Sliding ShuttersControl amount of incoming light while minimizing glare and reducing heat gain. Solar Tubes to The KitchenIncrease light levels in the kitchen area for maximum safety