MARSS Reporting Using Student Plans A Brief Overview of MARSS Reporting at Anoka-Hennepin Bill Underwood Anoka-Hennepin Special Education Technology Facilitator

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  • MARSS Reporting Using Student PlansA Brief Overview of MARSS Reporting at Anoka-HennepinBill UnderwoodAnoka-Hennepin Special EducationTechnology FacilitatorPresented at 2008 User Conference

  • Why did we need to change our reporting methods?In the past, a system of midpoints was used. It was discovered, that this system did not accurately reflect the costs of educating some specific groups of students.New requirements were put in place to make sure districts were getting a more appropriate compensation.

  • So Whats the New Requirements?For some students, you need to calculate all the hours for some services that student received.New Field XXXX.X (implied decimal)Hours should include direct and indirect minutes.

  • Which Students Does This Affect?Early ChildhoodHandicapped KindergartenShared Time studentsCare & Treatment studentsSites with Identified Teaching ModelsMultidisciplinaryInclusiveProgram Cooperative Teaching

  • Who do we report on?Select Special Education Students IncludingEarly ChildhoodHandicapped KindergartenShared Time students (SAC = 16, 17, 18, 19)Shared resident or non resident (aid to resident dist)Shared non resident (aid to serving dist)Shared nonresident - (parent pays tuition)Tuition agreement/district placement

  • Who else?Students enrolled in on of the following sites:Multidisciplinary Teaching ModelInclusive ProgramStudents grade 10-12 participating in a transition programProgram Cooperative Teaching Model site

  • And?Students with homebound flag = Y

    Students whose membership is based on credits earned or a combination of seat based time and credits earned and receiving special education services. This includesIndependent StudyProject BasedOnline Learning

  • So What Can Student Plans (Student Plans) Do For Me?Student Plans allows you to import your MARSS B file in Student Plans then exports an updated MARSS B file that automatically calculates hours.

  • Anatomy of a MARSS B NumberWhen you receive the MARSS B file, eachstudent will have an entry that looks something like this

    BE070001000949038000000000001101464110016010002720061109140420061116100000600006N0000N401N00000000NM51990042801108000NNN001101NN00001 000148225 Farkell,Douglas,B

  • Anatomy of a MARSS B NumberIn the picture below, spaces have been added to show the different groupings of numbers. This is NOT how your data should look.

  • Running The Export ProcessStart with a clean MARSS B file of just the students youre concerned with

  • Running The Export ProcessGo to MARSS IEP Service Hours report in Student PlansBrowse for your MARSS B fileSelect what type of output youd like (theyll need a B File)Click on Submit

  • Running The Export ProcessEvery time youll get a PDF of the information. If you selected B, youll also get a .txt file.

  • Tips and TricksHow to ensure your MARSS reporting is accurate

  • First TipAre students missing grades?

  • Grades in Student PlansThe MARSS B file is trying to match up with the State Grade Code.

  • Second Tip!Are student records missing schoolNumbers?

  • School Numbers in Student PlansIt is very important that your school numbers match between the MARSS B file and the school numbers in Student Plans.Not having correct numbers will cause the program to error out.

  • Third Tip!Are calendars incorrect orMissing?

  • Calendars in Student PlansMake sure that each calendar has the correct school days markedMake sure to mark ESY days differentlyMake sure you select all the grades that could be attending that school.

  • Fourth Tip!Missing Bill-It Codes(doesnt matter what the codes are, you just need to have them)

  • Bill-It Codes in Student PlansYou add the Bill-It code as you are defining your services in Student Plans.Here it is also important to define if the service is ESY or not.

  • Fifth Tip!Are the frequency codes correct in the service table?

  • Frequency of Service in Student PlansStudent Plans administrator defines the options staff have to choose for Frequency of Service.Staff need to understand how to mark the students frequency of service.


  • Sixth Tip!Are there inappropriate number of hours of service on IEP/IIIP?

  • Service Minutes in Student PlansTeachers may misunderstand or miscalculate the hours.Check any kids with over 3,000 hours.If the hours reach more than 9999.9 the program will error out.INCORRECT!

  • Seventh Tip!Is student missing a MARSS ID number in Student Plans?

  • MARSS Numbers in Student PlansThe MARSS number should pull in directly from your Student Information SystemYou can check on the student information page to see if they have a MARSS ID Number in SP.

  • Eighth Tip!Have staff made significant changes to OLD IEPs without copying the IEP?

  • Staff Input ErrorsArchiving students before the reporting is doneStaff input the service or IEP dates wrong in Student PlansStaff mark ESY services as regular services

  • Ninth Tip!Export File is in a Format Different From What Student Plans is Expecting

  • B File FormatIt should be a .txt documentThere have been problems when created on a MacPlain text record

  • Tenth Tip!Report Process Times Out - Too Much DataMake sure to get a B File that only has Special Ed StudentsMake sure only the students you need to report on are in the B FileYou may need to do it by school or by grade

  • Eleventh (and Final) Tip!Student Enrollment Date in Student Information System does not match up with an IEP for that student

    In general, kids who are hard to estimate times for.It will end up being the TOTAL number of hours.Early Childhood students and Handicapped Kindergarten students MAY have more service hours than enrollment hours.Multidisciplinary Teaching Model students MAY have more service hours than enrollment hours.

    As with all new data reporting tools garbage in, garbage out.

    Going to talk a lot about tables.Private schoolsSome were missing - some just had the wrong grade listedWe were missing calendars for some of our private schools. We also didnt have Handicapped Kindergarten marked on some of the schools even though we have that as a separate grade.We chose to group them. 100s = academic, 200s = speech, etc.If not, youll have to find a way to add those in.