MANNING'S Ithaca Alphabetical .1949-ITHACA DIRECTORy-1949 129 Dean of Ithaca, Inc. Chartered ~usses

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Text of MANNING'S Ithaca Alphabetical .1949-ITHACA DIRECTORy-1949 129 Dean of Ithaca, Inc. Chartered ~usses

  • 1949-ITHACA DIRECTORy-1949 129

    Dean of Ithaca, Inc. Chartered ~usses401-409 E. STATE ST. DIAL 2631 TruckIng


    Ithaca Alphabetical Directory1949

    Copyright 1949, by H. A. Manning Co.

    PUBLISHERS' NOTICEThe infonnation in this directory is obtained as far as possible by actual canvass, compiled

    in a way to insure maximum accuracy. While the publishers will in no way be held responsiblefor any errors that may occur, they will be pleased to have any inaccuracies called to theira ttention, for correction in succeeding editions.

    TO FIND A NAME YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SPElL ITThere are maD" way. of apellttta some _nae. with practlcall"

    the eaRle pronuo.dadoD

    Abbott Amelia sec Abbott Textiles Inc rMecklenburg rd

    " Amelia J emp NYSE&GCorp r210 N Corn" Anna wid Abraham h Mecklenburg rd" Catherine J sten CU r210 N Com" David M (Rosemary) pres Ithaca Textiles

    Inc h319 Highland rd Cay Hts (Unit 62A)

    " Edward P student CU r210 N Corn

    J G Pritchard & Son P&SonMontgomery Ward & Co MW&CoMorse Chain Co MCCoNew York State Electric & Gas Corp

    NYSE&GCorpNew York Telephone Co NYTelCoRenwick RenRobinson & Carpenter R&CRothschild Bros R BrosSoil Conservation Service US Dept Agr

    SCSUS Dept AgrTompkins County Memorial Hospital




    Tompkins County Trust CoTreman King & CoUnited States ArmyUnited States Coast GuardUnited States Marine CorpUnited States NavyWomen's Army CorpsWillard Straight Hall----

    Ithaca CollegeIthaca Flying Service IncIthaca Gun CoIthaca Ice Cream Co IncIthaca Ice & Coal CoIthaca JournalIthaca Railway IncIthaca SchoolsIthaca Scientific Instrument CoJ B Lang Engine & Garage Co

    AAA GARAGE Lang's Garage 125-129 EGreen

    AAA Headquarters Mrs Caroline E Book sec210 N Aurora

    ABC EXTERMINATING CO Ernest Falke prop428 S Geneva see top lines

    Abbe Alfriede M scientific artist Botany CUr24 Woodcrest av

    " Frieda wid Cleveland Jr h24 Woodcrest

    Abbreviations-Adv, advertisement; agt, agent; asst, assistant; av, avenue; byd, beyond;bkpr, bookkeeper; bldg, building; blvd, boulevard; clk, clerk; com trav, commercial traveler;c, corner; Corp, corporation; Co, company; cont, contractor; dept, department; dist, district;do, ditto; E, East; Es, East side; elec, electrician; emp, employed; eng, engineer; ext, extension;gen, general; h, house; hskpr, housekeeper; hts, heights; ins, insurance; inst, instructor; Jr,junior; lab, laborer; loco, locomotive; mfr, manufacturer; mfg, manufacturing; mgr, manager;N, North; N s, North side; opr, operator; 0 c, out of city; pi, place; pres, president; prof, pro-fessor; prop, proprietor; RR, railroad; res, residence; RD, Rural Delivery; rd, road; r, rooms;Ry, railway; S, South; S s, South side; slsman, salesman; sta, stationary; sten, stenographer;supt, superintendent; tel, telegraph; phone, telephone; W, West; W s, West side; wkr, worker;wid, widow

    Wife's name is shown in parentheses following husband's name; when wife's name is un-obtainable the word (Mrs) is printed.

    Allen-Wales Adding Machine CorpAWAMCorp

    Cayuga Heights Cay HtsCo-operative GLF Exchange Inc GLFCornell University CUDriscoll Bros & Co DB&CoFirst National Bank of Ithaca FNB of IGLF see Co-operative GLF etcHCT Motor & Equipment Co HCTME&CoHerman M Biggs Memorial Hospital

    HMB Mem HospIC



    IJI Ry Inc



  • 130 1949-ITHAcA DIRECTORy-1949

    J I W Ad DIAL 2321ourna ant S For ResultsAbbott Esther A emp Roy H Park Inc h233

    Hector" Florence wid H C office asst W G Stanton

    h Trumansburg rd RD3" Frank C admin asst CU h705 E Seneca" John M (Virginia) custodian CU h2lO N

    Corn" Joseph N (Ruth M) prop Abbott's IGA

    Store h912 W State" Mary H clk Abbott's Cash Store r210 N

    Com" Michael (Catherine M) M05 S Geneva" Solomon G (Abbott's Cash Store) h502

    WState" Theodore N (Ruth J) (Abbott's Cash

    Store) r502 W StateAbbott's Cash Store (Solomon G and Theo-

    dore N Abbott) grocers 502 W State" IGA Store Joseph N Abbott prop groceries

    912W StateAbel Joyce asst CU h1l3 Dryden rdAbraham Fred r405 W Green" John N (Emma M) barber I Barber Shop

    M05 W GreenAbrams Alene emp GLF res Slaterville" Leo (Lunsetta) emp Sampson's h1l9

    Cleveland" Lunetta J Mrs emp RBros r1l9 Cleveland

    av" Meyer H (Ruth C) assoc prof CU h604 E

    StateAby Alice Mrs rI20 Highland pIAcacia Fraternity 318 Highland rd Cay HtsAckerman Doris D (Mrs Henry W) sec to

    Dr M B Spahr ~407E Marshall" Eleanor B (Mrs Townsend) sec H C Cope-

    land Jr hlO8 Madison" Floyd E (Leah B) emp MW&Co res 2

    Coddington rd RD4ACKERMAN HENRY W (Doris D) (Van Arsdale-

    Ackerman Furniture) h407 E Marshall" Townsend (Eleanor) const wkr hlO8 Madi-

    sonAckles Florence E bkpr Stallman of Ithaca

    h125 Park pI" Horace A retired hIll Monroe" John R (Elizabeth A) chef Western Dmer

    h321 Hector" Leon A emp MCCo rlO23 W StateA=e Super Markets Edward T Enright mgr

    324-328 W StateAdair J prof CU r Morrill" John (Carolyn) inst CU h315 Pleasant

    ADAMS ARMAND L (Louise H) lawyer FirstNational Bank Bldg (302-303) h601 NAurora tel 2166 see p 111

    " Arthur E(Janet S)asst CUr4lOStewartavADAMS ARTHUR G (Minerva A) acting city

    judge and lawyer fire insurance andnotary 114 N Tioga (306) tel 2674 h702N Aurora tel res 7797 see p 111

    " Arthur H (Ruth Y) slsm Fairmont FoodsInc h206 Utica

    " Benjamin B (Genevieve) emp UnitedNations Internation Refugees Organiza-tion h519 E Buffalo

    " Bristow (Luella F) prof emeritus CU h202Fall Creek dr

    " C F Mrs asst CU res RD2" Catherine V wid Robert M r218 S Albany

    ADAMS EARL (Rebecca) prop Ithaca WeldingService h110 Fifth

    " Eleanor instr CU rlO9 E Upland rd CayHts

    " Eleanor sten CU r202 Fall Creek dr" Emma B Mrs librarian TCMHosp r115

    Valentine" Everett A (Caroline) game room mgr

    WSH CU res RD2" George P Jr (Evelyn) prof CU h8 Roat pi

    RD1" Gladys I tchr h128 Farm" Harriet Mrs clk CU rIOS Lake" Henry H (Catherine) instr English CU

    MOS E Buffalo" Irene B (Mrs J Q) acct clk CU res RD5" J Q (Irene B) emp NYSE&GCorp res RD5" Jane K clk TCTC r519 EState" Janet Mrs sten CU r410 Steward av" Josephine U wid Harrison h128 Linn" Leonard prof CU r Warren rd" Lucy F r606 W Green" Mac C (Mrs) student h519 EState" Philip asst CU r505 Wyckoff av" Ruth V Rev minister Methodist Church

    h206 UticaAddison George student r411 Hillview piAddy Reginald emp TCMem Hosp r2 Cod-

    dington rd RD 174" Ronald R emp NYTelCo r205 Elm

    Adelmann Howard B prof CU MlO ColumbiaADELSON JACK (Josette) mgr Montgomery

    Ward & Co r Canby rd RD4Adesso Louis J professional golf instr New-

    man Golf Course h1l3 W BuffaloAERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT CO Dean of Ithaca

    Inc agts 401-409 E State see top linesAgard Frederick B (Frances) assoc prof CU

    MOS N CayugaAgnew Louise Mrs r401 W Green" Ralph P (Anne W) prof CU M16 High-

    land rd Cay HtsAgostine Anthony (Julia) student h302 Park

    pI" Armando student r311 Park pi" Julia (Mrs Anthony) sten h302 Park pi" Louis A (Assunta) lab h311 Park pi" Mary sten IJ r311 Park pi


    " Conservation Program state office see USDept Agriculture

    " Economics Bldg off Reservoir av CampusExperiment Station NYS College of Agri-culture Roberts Hall Campus

    Agriculture Research Building 306 EStateAguilar Aurora student rlO7 Second" Carlos (Lotta N) emp IGCo hlO4 First" Carmen M clk MCCo r521 N Albany" Domingo (Lucy 0) emp IGCo h521 N


  • 1949--ITHACA DIRECTORy--1949 131

    Dodge Brothers and Plymouth WM. T. PRITCHARDSales and Service Dodge Brothers Trucks 304-12 S. CAYUGA ST. Phone 2733" Domingo Jr USA r521 N Albany " Augusto (Rose) tailor Morris Men's Wear" Gustavo (Esther V) emp IGCo h107 h319 Cascadilla

    Second " Christine hll0 N AuroraAid to the Blind (Welfare) Roscoe C Van- " Earl G (Ethel M) prop I Hotel Barber

    Marter comm New County Court Shop and prop I Hotel Beauty ShopAikin Ann M asst prof CU h315 Dryden rd h1202 EState" Edith wid Fred r1015 N Cayuga " Flora C Mrs emp MCCo h307 Eddy

    Ainslie Elsie M (Mrs Kearney M) prop Ains- " Fred (Jacqueline) const wkr hl112 Nlie's Beauty Shop h202 Center Tioga

    " Kearney M (Elsie M) plumbing 202 Cen- " George J (Esther) prod control MCCo rester h do Interlaken

    Ainslie's Beauty Shop Mrs Elsie M Ainslie "Gloria tchr Virgil Central Sch r319 Sprop 202 Center Geneva

    Aivaliotis John (M L Alexandra) chef LVRR "Helen V emp NYSE&GCorp r211 N Comh234 Linden " Helen M emp NYSE&GCorp r211 N Com

    Akenstien Fred janitor r306 Stewart " Ida C wid Isadore B prop I B Grill h311!AKERS EDWARD T (Mildred A) prop Auto Body S Geneva

    & Radiator Works hl0l0 EState " J P (Ursula) col ROTC h112 Grandview ctAl's Shoe Repair Shop Alfredo Fontana prop "James S (Mary) emp AWAMCorp h526

    401 Eddy LinnALBANESE FRANK (Mirian F) lawyer 220 N " Jean Marie rll0 N Aurora

    Tioga res Newfield see p 114 " John W (Frieda E) prop I B Grill h415Albee Beatrice F wid Allan H housemother Linn

    603 E Seneca r do " Joseph P Jr prof CU r112 GrandviewavAlberger Mary K wid Frank J h100 W Buffa- "Marion asst CU r307 Eddy

    10 (4D) " Mary (Mrs Attilio) emp Browning King &Albers Juanita asst CU r202 College av Co h211 N ComAlbert Calvin D prof emeritus CU h205 Eddy "Maryrose sten CU r107 Dryden rdAlbertine Herman (Lois) student h504 S "Minnie wid William J r203 Prospect

    Aurora " Ralph asst prof and physician CU res RD4" Lois (Mrs Herman) emp MCCo h504 S "Robert (Jean M) painter CU h820 N

    Aurora CayugaAlbertsman Mary nur