Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny . Westward expansionism . Do Now: Image Analysis. The Frontier Draws Settlers. American Mission: “Empire for Liberty” Manifest Destiny 1840’s expansion fever gripped the country Americans believed that expansion westward and southward was destined and ordained by God - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manifest Destiny

Westward expansionism Manifest Destiny Do Now: Image Analysis

The Frontier Draws SettlersAmerican Mission: Empire for LibertyManifest Destiny1840s expansion fever gripped the countryAmericans believed that expansion westward and southward was destined and ordained by GodUS was destined to spread from Atlantic to Pacific Ocean and that it was manifest or obvious

The Frontier Draws SettlersAttitudes Toward the Frontier:Panic of 1837 forced many to leave their lives to try and start new in the westLand was plentiful and hopes of a fresh started lured thousands of Americans to move westTransportation Revolution expanded trade with China and JapanSeveral ports opened up in the Oregon TerritorySettlers and Native AmericansThe Black Hawk War:Early 1830s settlers in western Illinois and eastern Iowa urged Native American people living there to relocated west of the Mississippi River.Chief Black Hawk of the Sauk tribe after being told of a vision of him leading the Native American people to regaining their rightful lands he lead a rebellion against the USThe Black Hawk war spread into the Wisconsin Territory Ended in 1832 when Illinois militia slaughtered 200 Sauk and Fox people.Result the Sauk and Fox tribes were forcibly moved west of the Mississippi River

Settlers and Native AmericansMiddle Ground:Neither settlers or Native Americans dominated

Settlers needed Natives to trade with and use as guides heading west

Mutually beneficial relationship between the Native Americans and settlers Trails WestThe Santa Fe TrailOne of the busiest and most well-known route780 miles from Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, NMTraders would load up wagons with cloth, knives, and guns to head to Santa FeWagons would travel in packs of up to 100 to provide protection from Native American attacks When close to Santa Fe wagons go separate ways to load up with silver, gold, and furs to bring back to the US

Trails WestOregon TrailIndependence, Missouri to Portland, OregonFertile soil and abundant rain fall attracted settlers by the hundreds to the Oregon TrailTrip took months to completeWagons traveled in groups for protection and companionship

Mormon MigrationMormons were a religious community that began in Western NY in 1827 by Joseph Smith.They moved to Illinois in 1839 and grew to 20,000 members.Polygamy caused neighboring townspeople to print protests, but Smith was arrested from destroying their printing press.His successor, Brigham Young, made the long journey to the Great Salt Lakes of Utah in 1847.

Down WindersFollowing World War II, the United States exploded atomic weapons at the Pacific islands of Bikini and Eniwetok; and in December 1950, President Truman authorized the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to conduct tests within the continental United States. The AEC selected the Nevada Test Site in southeastern Nevada because the federal government owned hundreds of square miles of surrounding desert land, and because it contained, in the contemptuous words of one bureaucrat, a low-use segment of the population the Mormon citizens of St. George, Cedar City and other sacrificial cities of southwestern Utah.

Fifty-Four or Fight!The Oregon Territory was still disputed between the U.S. and Britain.In 1844, James K. Polks platform called for annexation of the entire Oregon Territory.Newspapers adopted the slogan Fifty-Four or Fight! in reference to latitude of contention.Due to a decline in the fur trade and bad agriculture, America and Britain settled on extending the 49th parallel to the Pacific.

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