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<ul><li>1.Hale Kula Elementary School October 13, 2012</li></ul> <p>2. Volunteers areMaking aDifference at HaleKula ElementarySchoolVolunteers fromHHBN 25th ID (POCCaptain RoderickTaylor) as well asschool volunteersshowed up brightand early onSaturday morning tobeautify our campus. 3. Weston Solutionsand DPW volunteersWeston Solutions, DPW,and SYNERGY generouslydonated the Aquapavingfor our outdoor garden aswell as tools,wheelbarrows, andcompost kits. On Make aDifference Day, volunteerscame to help put up atrellis in the fifth gradeHope Garden. They alsoprovided lots of assistanceand resources for thefourth grade HawaiianGarden. 4. Many Hands Make Light Work We appreciate all the volunteers for working so hard to beautify our campus. 5. HHBN 25thID VolunteersVolunteers taped before painting to ensure straight lines. 6. More Volunteer Photos Cleaning the paintings at thePainting the curbing ends of the building. 7. A Brighter, Cleaner Campus!The parking lot looks The volunteers producedgreat!quality work! 8. Thank you, Weston Solutions, forfunding our projects!During Fall Intersession, through a grant from Weston Solutions andcollaboration with DPW and SYNERGY, we were able to have our outdoorgarden Aquapaved. On October 13, 2012, Weston Solution volunteershelped with our fourth and fifth grade gardens. 9. Fourth Grade Hawaiian GardenFourth grade teachers The work was labor-intensive!started to remove and savethe plants at 7:00 a.m. 10. Volunteers Worked Side-by-Sidewith Our Teachers 11. Volunteers + Staff = Cooperation 12. The HawaiianGardenThe fourth grade teachers withassistance from the volunteerswere able to separate the threeparts of the Hawaiian Garden Native Hawaiian plants,Polynesian-introduced plants,and plants introduced later byimmigrants or other visitors toHawaii. Students will be ableto research and learn moreabout the importance of theseplants in the lives of the earlierHawaiian people and realizethe importance ofsustainability and caring forour environment. 13. Fifth Grade Hope Garden Volunteers worked to build a trellis for the Hope Garden. It is hoped that this will alleviate some of the dust and provide some shade when the plants grow enough to cover the area. 14. Compost binsMr. Merriam and his son Composting anotherput the bins together.environmentally-friendly idea! 15. A big MAHALO!to all ourvolunteers fromHHBN 25th ID andWeston Solutions!Hale Kula ElementarySchool is fortunate tohave such wonderfulpartners. The students,staff, and familiesappreciate all of you forgiving your time andenergy to ensure apositive and safeenvironment forteaching and learning! </p>