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This page has been downloaded from Macmillan Publishers Limited 2012Macmillan English 6 Unit 13 worksheetTeaching notes16Skills and language practisedSkill Language Activity 1 Language building abstract nounsActivity 2 Reading and vocabularymatch sentence halves containing abstract nounsActivity 3 Grammar modals + passive infi nitiveActivity 4 Grammar modals + passive infi nitiveFollow-up activityOrganise students into pairs. One student chooses a word from Activity 1 and puts it in a sentence. Their partner listens and checks accuracy and meaning. Then the second student chooses a different word and does the same. The activity continues until all of the words have been used. Answers1 Find ten more abstract nouns. Write the abstract nouns. Answers in any order:(starting horizontally) hunger [ mark] bravery [ mark] friendship [ mark] stupidity [ mark] anger [ mark] hope [ mark] fear [ mark] generosity [ mark] beauty [ mark] happiness [ mark]5 marksa h u n g e r o e hb r a v e r y f r af r i e n d s h i ph f n t e t c b o po e a j r o a e d ip a n r o p l a s ne r d o s y l u a es t u p i d i t y sd s i t t b o y i sf o o t y a n g e r[page 1]This page has been downloaded from Macmillan Publishers Limited 2012 262 Match the sentence halves. 1 Cycling without a helmet or lights is stupidity itself.2 The girls beauty was obvious to all those who saw her.3 They held on to their hopes throughout the search.4 You could feel the fear as we descended into the dark forest.5 Happiness in life is what most people want.3 Write fi ve sentences. Use the words in the box. Example sentences: The garden should be watered. [1 mark] This apple must be eaten. [1 mark] That car could be stolen. [1 mark] The necklace ought to be worn. [1 mark] This box can be opened. [1 mark]For each sentence, give mark for meaning and mark for punctuation. 4 Write sentences using the verbs in the box and a modal verb. 1 will be built [1 mark]2 might be stolen [1 mark]3 must be protected [1 mark]4 can be seen [1 mark]5 have to be given [1 mark]5 marks5 marks5 marks


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