Lunar New Year, Issue 1 Lunar New Year 12 February 2018 chinese costumes (15 catch the festive lightings
Lunar New Year, Issue 1 Lunar New Year 12 February 2018 chinese costumes (15 catch the festive lightings

Lunar New Year, Issue 1 Lunar New Year 12 February 2018 chinese costumes (15 catch the festive lightings

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  • Some fun facts about the Chinese Zodiac:

    Your zodiac sign informs who you do best with.

    Everyone has a natural pair of allies who are your good help and a secret friend who is your ever dependable guardian,3 determined from the moment you were born. For instance, if you were born in the year of ox, your allies will be the snake and rooster with the rat as your secret friend.4

    Your zodiac sign determines your personality traits.

    It is said that someone born in the year of the Tiger may be self-sufficient and devoted, whereas someone born in the year of the Dog may be faithful and righteous.5

    BONUS TRIVIA : The zodiac sequence was decided by a great race.

    Decreed by Emperor Huang Di, the first twelve animals to complete a long-distance run and swim over a rushing river will win the honour of the calendar years named after them.6 Watch Story of the Chinese Zodiac to find out how the small rat came in first and why flying drag-on only made it fifth.7

    2018: The year to buy a puppy?

    A c o m p i l a t i o n b y : S t u d e n t W e l f a r e , I n c l u s i o n & I n t e g r a t i o n U n i t , S t u d e n t A f f a i r s O f f i c e

    Lunar New Year 12 February 2018 Lunar New Year, Issue 1

    The Year of the Dog does not refer to dogs being the lucky animal of the year, so hold on your impulse to bring a puppy back home! In fact, the animal of the year is decided by the 12-year cycle on the lunar calendar. Each year is represented by one of 12 animals known as the Chinese Zodiac signs, which are significant in Chinese traditional culture and astrology.1 Recurring every 12 years, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. So yes, everyone has a zodiac animal assigned to them based on their birth year. Find yours now! But you may wonder, so what if I know my Chinese zodiac sign?

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  • Though many in Singapore have employed strategies to cram activities and house visits to just a couple of days,

    the different days of Lunar New Year actually bear different significances. Heres a quick overview:

    Watch out for our SG Bite on 2019 Lunar New Year this time next year,

    where you will learn about traditions and taboos!

    Some highlights during the 15 days of Lunar New Year

    Lunar New Year's Eve

    Out with the old,

    In with the new!

    Families perform a thorough

    spring-cleaning at home to prepare

    for the festival. On the day of the

    eve, families and relatives return

    home for reunion dinner.

    Day 1

    Dress your best and #ootd!

    Be in for a fashion parade on the streets as most

    put on new clothes from head to toe, including their

    undergarments. You may even spot some traditional

    chinese costumes (cheongsam for ladies, tangzhuang

    for men) though they are less worn with modernisation

    in Singapore. You may instead notice exceptionally red

    or bright clothing worn for auspicious meanings.

    Donning these new clothes and with a pair of oranges,

    visits are made to elders in the family. In return, singles

    receive a red packet as a form of blessing.

    Firecrackers used to be lit on this day. Though banned

    in Singapore for safety concerns,9 you can still

    catch the festive lightings at Chinatown

    from 27 January 2018 till

    16 March 2018.10

    Day 2


    Married daughters

    visit their family of


    Day 7

    "Everyman's birthday"!12

    Or known as "renri", Chinese in

    Singapore toss a special salad

    yu sheng while saying auspicious

    phrases for good luck,13

    "abundance of wealth and

    long life".14

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    Images are taken from and NTU event stock photos.

    Day 15

    Reunion dinner Round 2!

    Families gather once more

    during the first full moon of the

    new year15 and enjoy glutinous

    rice dumplings16 (also known as

    tangyuan17) together.