Low-dose lansoprazole prevents duodenal ulcer recurrence

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<ul><li><p>18 THERAPY </p><p>Low-dose lansoprazole prevents duodenal ulcer recurrence </p><p>A maintenance regimen of lansoprazole 15 mg/day can prevent duodenal ulcer recurrence, report researchers from the Lansoprazole Study Group in the US. </p><p>In this study, 186 patients with healed duodenal ulcers (as documented on endoscopy) were randomised to receive maintenance therapy with lansoprazole 15 mg/day or placebo. Therapy continued for 12 months or until ulcer recurrence. </p><p>Delayed ulcer recurrence The median time to ulcer recurrence was&gt; 12 </p><p>months among lansoprazole recipients, compared with &lt; 3 months among placebo recipients; the between-group difference was statistically significant. </p><p>Among the 169 evaluable patients, 84% of lansoprazole recipients experienced no ulcer recurrence, compared with 39% of placebo recipients. </p><p>The researchers comment that proton-pump inhibitors are not approved in the US for use as maintenance therapy in patients with nonrefractory ulcers. However, they suggest that long-term use of lansoprazole 15 mg/day 'may be a desirable alternative to therapy with Hz-receptor antagonists in patients who are not infected with H. [Helicobacter] pylori, are resistant or intolerant to, or poor candidates for, eradication therapy'. Lanza F, Goff J, Silvers D, Wmters J, Lansoprazole Study Group. Prevention of duodenal ulcer recurrence with 15mg JansoprazoJe: a double-blind placebo-controlled study. Digestive Diseases and Sciences 42: 2529-2536, Dec 1997 800637850 </p><p>Inphannae Z1 Feb 1998 No. 1125 1173-832419811125-000181$01 .Or!' Adl. International Limited 1998. All rights reserved </p><p> /ColorImageDict &gt; /JPEG2000ColorACSImageDict &gt; /JPEG2000ColorImageDict &gt; /AntiAliasGrayImages false /CropGrayImages true /GrayImageMinResolution 150 /GrayImageMinResolutionPolicy /Warning /DownsampleGrayImages true /GrayImageDownsampleType /Bicubic /GrayImageResolution 150 /GrayImageDepth -1 /GrayImageMinDownsampleDepth 2 /GrayImageDownsampleThreshold 1.50000 /EncodeGrayImages true /GrayImageFilter /DCTEncode /AutoFilterGrayImages true /GrayImageAutoFilterStrategy /JPEG /GrayACSImageDict &gt; /GrayImageDict &gt; /JPEG2000GrayACSImageDict &gt; /JPEG2000GrayImageDict &gt; /AntiAliasMonoImages false /CropMonoImages true /MonoImageMinResolution 1200 /MonoImageMinResolutionPolicy /Warning /DownsampleMonoImages true /MonoImageDownsampleType /Bicubic /MonoImageResolution 600 /MonoImageDepth -1 /MonoImageDownsampleThreshold 1.50000 /EncodeMonoImages true /MonoImageFilter /CCITTFaxEncode /MonoImageDict &gt; /AllowPSXObjects false /CheckCompliance [ /PDFA1B:2005 ] /PDFX1aCheck false /PDFX3Check false /PDFXCompliantPDFOnly false /PDFXNoTrimBoxError true /PDFXTrimBoxToMediaBoxOffset [ 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 ] /PDFXSetBleedBoxToMediaBox true /PDFXBleedBoxToTrimBoxOffset [ 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 ] /PDFXOutputIntentProfile (sRGB IEC61966-2.1) /PDFXOutputConditionIdentifier () /PDFXOutputCondition () /PDFXRegistryName () /PDFXTrapped /False</p><p> /CreateJDFFile false /Description &gt;&gt;&gt; setdistillerparams&gt; setpagedevice</p></li></ul>


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