Love course outline - School of course outline Pure Love • Three forms ... • Constancy (Shakespeare Sonnet 116) ... Epictetus • Role of reason ...

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  • Love course outline Pure Love

    Three forms - eros, philia, agape Everyone has pure love within their nature

    Love worth striving for

    The expression of love through wisdom, attachment or delusion Appealing to pure love in someones nature Love knows no measure (Thomas a Kempis)

    Expanding & strengthening love Love as the natural in-between Constancy (Shakespeare Sonnet 116)

    Objects of Love

    The object of love: body, mind, heart, essence The Upanishad and Love

    Unity and Duality

    Causes of duality The idea of other The desire to control Limiting the love to a small circle Meeting everyone freshly, as if for the first time

    Love and gratitude

    Gratitude Marcus Aurelius The nature of the mind and heart


    Natural harmony of heart and mind Finding harmony in our lives

    Love in the words of

    Rumi - the spiritual aspect of love Mikhail Naimy - You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live

    Love and Reason

    The Subtle Realm Epictetus Role of reason in sustaining love What does it mean to uncover our real nature? If you want to be loved, then love.

    Love in daily life

    Wise law and love Love and work

    Love and Knowledge

    Love and knowledge Wisdom and love


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