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  • Louisville

    Middle School

    Band Handbook


    Erin Moriearty erin.moriearty@bvsd.org



  • A Letter to Students and Parents

    Welcome to another great year of band at LMS! Participation in music ensembles is a fantastic way of encouraging self-expression,

    creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, aural proficiency, and so many other skills essential for building a well-rounded individual!

    Not only will students be learning how to perform on their specific instrument in large and small ensembles, they will be learning and creating music from throughout history

    and around the world, composing their own pieces, listening to great musicians, improvising, and so much more!

    We have some amazing opportunities this year!

    Im incredibly excited to kick off the school year with another great group of students!

    Take a few minutes to look through this handbook. It provides some very important information for this year in band. Please sign electronically sign

    and return the Policy Approval Form (page 10) by Friday, September 1st. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to email Mrs. Moriearty at erin.moriearty@bvsd.org! Otherwise,

    I look forward to seeing you all at Back-to-School-Night!

    Table of Contents

    Classroom Policies and Expectations.3 Grading Policy..4 Private Lesson Information..5 Area Music/Repair Stores.5 Extra-curricular Performance Opportunities6 Concert Dress7 Instrument Information.7 Tips for Efficient Practice..8 Calendar of Events.9 Contact Form..10


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    Classroom Policies and Expectations


    We are a community that relies on the participation and attendance of all members.

    Attendance at all events, both inside and outside of the school day, is mandatory.

    All concert performance and other event dates will be announced at the beginning of the school year. If a student has a conflict with an event, they must contact Mrs. Moriearty with a note from a guardian at least

    one month in advance of the conflict.

    Participation and Practice

    Excellent attitude, effort, participation and preparation are essential! Make the commitment.

    There is always something to be practiced for rehearsal! If youre not sure what that is, check the blog on the webpage or email Mrs. Moriearty. I recommend 15-45 minutes a day, four to six days a week

    (depending on grade level and goals). See page 8 for some tips on getting the most out of your practice.

    1. Respect others. 2. Only touch and play your instrument. 3. Do not chew gum or eat in the band room. 4. Only water is allowed as a drink. 5. Be in your seat, ready to play or complete your DO NOW activity, at the beginning of rehearsal and stay in your seat (unless instructed otherwise) until dismissed. 6. Try your best!

    Possible Consequences

    Verbal Warning Contact Parents

    Note on Report Card Detention

    Referral to Office Suspension from


    All students must have the following at each rehearsal:

    1. Instrument

    2. Music

    3. Pencil

    4. Band Notebook and Method Book (see page 7)

    5. Appropriate Supplies (valve oil, cork grease, extra reeds, sticks, etc.)

    6. LMS Planner (to note assignments/important dates)

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    Grading Policy

    Complete musicianship requires performance skills as well as a great deal of knowledge and ability to critically think about and evaluate music and subject matter associated with it. Therefore, students will be participating in a wide range of activities designed to assess their comprehensive knowledge of and skills in music. An outline of the grade allocation and breakdown for each semester can be seen below.

    Keep in mind that I encourage students to make up/redo most work (especially playing tests) throughout

    the grading period. Redos and make ups stop 2 weeks before the end of the grading period.

    If, at any time, there are questions about student grades, parents should feel free to call or email and set up a conference to view the students portfolio of work.

    For Each Semester: Practice: 10% Homework, Practice Journals, Do Now Activities, etc. Formative Assessment: 40% Daily Playing Tests, Sight-Reading, Rhythm-Clapping, Quizzes, Self/Peer/Ensemble Evaluation, etc. Summative Assessment: 50% Written Tests, Major Playing Tests (including concerts), Projects, etc. Grading Scale: A = 90 100% B = 80 89% C = 70 79% D = 60 69% F = 59% and below

    Tutor Times I am here before school most days from 7:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m.

    and after school some days from 3:45 p.m. 4:30 p.m. HOWEVER:

    Tutor times are best set up in advance by email due to my many after/before school responsibilities (LMS jazz bands, concerts, commitments with my other school, MELT, faculty meetings, etc.)

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    Private Lessons

    All students are highly encouraged to take private lessons on their instrument. These lessons allow for more one-on-one time than a large group rehearsal. Students are able to move at their own pace and

    concentrate on areas in which they may be weak or areas in which they are especially interested. Below is a list of recommended instructors for each instrument.

    Name Instruments Taught Phone Email Malia Van Rooy Flute (303)514-5722 malia.vanrooy@gmail.com

    Emma Shubin Flute (585)704-5751 emma.shubin@gmail.com

    Alaunde Copely-Woods Flute (720)406-8722 alaunde@gmail.com

    Kristen Puster Flute (720)878-6611 kristen.puster@gmail.com

    Steven Maijala Oboe (256)566-2496 steven.maijala@gmail.com

    Jason Olney Clarinet (208)339-4090 Jason.Olney@gmail.com

    Karen Dusek Clarinet (303)378-3942 KarenDusek.clarinet@gmail.com

    April Johannsen Clarinet (303)746-0683 www.apriljohannesen.com

    Christopher Harmon Clarinet (719)502-9787 Chha4568@colorado.edu

    Kellan Toohey Clarinet (303)981-2940 kellantoohey@gmail.com

    Michael Maisonpierre Clarinet, Saxophone (303)786-9540 mmaisonpierre@mac.com

    J.D. Little Saxophone (940)395-6770 justin.little@colorado.edu

    Dr. Grant Larson Saxophone (701)866-6802 grantblarson@gmail.com

    Heath Walton Saxophone heathwalton@hotmail.com

    Stephanie Doctor Saxophone (708)941-7771 Stephanie.doctor@colorado.edu

    Dave Camp Clarinet, Saxophone (303)995-7212 saxplayercamp@yahoo.com

    Cathy Pai Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone (303)472-2100 cathypai11@comcast.net

    Derek McDonald Trumpet (303)656-1412 dryanmcdonald@gmail.com

    Tyler Richardson Trumpet (602)370-5958 Tyler.a.richardson@colorado.edu

    Margaret Romero Trumpet (303)437-7149 margaret3.romero@gmail.com

    Terry Sawchuck Trumpet (prof. at CU) (303)492-8649 Terry.Sawchuck@colorado.edu

    Dawn Kramer Trumpet (303)898-4827

    Derek Lewis French Horn (617)823-4645 lewisderekj@gmail.com

    Johanna L. Burian French Horn (812)272-5973 JohannaLBurian@gmail.com

    Michael Scheimer French Horn (412)526-0801 pickupnote@gmail.com

    Devon Park French Horn (303)514-2876 dpark3@mac.clm

    Meredith Healy Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba (469) 607-8824 meredithnhealy@gmail.com

    Steve Vaughn Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba (607)341-6018

    Ryan Van Gilder Trombone (303)345-5435 ryanvg@gmail.com

    Mason Jackson Trombone (970)509-9804 masonjackson@mail.com

    Jack Hoeksema Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba Jackhoeksema23@yahoo.com

    Danielle Chollet Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba (303) 661-0787

    Chris Beers Percussion (720)837-5410 info@afterbeatdrumschool.com

    Alex Heaton Percussion (802) 779-6408 Alexheaton111@gmail.com

    Colin Spear Percussion (303)956-0055 spearc33@gmail.com

    Don Newby Percussion (303)665-0256 newbville@comcast.net

    Steve Turney Percussion (303)903-4165 steve.percussion@gmail.com

    Aaron Bagby Percussion raaronbagby@gmail.com

    Kevin Keith Percussion (989)600-8074

    Rocky Mountain Center for the Musical Arts

    All (303) 665-0599 200 East Baseline Road,


    Area Repair Stores

    Rocky Mountain Music Repair (303) 955-8064 555 Burbank Street, Unit Q, Broomfield Travis Band Instrument Repair (303)413-0054 3101 28th St, Boulder