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Through a fantasy football team, I created an Advertising Campaign with Powerade to increase sales and brand awareness


<ul><li><p> 2 </p><p> The Los Angeles Surf is a new team, new program, and new competitor in the NFL. We have the potential to be one of the top football programs in the nation. We want PowerAde to join us in our quest to greatness as the leading sponsor of the Los Angeles Surf. Together, both organizations will benefit through promotional opportunities, increased awareness, and partnership connections. Becoming a teammate with the Surf also means becoming a teammate with Los Angeles, gaining you numerous opportunities to sell and advertise your product not only in conjunction with the stadium, but also in southern California. With the similar target markets and objectives between the two programs, partnering together can only benefit the both of us. We will make it our personal goal to match, and exceed your objective expectations to make PowerAde the #1 ranked new age drink. Within this sponsorship proposal, we have provided you depictions of our target markets, important team and location information, opportunities for you, our given sponsorship opportunities, and how we will help achieve your objectives during this NFL 2013-2014 Season. </p><p>Introduction </p></li><li><p> 3 </p><p> The Target Markets for the Los Angeles Surf shown below are extremely similar to PowerAdes. For your convenience, we have added the Los Angles Surfs primary and secondary target markets, which include males 25-54 and families with parents 25-54, and children 10-18. With the usage of a partnership with PowerAde and the Los Angeles Surf, we would both be presented with opportunities to reach both target markets. Followed by the target markets is a geographical location of the average Los Angeles Surf fan. </p><p>Primary Target Market Demographic: Gender: Male Income: $35,000+ per year Age: 25-54 Education: High School and above Psychographic: Watches ESPN Listens to sports radio Is involved in a Fantasy Football League Geographic (See Map): 40 mile radius from Los Angeles As North as Palmdale, as south as Huntington Beach As West as Thousand Oaks, as East as Anaheim Our Primary Target market is Joe (picture on the right) a male, age 25-54 who loves to be involved with with ESPN, sports radio, and Fantasy Football leagues. This man has acquired at least a High School education, and also earns at least $35,000 a year. They live within a 40 mile radius of Los Angeles (see map below) stretching from Thousand Oaks, CA to Anaheim, CA. </p><p>Target Market </p></li><li><p> 4 </p><p> Secondary Market- Families </p><p>Demographic: Income: $45,000+ per year Age: Parents- 25-54; Children- 10-18 Marital Status: Married Kids: One or more Psychographics: Watches ESPN Has children who are involved in sports Likes the feeling of belonging to a community (sports team, neighborhood, etc.) Geographic (See Map): 40 mile radius from Los Angeles As North as Palmdale, as south as Huntington Beach As West as Thousand Oaks, as East as Anaheim Our Secondary target market focuses on families, like the Thompsons (pictured above) who have either one or more children who range from the ages 10-18. The ideal family loves to watch ESPN, the children are involved in sports, and they are also interested in belonging to a community (whether that is a sports team, neighborhood, etc.) As well as our Primary market, the family will also live within a 40 mile radius of Los Angeles (see map). </p><p>Red circle shows the area for our Primary and Secondary target markets, approximately a 40 mile radius from the center of Los Angeles </p><p>Target Market </p></li><li><p> 5 </p><p>Matt Forte: He volunteered at Slidell Youth Football Association fields last Saturday and nearly 250 kids showed up for his camp. He also donated $15,000 to the Slidell Youth Football Association for equipment Cam Newton: Cam Newton is proud to volunteer with the United Way and to partner with them in their mission to mobilize millions to give, advocate, and volunteer to improve the conditions in which they live. Anyone can sign up now to be on Team Cam and the United Way </p><p> Los Angeles Surf football players are known their influence on the LA community. This provides a good face to look up to as well as receiving positive publicity to the Los Angeles Surf football team. By partnering with the Surf, Powerade is partnering with a group of individuals with a passion for their community and positive attitudes. Our program has recognized a few special players that have truly initiated positive changes to our community. They have exhibited acts of kindness, and immense amount of volunteer work. Here are the players: </p><p>Who We Are </p><p>Jason Witten: Jason Witten won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award for his work to end domestic violence. His foundation, JWSF, exists to serve women who are the victims of domestic violence and it allows for the placement of full-time trained male mentors in battered womens shelters throughout Texas </p></li><li><p> 6 </p><p>Features and Benefits </p><p>Below we have listed the features we can bring to the table by partnering with PowerAde, followed by the benefits in order to show how it will expand the PowerAde business in not only sales, but in popularity. </p></li><li><p> 7 </p><p> We'll be able to measure the increase in sales of PowerAde through the 4-month promotional period by comparing last years data to this years data. With 60,000 fans attending each of the eight home games and with the maximum exposure available to PowerAde, we can expect a promising increase in sales that will exceed the benchmark by 10%. If at least 30,000 of Los Angeles Surf fans purchase a $1 bottle of PowerAde, after the duration of 8 home games, sales will be expected to reach $240,000 over the given 4-month promotional period. With 10% of the benchmark being $100,000, PowerAde sales will push past the limits by $140,000. With these given numbers, we expect that at least 50% of the attending fans will either buy PowerAde through concessions, vending machines, or through salesmen that sell PowerAde while fans are seated during the game. </p><p>Objective #1 Increase sales of 10% over the benchmark $1,000,000 in our DMA in the 4-month period </p></li><li><p> 8 </p><p> To gain Powerade 15 publicity placements over the 4-month promotional period, the main publicity event will be Powerade and the Los Angeles Surf partnering with the American Cancer Society and holding the PowerAdes Race to a Cure. Held at the Los Angeles Surf Stadium, participants walk laps and get pledges from others to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Surf players, like Cam Newton and Dez Bryant, will join the participants every hour to increase the connection between the American Cancer Society and the Surf. Powerade will be able to provide their drink products to walkers and spectators, and also get their logo on all staff member t-shirts to promote the brand. By holding this public event, it will help increase awareness by promoting it to their employees and customers, which is helpful when it is time to attract the attention of local media and recruiting walkers. This event will get major exposure through advertising, and brand recognition will be created through the positive atmosphere of the community coming together for the same cause. In addition, PowerAde will have hospitality tents sent up that allows the walkers to quench their thirst with free PowerAde supplied with free snacks. Just like the Hoedown for Homeless event, various media outlets will be invited by the Surf to attend Powerades Race to the Cure. We will also be sending press releases to all media partners regarding our publicity event. </p><p>This is a sample visual of the event staff t-shirts given to those who are working the event to </p><p>promote awareness of the brand </p><p>This is a sample of the hospitality tents for Powerade that will </p><p>allow them to provide their drink products to walkers and </p><p>spectators </p><p>Objective #2 </p></li><li><p> 9 </p><p> Below are potential media outlets listed that will be in attendance. Television stations will be able to broadcast the event and also give Powerade two 30-second commercial advertisements throughout. In addition, radio stations will be there to live interview participants and players on their positive experiences at the Race for the Cure, and also newspapers and magazines will be there to interview as well and print their stories in the newspaper the next day. </p><p>Radio Stations: 1. AM 570 Fox Sports LA 2. KNBR the Sports Leader 3. 95.7 FM the Game 4. 1450AM Sports Radio 5. AM 830 ESPN Radio Television Stations: 1. ESPN 2. MSNBC 3. KABC T.V. 4. KCBS 5. Fox Sports </p><p>Newspapers/Magazines: 1. LA Times 2. Sports Illustrated 3. ESPN Magazine 4. LA Weekly 5. Los Angeles Magazine </p><p>Examples of local and National media outlets invited to the publicity events: </p><p>Objective #2 </p></li><li><p> 10 </p><p> As a partnership, we want to give maximum exposure of the Powerade brand to both of our similar target markets. To do so, we will provide Powerade with a minimum of 100 media placements in and out of our stadium, gaining more awareness as a partnership. Powerade Power Brigade Section Naming Rights: 8 High Exposure In the Los Angeles Surf Stadium, we would name a section of the stadium after Powerade. Our stadium will now include the Powerade Power Brigade, where the most dedicated Los Angeles Surf fans stand, cheer, and enjoy the game. Along with the Powerade Power Brigade includes full signage opportunities on the west section of the stadium, above (with banners) and below (with signage boards) the stands where the Brigade sits. Announcements on the PA system during every game will also be available on how fans can purchase tickets to sit in the Powerade seats and watch the game from the Brigades perspective. The motto for the brigade is Power Through, which is also the tagline for Powerade. We encourage our brigade fans to Power through all parts of the game to keep a positive spirit no matter winning or losing. (8 media placements per 8 home games) Two 30-Second Commercial Advertisements During Televised Home Games: 16 High Exposure (all national television) Powerade will have the opportunity to create and advertise to the target market through the National Television media. The Los Angeles Surf will gladly provide players like Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall to participate in the commercials to show the connection between the Surf and Powerade. A national television advertisement is shown to a mass audience, which provides great awareness for Powerade. (16 media placements, 2 per each 8 home games) Shark N Slide Naming Rights The very famous halftime fan event, the Shark N Slide will now be advertised as Powerades Shark N Slide. This event is announced at every home game through the PA system, electronic jumbo-trons, etc. (8 media placements per 8 home games) Post Game Press Conference Signage: 8 High Exposure (per home games) In the background of our players and coaches being interviewed after the game, the Powerade logo will be featured in the background so that those who are watching on television can see the Powerade logo and give the Powerade drink awareness. (16 media placements per 16 games) </p><p>Objective #3 Gain a minimum of 100 media placements, 50% being high exposure </p></li><li><p> 11 </p><p> Powerade Power Players in the Game Day Program Each home game, fans will be provided with a game day program, highlighting the future schedule, roster, etc. In addition to this information, Powerade will be able to place a new section called Powerades Power Players, where listed is the Los Angles Surfs leading rushers, passers, etc. This gives fans who read this program awareness of the Powerade brand as one connected with the Surf. (8 media placements per 8 home games) Powerade Logo on Event Staff T-Shirt: 16 High Exposure At a home football game, there is at least 100 employees in and around the stadium to interact with fans and help them as well. Each t-shirt worn by these people will have the Powerade logo on the back (see Objective #2 for visual). This promotes Powerade not only as a drink sold at the stadium but also as a company. (approximately 32 media placements, 4 per entrance per 8 home games) Instant Reply Naming Rights Powerade will get naming rights to the instant-replay function of the jumbo-tron. For example, after a touchdown pass, on the screen the board will say Powerade Power Play and underneath will be a replay of the play that just took place on the field. This includes Powerade in the Los Angeles Surfs fan experience. (8 media placements per 8 home games) Signage on the Ribbon Boards: 8 High Exposure Surrounding the field are a loop of billboards that will display the Powerade logo at least four times per home game. This creates awareness for fans when they are watching the game from the stands. (8 media placements per 8 home games) Product Placement for Press Conferences: 8 High Exposure (per 8 home games) During post-game press conferences with coaches and players, on the table or podium they are standing at there will be Powerade drinks with the logo facing outward to the media crowd placed in front of them. This not only shows how the players and coaches drink Powerade as a post-game restoration drink, but also gives more brand awareness to the public. (16 media placements per 16 games) 8 + </p><p>Objective #3 </p></li><li><p> 12 </p><p> Below are created images of potential media placements in Objective #3 that are given to Powerade. </p><p>Objective #3: Visuals POWER BRIGADE </p><p>Signage of the Powerade Power Brigade section of the </p><p>stands </p><p>A Powerade commercial including LA Surf's Dez </p><p>Bryant Powerades Power Players in </p><p>the Game Day program </p><p>Advertisement for the Powerades Shark N Slide </p><p>Example of a press conference backdrop </p></li><li><p> 13 </p><p> Objective #3: Visuals </p><p>Event Staff t-shirts with the Powerade logo Powerade logos shown on the </p><p>ribbon boards in the stadium </p><p>Advertisement for Powerades Instant Reply function on the Jumbotron </p><p>Powerade drink front and center in the post-game press </p><p>conference </p></li><li><p> 14 </p><p> In order to make sure we acquire loyal customers throughout the 4-month promotional period, the Los Angeles Surf will partner with your loyalty program to make sure that we can track the customer loyalty for Powerade. For example, on the Poweraderewards.com page (where customers can acquire points in exchange for prizes to redeem) there will be a survey that will be available for visitors after they redeem their points. The survey will say: Hi there! Did the Los Angeles Surf bring you here to Powerade Rewards? then will present the options for the visitor to either click yes or no, and once they have made their selection the site will say Thank you for your input! This gives a running tally of how many customers have purchased Powerade from awareness by the Los Angeles Surf. By connecting this survey with the rewards program, this gives data on how many customers are loyal and have purchased more than on...</p></li></ul>


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