Lori Suzanne Photography 2015 Wedding Guide

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Welcome to our 2015 Wedding Guide where you can find package information and other helpful wedding tips!

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  • Lori & GeneXoxo,

    Thank you for considering us to share in your big day! We can't wait to meet you!

    Welcome to our studio, and thank you for considering us to be a part of your wedding! We are a husband-and-wife team based out of Atlanta, and we are newlyweds ourselves! We know the process of planning a wedding is both ex-citing and daunting. There are so many vendors to choose from, and all offer different products and packages. One of the most important pieces of advice we can offer - is to choose a photographer you are comfortable with! Out of any other vendor at your wedding, your photographer is the person who will spend the most time with you. He or she will be thespend the most time with you. He or she will be there while you're getting ready and will capture your first intimate moments as husband and wife!

    So who are we? We are fun, relaxed, down-to-earth everyday people who have a passion for photography and image creation. We are Christians and parents to 2 boys and a girl... and one very spoiled white boxer! Our goal is to serve every person that comes through our doors with the best photography and customer service experience possible. We want you to feel comfortable

    and fully satisfied during every step of the process.

    WWe love weddings because of the relationships we establish with our clients. At a minimum, we'll be in your lives typically for 12-18 months from booking to engagement session to wedding to image selection to album design and product delivery. Beyond that, many of our clients turn into dear friends, and return for maternity, newborn, baby, and family sessions. It's always a joy to watch our clients' families grow - and an honor being able to document their




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  • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and thank you for your interest in our photography sephotography services! Your wedding day re-quires a lot of planning and preparation, and your photographs of that amazing event are the ONLY thing left besides your rings when your day is over. Since wedding photography is one of the most important decision youll make, weve created this guide to help you plan and pprepare for your big day. Please do not hesitate to ask us about anything related to your wed-ding.

    Once you have set your wedding date, contact LORI SUZANNE and make an appointment to meet with us. Wed love the opportunity to share in your vision for your wedding. Whether you choose us our not, your experience is very important to us. We are here for YOU!

    Congratulations again - it would truly an honor Congratulations again - it would truly an honor to be entrusted with capturing and preserving some of the most important moments of your lifetime!



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  • In order to help you design the perfectphotography package for your wedding, we photography package for your wedding, we need to know several things, including the date, time of day, wedding and reception

    venues, the size of your wedding party, and the number of expected guests. Weve been pho-tograhing weddings on a full time basis since 2001, so chances are were familiar with your chosen venue and know the best places for chosen venue and know the best places for capturing the most amazing images. Getting to know you and your fianc is important to

    us, because its helpful in determining the style of photography that best suits your




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  • The use of the engagement photo as part of the Save The Date is very popular. We can help you with your cards through our affiliates, Tiny Prints and Minted, or help you share them on social media. We can even provide you with your own mobile app to share with friends and family! Most of our wed-ding packages include an engagement session with a book containing your favorite images. Our couples a book containing your favorite images. Our couples love to use this as their guest sign-in book!

    For most couples, the engagement photo is their first professional photography session together. It pIt provides us an opportunity to work with you prior to the big day. Your engagement session is important because it allows us to get to know you and helps us capture your personality and uniqueness as a couple. Your engagement photo

    is usally taken at a place that has special significance:

    The place wheThe place where you met Where you became engagedDoing your favorite activity Your favorite restaurant

    Or we can assist you in finding the perfect location.



  • When you make the decision to get married,your engagement portraits will announce your love to the world.

    These are some tips for your session:

    Bring alternative outfits with you and we can help you choose the best option. Wear dressy casual clothes that you feelcomfortable in. Bring along some props or your pet for a few fun or sentimental shots. Get a professional manicure before the session. Consider getting your hair and makeupprofessionally done.

    Be you Be yourselves, relax, and let your personalities shine!

    quick tips

    60-90 minute session in Metro Atlanta (ask us about travel rates outside of Atlanta) 2 different outfits/looks 2 identical accordion books with 11 images Engagement book with 25 of your favorite images (cloth or leatherette cover) 3 hi 3 hi res images for your Save the Date 1 Facebook Timeline collage Mobile app to share with family and friends(Apple/Android)

    60-75 minute session in Metro Atlanta (ask us about travel rates outside of Atlanta) 2 different outfits/looks 2 identical accordion books with 11 images 1 hi res image for your Save the Date 1 Facebook Timeline collage Mobile app to sha Mobile app to share with family and friends(Apple/Android)

    LOVE STORY $695



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  • Even if you do not have a wedding planner, we will help you create a timeline to help you prepare for your wedding. While no two wedding plans are the same, there are basic steps that apply to

    almost all weddings.

    Visit us to discuss your budget and to bVisit us to discuss your budget and to browse portfolios of our previous weddings. Review our packages, and dont be a fraid to ask us ques-tions. Were here for YOU! To reseve your date, you will need a signed wedding contract and re-tainer. The required retainer will depend on which package you choose. Be sure to ask about our

    flexible, no interest payment plans!

    We will discuss the specific photographs you want included. This is especially important for family group portraits. We need to know what placement will be made in family photos and

    when there are divorced members present. Also if anyone has any special needs or restrictions, let

    us know at this time.

    Knowing this infoKnowing this information in advance assists us in preventing uncomfortable situations. We will put the specific placement details in writing, so we will

    know exactly how to proceed.

    two weeks before the wedding


    Wedding Photography Timeline


  • Phone or text LORI and confirm all the informa-tion regarding your wedding ceremony, including the time of our arrival and the person to meet at the venue. Please notify us of any changes that may have occurred in reference to the family photo lineup to avoid any problems on your wed-ding day.

    the week of the wedding


  • You and your fiance may decide to see each other before the ceremony for a "first look". This allows us to get your bride/groom portraits done so you can quickly move onto your reception when the cere-mony is over. Seeing each other before the wedding is a personal decision, but keep in mind these points:

    -Allows you and your fiance to have a special moment together in private before the ceremony.

    -Allows more time for bride/groom portraits.

    -If it-If it's a hot summer day, your makeup will need additional touch up time before the ceremony. Keep in mind the guys are wearing layers of cloth-ing. The additional time outdoors for photos can be brutal on them!

    -Everyone will have to be ready earlier. If small children or elderly are in photos, the earlier time frame is often more tiring, so any photos including them should be done after the ceremony.

    We recommend doing first look photos for ceremo-nies starting after 5pm in the winter. If you choose to do a first look, we recommend our photography begin 4 hours before the wedding instead of 3.

    FIRST LOOK OR NOT?The day of your wedding we will arrive well before

    your guests, prepared to capture perfect memories of your special moment in time. Well talk to guests,

    and take some impromptu images of the ppre-ceremony activities prior to the ceremony and

    reception. Your special day will be preserved in all its beauty.

    Upon arrival, we will meet with you for ppre-ceremony photos, such as bridal preparations and wedding ensemble shots. Brides should have hair and makeup completed but should not be

    dressed. Please have your dress, veil, shoes, garter, jewelry, and any other items out and ready to be

    photographed. Please remove all tags ahead of time and have scissors handy just in case. We will take the wedding pawedding party photographs according to the plans and arrangements we made together with you. In addition to the wedding party, photographs will be taken of family members and extended family.

    Remember to notify everyone of the time we have selected for family photos.

    Three hours before the ceremony