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<ul><li><p>Building a Better Future</p><p>LOOKING AT A CAREER IN ELECTRICAL?</p><p>COURSE TYPE: Apprenticeship</p><p>COURSE CODE: UEE30811</p><p>NOMINAL HOURS: 1098 </p><p>DURATION: This program is delivered over a nominal period of four years</p><p>CERTIFICATE III IN ELECTROTECHNOLOGY ELECTRICIAN</p><p>Course DescriptionThis course provides the knowledge and skills needed to be a qualified A Grade Electrician.</p><p>A Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician qualification provides competencies to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain electrical systems and equipment in building and premises. It includes Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) requirements for an Electricians licence.</p><p>OpportunitiesApprentices who take up this trade can work in commercial, domestic and industrial sites when qualified.</p><p>This is a popular trade and has many opportunities when it comes to building and construction industry. Salary and employment prospects are excellent and there is always the possibility to run and operate a business one day.</p><p>Course StructureElectrotechnology is a licenced trade. All apprentices in this field have to complete on-the-job training and attend trade school either one day per week or one week per month.</p><p>Entry requirementsThere are no formal entrance requirements however you will need to be placed in an apprenticeship to start your training and you should be able to read, write and understand basic mathematical concepts. Successful applicants will be required to complete enrolment documentation and attend a pre-training review.</p><p>Fees and Charges Fees for this course include material and tuition fees text books are additional if required. White Card application fees are additional. Tuition fees are calculated according to the Higher Education and Skills Group guidelines for Government subsidised training. Eligibility will be assessed at the time of enrolment. Fee concessions are available for holders of a current Health Care Card.</p><p>Pre-Apprenticeship opportunityAGA has a number of pre-apprenticeship courses that commence throughout the year.</p><p>A pre-apprenticeship offers a look into Electrotechnology Electrician Trade and will provide the fundamental skills and potentially a pathway to start an apprenticeship (a Certificate II can also provide credits into an apprenticeship).</p><p>Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer If you have skills or knowledge gained through previous study or relevant experience, you may be eligible for Recognition for Prior Learning and/or Credit Transfer which reduces the amount of training needed to complete the qualification. These will be discussed with you during the pre-training review. </p><p>APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING</p></li><li><p>Unit Code Unit Title Nominal Hours</p><p>CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry 6</p><p>HLTAID002 Provide basic emergency life support 12</p><p>UEENEEC020B Participate in electrical work and competency development activities 20</p><p>UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace 20</p><p>UEENEEE102A Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components 40</p><p>UEENEEE104A Solve problems in d.c. circuits 80</p><p>UEENEEE105A Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment 20</p><p>UEENEEE107A Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications 40</p><p>UEENEEE137A Document and apply measures to control OHS risks associated with electrotechnology work 20</p><p>UEENEEF102A Install and maintain cabling for multiple access to telecommunications services 120</p><p>UEENEEG006A Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage machines 80</p><p>UEENEEG033A Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits 60</p><p>UEENEEG063A Arrange circuits, control and protection for general electrical installations 40</p><p>UEENEEG101A Solve problems in electromagnetic devices and related circuits 60</p><p>UEENEEG102A Solve problems in low voltage a.c. circuits 80</p><p>UEENEEG103A Install low voltage wiring and accessories 20</p><p>UEENEEG104A Install appliances, switchgear and associated accessories for low voltage electrical installations 20</p><p>UEENEEG105A Verify compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installations 60</p><p>UEENEEG106A Terminate cables, cords and accessories for low voltage circuits 40</p><p>UEENEEG107A Select wiring systems and cables for low voltage general electrical installations 80</p><p>UEENEEG108A Trouble-shoot and repair faults in low voltage electrical apparatus and circuits 80</p><p>UEENEEG109A Develop and connect electrical control circuits 80</p><p>UEENEEK142A Apply environmentally and sustainable procedures in the energy sector 20</p><p>Course Content Hours</p><p>Apprenticeships Group Australia (AGA) is a not-for-profit Group Training organisation (GTO) and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that provides employment, placement, trade training and support services to apprentices, trainees, students and businesses. During your apprenticeship you will be assigned a dedicated Field Officer to support you. Field Officers are known for their trade experience and extensive exposure across a wide range of industries.</p><p>AGAs training centres have highly qualified Instructors who are industry professionals and experienced mentors. Students at AGA receive the practical experience with some of Australias finest tradespeople.</p><p>Contact Apprenticeships Group Australia (AGA) for more information:</p><p>1300 AGA 000agaustralia.com.au</p><p>facebook.com/agaustralia</p><p>@AGAustraliaenquiries@agaustralia.com.au</p><p>Visit AGAs website to find out where your course is being offered.</p><p>AGA apprenticeships are advertised on our website visit www.agaapprentices.applynow.net.au/</p><p>When applying for an apprentice remember to provide as much information or supporting documents as you can.</p><p>Enrolments for pre-apprentices are available on our website visit: www.agaustralia.com.au/training/courses/pre-apprenticeship-courses</p><p>AGA IS BASED AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS:</p><p>Deer ParkWarragulMorwellKorumburraGippsland Education PrecinctCroydonBairnsdale</p><p>HOW TO APPLY!Apprenticeships, Pre-Apprenticeships and Traineeships</p></li></ul>