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<ul><li><p>Are Extremes of Humidity Your Problem? </p><p>Look to ATLAS </p><p>SORBITOL For the Answer! </p><p>What happens to your products when they ' re stored at conditions as hot and d ry as a desert ? Especially if youVe plasticized or "condi t ioned" them, to meet high humidi ty conditions! </p><p>If you make products like gaskets, paper specialties, adhesives, pharmaceuticals , confections, foodsyou know how such conditions can make them dry out and lose flexibility o r other desirable features. </p><p>Sorbitol is a conditioner especially suitable for these problems.. I t has a narrow hu-mectant range . . . varies less in moisture content wi th changes in humidity. I t is non-volatile provides permanent conditioning. </p><p>Sorbitol is plentiful, and its price t rend is downward. So check into the advantages now. Wri te for the Atlas sorbitol book, or con-sult the Atlas technical staff. </p><p>ATLAS CHMMUNIOUE </p><p>One-Two-Three Emulsifier Selection </p><p>Atlas has devised a SYSTEM for choosing the right emu Is i fiers to do a particular job. It's based on. HLB (Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance) of materials and vari-ous emulsification problems, each material being given an empirical IILB number. Details are included in the new book *'Atlas Surface Active Agents." </p><p>Brij Emulsifier s ~* for Alkali Stability </p><p>Emulsions'that must Withstand high\pH are tricky to make be-cause such conditions are anath-ema to -most emulsifiers. Two new Atlas emulsifiers, Brij 30 and Brij 35 are made to meet th is need, and have taken their place beside Atlas Span** and Tween* emulsifiers as a third .chemical ' "family-V They,are soluble in water and lower alcohols, insol-uble in coal tar' hydrocarbons. Brij; 30 Js moderately lipophilic ;-Brij*35. is* h ydrophilic. -</p><p>Young Man Renex* * .GoesyYest -* &lt; </p><p>The new* Atlas non-ionic .deter-gent, Renex, is rapidly gaining popularity in the Midwest sxtka West/after highly successful in-troduction *in the East. Non-sudsing feature is being pushed in "national "advertising," t which * shows simple proof that sudsing t s \nqt&gt;a . criterion .of washing ability!" ^AdvahtagesT hav^ben;J proved in laundries, textile mills, and compounded cleaners; *Reg. U. S. Pat. Off/ *-&gt;-* w </p><p> - . ^ , , . s r * r ? ^ ' /'SMS? ^ %-~~ </p><p>i N D u s S K k - t i ; bHMrLSSpS D E P A R M E N I </p><p>,*:Si</p></li></ul>


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