LONDON Tourist places in London. This is where the Queen of England lives! Cup of tea anyone? This is Buckingham Palace

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  • LONDON Tourist places in London

  • This is where the Queen of England lives! Cup of tea anyone?This is Buckingham Palace.

  • This is where Parliament happens David Cameron is our Prime Minister This is the House of Parliament and 10 Downing Street. This is 10 Downing Street. David Cameron lives here.

  • This is the London Eye. You can go on it, you can see all of London when you are at the top. It is colourful and bright at night. London Eye

  • This is where the main concerts happen in the UK The O2 Arena Here are just some of the people who have performed hereJessie J Robbie WilliamsGary BarlowWestlife Little Mix

  • Liverpool The bells in Liverpool Cathedral are the heaviest in the world?

  • Stratford

    This is where William Shakespeare lived!

  • Edinburgh

    There is a cannon fired from this castle at one oclock every Sunday!

  • By Chloe, Lilly, Harriet, Chloe and Emily!



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