LOCKERS - Advanced Commercial Interiors Our steel-only locker offering features the popular Monobloc

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Text of LOCKERS - Advanced Commercial Interiors Our steel-only locker offering features the popular Monobloc


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  • Steel

    DESCRIPTION As Europe’s leading manufacturer of steel storage, we understand how to get the best out of this great material. Our steel-only locker offering features the popular Monobloc and CLK lockers.

    Sturdy, secure and long-lasting, they are ideal for back office use, or to equip changing facilities. Special attention has been given to the design and quality of steel lockers, such as in the concealed hinges, the clean lines and welded construction.

    Not only do we offer the Monobloc and CLK ranges, we can provide bespoke designs to suit any personal locker storage needs.

    All lockers come with a choice of colours, dimensions, internal fittings to suit the users needs and a range of locking options.

    Product: Monobloc lockers

    Internals: Naked

    External: Vinyl graphic

    Locking Options: Unusually no locks


    CASE STUDY Our client, a global brand, set a brief to provide bright, invigorating lockers and benches for their gym facility within one of their dedicated wellness centres.

    With this in mind, we designed a bank of vibrant yellow MonoBloc lockers to fit in with the aesthetic of the building. The client asked for an inspiring mountain graphic to be added to the front of the product, so our team decided to use a specific graphic vinyl supplier to achieve the best results.

    Once the lockers had been manufactured in our factory in Wales, we assembled them and invited the vinyl graphics company to apply the graphics on site – allowing us to ship the finished product directly to the client overseas.


  • Wood

    DESCRIPTION As well as our expertise in steel for which we are known, we understand the possibilities and limitations of a broad range of wood materials. So, if you require a more natural finish, or something better suited for front of house use, we have the skills.

    Our wooden lockers are all designed and fitted to suit the needs of each individual requirement. Our bespoke service means you can specify lockers to fit in any space, whether it be a bank of lockers sitting in an alcove to a complete wall of flush storage.

    Clients can choose from seven standard wood finishes, a choice of internal fittings and locking options to suit.


    Product: Bespoke continuous pressure laminate lockers

    Internals: Ventilated back panels, power plug, interior light and adjustable shelf

    External: Grey vinyl numbering

    Locking Options: Gantner hard wired smart locks with two USB charging points to the lock housing


    CASE STUDY Bisley was tasked by a leading, global insurance company to develop and install fitted wooden lockers. The main priorities were to have a robust, digital locking system, power within the lockers and neat perimeter installation to free up open plan working areas. The process started with development meetings with the client to establish the bespoke requirements and design. This was followed up with a critique and approval system, until the final design was established. The final product features a white, continuous pressure laminate finish and grey numbering to complement the existing surroundings. All lockers are complete with an individual power plug for laptop charging, interior light and Gantner hard-wired smart locks, with dual USB charging point on the lock housing.The locks can be utilised with staff access cards with integration onto the client’s IT infrastructure, allowing enhanced functionality and central control.

  • Wood & Steel

    DESCRIPTION 80 years of experience with steel, combined with our new capabilities in wood materials makes for beautifully tailored, personal storage designs. Whether you choose a mix of wooden and steel doors, or steel doors with a wooden wrap – the multitude of finishes, plus internal and locking options means we can help you create lockers to perfectly suit and represent your brand.

    CASE STUDY Our client, a large international banking and financial services company, wanted to break up the traditional corporate workspace and introduce a more homely aesthetic.

    Using our bespoke panelling and joinery expertise, we proposed a plywood wrap around steel lockers with writable glass back panels. The plywood softened the aesthetic of the lockers whilst allowing the reverse of the units to become functional, creating a casual collaborative area. The original brief desired unpainted plywood, however, we proposed painting the end panels in brand colours to heighten the spec and look more like a piece of furniture you may find in the home. We provided open and closed shelving, allowing for additional storage space, without impacting on the existing floor space. By arranging locker units in specific positions, we were able to create visible, yet open meeting areas without putting up permanent walls. Following the installation, we customised arrangements for the client’s other locations, in keeping with the brand values and aims. Subsequently, the product has been introduced across


    Product: Bespoke SystemFile lockers, plywood wrap and shelving, coat cupboards

    Internals (lockers): Hot box

    External (lockers): Label holder

    Locking Options: Lehmann Mechanical Combination Lock


  • Locks

    GANTNER 7020 LOCK • Operation via RFID data carrier or

    NFC device such as card, wristband, NFC phone or feyfob.

    • Two controller types for up to 12 or 24 locks per controller.

    • Reliable data transmission between lock and data carrier.

    • Standalone mode supported. • Automatic calibration of the RFID

    field. • LED status indicator (multicolour). • Motorised locking/unlocking for

    optimum reliability. • No mechanical, internal switches. • Suitable for left and right-handed

    doors and all types of locker material including wood and metal.

    • Different bolt sets available with integrated RFID booster.

    • Networked alarms and automatic opening function for cleaning, security and occupancy monitoring.

    • USB connection and interior light. • Maximum control with locker

    management software GAT Relaxx.

    DIGILOCK VERSA MINI RFID BASIC LOCK • Touch operation, compatible with

    iClass, Mifare and Legic Advanced protocols.

    • Uses 4 x Duracell AA batteries supplied.

    • Management override and power bypass.

    • Programming key used to add / remove user credentials.

    • Purchased as left-hand or right-hand lock.

    • Customised Bisley exclusive handle for easy opening.

    • Option of ADA compliant handle. • Visual and audible indicators,

    including battery life. • IP55 rated (dust and water

    projected). • Brushed nickel as standard finish. • Warranty cover 3 years.

    DIGILOCK VERSA MINI KEYPAD BASIC LOCK • Keypad operation (2 x Duracell AAA

    batteries supplied). • Four to seven-digit user codes to

    operate the lock. • Management override and power

    bypass. • Programming key used to add/

    remove user credentials. • Ability to convert between assigned

    and shared use functionality. • Purchased as LH or RH lock. • Customised Bisley exclusive handle

    for easy opening. • Option of ADA compliant handle. • Use of countdown timer feature to

    set auto unlock. • Visual and audible indicators,

    including battery life. • IP55 rated (dust and water

    projected). • Brushed nickel as standard finish • Warranty cover 3 years.

    INTRODUCTION A standard range of mechanical and digital keyless locks is available for all our lockers, but we can also accommodate customer specific requirements from a variety of lock providers.

    Some of the most popular lock options are outlined below however please contact your Bisley Representative for more information on the full range available.


    CAPABILITIES When it comes to creating work environments, Bisley is the name people turn to for quality they can trust. We provide a full, end-to-end service for our clients, and our knowledgeable team and fantastic facility in Wales means we are in control of the process from initial design, right through to client handover.

    With our expertise in steel, we put the best of our collective knowledge, skill and creative flair into everything we make - and it’s earned us a reputation for excellence that is appreciated across the globe.

    The latest addition of our wood plant at our factory, means we now have the capability to easily mix materials, create new wood-only products and experiment with an even broader, modified offering. We regularly accommodate bespoke requirements – from having existing Bisley products finished in an organisation’s brand colours, to resizing units to match a specific layout.

    Whatever you need, we’ll take care of it.