LO: How do scientists use recombinant DNA technology? DN: June 2013 #1-5 HW: June 2013 #44-49

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Text of LO: How do scientists use recombinant DNA technology? DN: June 2013 #1-5 HW: June 2013 #44-49

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LO: How do scientists use recombinant DNA technology? DN: June 2013 #1-5 HW: June 2013 #44-49 Slide 2 What is Genetic Engineering? Genetic Engineering is a process that scientists use to ______ the ________ instructions in organisms. alter genetic Slide 3 Why would altering DNA affect our characteristics/traits? DNA codes for the proteins that determine our traits. Slide 4 Why would scientists want to alter the genetic instructions of organisms? + Scientists can generate organisms with desired characteristics. Slide 5 How is DNA Modified? Step 1: DNA is first _________________ from cells. DNA +..ATGAATTCT....TACTTAAGA.. DNA..ATGAATTCT....TACTTAAGA.. extracted(removed) Slide 6 Step 2: DNA is then cut into smaller pieces with ____________________ ATGAATTCT TACTTAAGA Restriction enzymes are scissor-like enzymes that _________ and ___ specific sequences in the ____. ATG AATTCT TACTTAA GA Restriction Enzymes. recognizecut DNA Slide 7 What base sequences were these Restriction Enzymes specific for? ATGAATTCT TACTTAAGA ATG AATTCT TACTTAA GA GA Sticky Ends Slide 8 Step 3: The cut DNA sequence is then _________ with the DNA of ________ organism. + Cut DNA Cut DNA from another cell DNA from 2 sources ATG AATTCT TACTTAA GA ATGAATTCT TACTTAAGA combinedanother Slide 9 What do we call DNA that comes from 2 sources? Source 1 Source 2 Recombinant DNA Slide 10 Gene Splicing The process that allows scientists to _______ pieces of ____ segments to the ____ of other organisms is called: ______________ DNA Ligase attach DNA GENE SPLICING Slide 11 Cut DNA + Cut DNA Recombinant DNA Step 4: The _________________ is then placed inside a living cell. What will the recombined DNA do? It will allow for the production of _________ from _____ sources of DNA. recombinant DNA proteins both Slide 12 Applications of Genetic Engineering: 1)Scientists can target and identify a _____. 2)Cut the gene with __________________. gene restriction enzymes Slide 13 3)This gene is then _________ to the DNA of another organism. 4)Once in the new organism, the transferred genes direct the new organisms cells to make the same ________ as the original organism. spliced protein Slide 14 Slide 15 How can we alter the genetic material of bacteria to produce human insulin? Step 1: DNA is removed from a human cell and insulin gene is cut with ____________________ Restriction Enzymes. Slide 16 Step 2: Plasmid is removed from a bacterial cell and is cut with ___________________ Restriction Enzymes. Slide 17 Step 3: Insulin Gene and Bacterial Plasmid are _______ together to form _________________ Recombinant DNA Spliced Slide 18 Step 4: _____________ DNA is inserted into a bacterial cell. Recombinant Slide 19 Step 5: Bacteria undergo ________ reproduction and are capable of producing the protein insulin. Asexual