Live Cubs Games from Wrigley Rooftops

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For Sale Chicago Cubs Rooftop Tickets at historic Wrigley Field We simplify the Rooftop shopping experience for our customers by consolidating pricing and availability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Live Cubs Games from Wrigley Rooftops

Live Cubs Games from Wrigley Rooftops

Live Cubs Games from Wrigley Rooftops

The Chicago cubs have for long been a favorite of many baseball lovers. Every year, millions of fans rush cross fingers with the hope of getting lucky enough to secure tickets that will enable them to attend live matches at the Wrigley field. With its limited nature however, only a fraction of these ever make it. If you are determined enough however, you can still find a good spot on Wrigley rooftops and enjoy your favorite match.

Wrigley field is unique in a number of ways which together work to make it a dream destination. To begin with, its classical make up is a great shift from the modern field designs. Viewing it, you completely lose the sense of time as if you have traveled back in time to the past or are in another world all together. Adding onto this a touch of the green surrounding and a soft climate majorly influenced by a nearby lake and the lush plantations, this is definitely the place to be during the summer time. Instead of boring advertisements, the walls of Wrigley field are lined with a green mass of ivy plants; sometimes they become so dense such that even balls disappear in them during games!

Another difference between Wrigley field and other sports establishments is that it no screens have been used on its fences to block viewers in tall outside buildings. As such, people residing in these houses usually have the advantage of getting a full view of all the corners of the field and therefore have a better advantage at seeing every occurrence. Watching baseball is always fun when you can see every play unfold. The higher you are placed in the outfield, the better your view. This is why even those who find themselves lucky enough to land in field tickets still rush for raised spots.

The park management, local authority together with the residents of this area have been working together since the year 2000 to increase the number of viewing positions on Wrigley rooftops so as to be able to accommodate more fans. Owners of surrounding buildings are usually encouraged to place bleacher seats on them and host fans for a fee which is then shared with the Cubs organization. Apart from increasing revenue for the town and its people, this has proved highly beneficial in fulfilling the dreams of baseball lovers considering that the infield spaces can only accommodate about forty thousand people.

Since the building owners are allowed to set their own charges for their services, the price range on tickets for those who wish to experience the rooftop fun, tend to vary greatly. Some homes also offer additional services ranging from simple snacks, to a full catering service.If you are going to watch as a family, it is also good to inquire for group seats since not all ticket brokers provide these.

By taking time to compare offers for Wrigley rooftops, you can find good deals at pocket friendly pricing.

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