Littleland: All Year Round

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Opening spreads of Littleland: All Year Round, illustrated by Marion Billet and published by Nosy Crow. Buy the book online:

Text of Littleland: All Year Round

  • First published 2015 by Nosy Crow Ltd

    The Crows Nest, 10a Lant Street

    London SE1 1QR

    ISBN 978 0 85763 386 6

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    and/or registered trademarks of Nosy Crow Ltd.

    Text Nosy Crow Ltd 2015

    Illustration Marion Billet 2015

    The right of Marion Billet to be identified as the illustrator of this work has been asserted.

    All rights reserved

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    A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library.

    Printed in China

    Papers used by Nosy Crow are made from

    wood grown in sustainable forests.

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  • All Year Round

  • The little ones are going to nursery on a cold winter morning. Everyone is happy because theres so much to do there!

    lunchbox bird squirrel scarf

    Can you see. . .?

    Hello and welcome

    to Littleland!

  • But someone is in such a hurry that theyve dropped their glove.

    Can you spot who it is?

    flower scooter hat tricycle helmet

  • The little ones have arrived at nursery. They hang their coats on

    their pegs and then they get started!

    globe bricks crown animals

    Can you see. . .?

  • Everyone likes to do different things at nursery. What do

    you like to do there?

    wand pencils jigsaw saucepan clock

  • On a sunny spring day the little ones love to go to the countryside.

    sheep watering can kennel horse

    Can you see. . .?

  • On a sunny spring day the little ones love to go to the countryside.

    And can you match the mummy animals

    to their babies?

    Can you find ten Easter eggs? Thats one egg for every little one!

    cockerel straw bale butterfly wheelbarrow chick