Little People Big Changes We learn and share information about issues affecting the world…and We learn and share information about issues affecting the

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  • Little People Big ChangesWe learn and share information about issues affecting the worldandWe take action to try to make the world a better place.We founded Little People, Big Changes along with our moms; over fifty kids in Wilton and beyond join us to help in our campaigns.

  • What is Global Warming? The earths atmosphere is like a blanket that keeps the world warm.Too much CO2 (carbon dioxide) makes the blanket thicker and traps the suns heat. CO2 comes from burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and gasoline to run cars, factories and heat homes, schools and offices.

  • We Have To Act Now!

    If people don't change how we use energy, within 50 years many of the effects of climate change will have happened!Since it is kids who will be most affected, it is we who can make the biggest difference.We have to do something! We can't just sit on our butts!

  • Will this stop global warming?

  • Weve Made Some Changes We already know about global warmingWeve changed our light bulbsWe drive lessWe re-use grocery bagsWe recycle glass and plastic

    Well thats a great start but its not enough!!

  • We Need to Do More!Back in 2001, New England governors promised to reduce carbon emissions, but we havent yet met that goal.Global warming emissions in New England actually increased by 10.9% between 1990 to 2005.Transportation is responsible for the biggest increase emissions since 2001 -- people are driving more in bigger cars, such as SUVs.

  • Carbon Levels are IncreasingCarbon released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuel increased from 7 billion tons in 2000 to 8.4 billion tons in 2006.This was almost exactly the number that was their worst case projection for that year.

  • In his talk at the Wilton Library, Jay Inslee (a Congressman from Washington State) said that out of 2,800 questions asked to presidential candidates in 2007 only three were about climate change the same number of questions as there were about UFOs.Not Enough People Think Climate Change Is Important

  • Climate Change is Happening Now!Arctic sea ice is melting faster than originally expected, and sea levels are rising faster than predicted.Do you know how on a hot day a white T shirt keeps you cool and a black T shirt makes you hot? Thats because white reflects light, while black absorbs it. White ice reflect the suns rays back into space, but darker water absorbs more of the suns heat, so the problem just gets even worse as ice melts.

  • Climate Change is Happening Now!2007 was a record year for Arctic melting.As a result of ice melting, 6,000 walruses came on shore in Alaska in October 2007, the first time in history. A NASA climate scientist said, At this rate, the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice free by 2012, much faster than previous predictions.6

  • Maple sugaring season when farmers tap their maple trees for sap and boil it into syrup and candy is getting earlier.This year, maple tapping weekend is March 29-30.It has moved up one week in the last 30 years.By 2080, experts think it will move up to the end of January.

    Climate Change is Happening Now!

  • Climate Change is Happening Now!Earlier springs, earlier snow-melts and drought contributed to more and longer burning forest fires.In 2003, about 5 million acres burned in the U.S.; in 2006, almost 10 million acres burned.Since wildfires also release carbon dioxide, this makes the problem even worse.

  • What More Can We Do?Remember that every single thing you do and buy takes energy; think what you can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle to save energy.Talk to your neighbors, your friends, and everyone you know about ways that they can reduce their carbon emissions.Some of our ideas include

  • Dont Idle Your CarWhen you idle your car for ten seconds or more, it uses more gas than it takes to turn your car off and then on again. Tell everyone you know...

    If youre stopped for more than ten, turn it off and on again!^seconds

  • Sign up for Clean EnergyYou dont have to have a windmill by your house to use wind energy!Anyone who is a CL&P or UI customer can choose to have their electricity from clean energy just by signing up for the Connecticut Clean Energy Option.Once you sign up, your electricity supplier will purchase the energy for your home from wind or low impact hydro, which essentially wipes out your electric bills carbon footprint!

  • Clean Energy SourcesTraditional Fossil Fuels

  • For every 100 sign-ups, the Town of Wilton will qualify for a free solar panel system (worth $20,000) to go on a public building (like a school, town hall, or firehouse).Signing up only takes a few seconds! Go to our website at

    Wilton Wins if You Sign Up For Clean Energy

  • Eat Natural, Locally Grown FoodsThe carbon footprint of food includes the energy required to manufacture, package and transport it. On average, food travels 1500 miles before arriving at your table.9BONUS! Eating locally grown, whole foods is healthier for your body and encourages organic farming practices which is better for the land and more sustainable.

  • Thank you!

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